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A carnival of degeneracy

A carnival of degeneracy

Very bizarre day. Out of nowhere a carnival of degeneracy hit me on Twitter as about fifty Jew-haters began an attack that was eerily superficial and infantile. Maybe this works on other people, but it doesn’t upset me in the least.

They all said exactly the same things.

1. I’m insane.

2. I’m stupid for getting bilked by Mike Albee and Lura Dold.

3. I lied about my parents committing suicide.

4. I’m psychotic.

5. I’m lonely.

6. I’m ugly.

7. I make them sad.

8. I’m irrelevant.

9. I’m paranoid.

10. I’m delusional.

11. I’m a pedophile.

12. I’m a weakling for being upset at my parents’ deaths.

13. I’m old.

14. I’m…something bad for recognizing that I need psychotropic medication. Would the moral thing be to not take it? No idea.

Never look for rationality where there is none. The best degenerate was a creepy android named Danielle.



There’s a mass-produced type of passive-aggressive woman who’s used to cowing men into submission. It doesn’t work on me because I prefer butch women. I don’t mean women who look like men, but rather feminine women who swagger, wrestle, punch me on the arm, pinch my cheek, and call me by my last name. Tomboys.

The Cardinal Ghost was one.


Estrogen-soaked females are not my cup of tea, so they have no power over me. I find them as attractive and consequential as homeless bag ladies.

There’s a word for women like Danielle. They always settle down with eunuchs upon whom they project their fantasies. See, Jew-haters live entirely in a world of fantasy. Literally nothing they believe is true. That’s why they repeat transparent lies, such as the use of nonexistent dense inert-metal explosive (DIME) by the Israelis.

Danielle is for peace, which gives her license to assault people for having mental illness and for surviving the suicides of their parents.


As I said, I’m immune to the games played by passive-aggressive women, especially those of a certain age.


None of these degenerates have the brainpower to say anything entertaining in response.

People ask why I engage Jew-hating freaks. Lots of reasons. I spent too much of my life not fighting back. These monstrosities have declared war on me, so war is what they’re getting. Also, I’m giving them enough rope. The more they spew, the better it is.


Even though it was fifty to one, they were outmatched and had to resort to the usual. This Irish guy put me on public lists of rapists and pedophiles.


That’s a child he’s with. God help that kid, because the Jew-hating carnival of degeneracy mentions pedophilia every three seconds.


This obsession is very telling. It’s axiomatic that every Jew-hater had a horrible childhood. Adolf Hitler’s father beat him so severely that he had to be hospitalized. But there’s a special place in hell for victims who become victimizers. That’s why I don’t cut Jew-haters any slack. Your own problems should matter only to yourself. If you decide to take your problems out on the world, you need to be stopped. Mercilessly.

Every degenerate in the rolling carnival was a different archetype. This is the coarse yang to Danielle’s Park Avenue, passive-aggressive yin.


I was shocked. Truly.


So I referred to Tracy as “it.” Tracy acts like an it, which is why I called it “it.” That made all the wymyn claim that I was a “woman hater.” I called the men “its” too, but that was filtered out.

The go-to insult for the tolerant, enlightened crowd is to accuse someone of being gay.


I worked among people like this for ten years in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. As a group they hate blacks, gays, and especially Jews. But like Danielle the passive-aggressive android, they say they have certain ideals, which then gives them permission to act out every base instinct that humans have.

The anti-Israel movement is an entirely non-functional cult that attracts evil, destructive, abysmally ignorant clowns who hate their parents and are therefore doomed to a life of perpetual childhood. There isn’t a single individual among them. The movement is self-policing, turning on itself periodically to enforce purity.

After the degenerate carnival on Twitter, my Website was hacked twice, once while my Web designer was fixing it.


Then this morning it was hit by a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack. What they do is overwhelm the site with traffic from multiple sites to make it go down or become slow to the point of uselessness.

Here’s what peace-loving Danielle said about my site being hacked.


Those of you who’ve read my posts know that they’re chock full of facts and evidence. The peace that Danielle desires is the peace of the grave. She wants all opposition shut down permanently. The differences between me and members of the anti-Israel movement are as follows.

1. I know what I’m talking about.

2. I don’t have to lie in order to convince people.

3. It doesn’t bother me that others have a differing viewpoint.

4. I actually care about Arab civilians being killed.

5. My mental illness isn’t channeled into a faddish social movement.

An Indian woman started blathering to me about “David Frump” and taunting me for being on psychotropic medication. She was such a smug, haughty, ethnic self-parody that I said, “I’ll have the tandoori chicken, nan, and a Diet Coke. Thanks.”

Now I was a racist! The carnival of degenerates retweeted my bon mot into infinity. Then the Indian woman told me three times that she was now going to leave and never talk to me again. I ignored her. Since she’s not used to men ignoring her, she began spamming me.


I took a screen shot and tweeted, “Obviously this woman is in love.” That made her block me, thank God.

So why did all this happen?


The word has gone out to the degenerate carnival that I must be destroyed. My Web designer tells me that the second hacking job took hours. If someone actually did pay $1000 to have my site hacked, that person is an idiot. The site is backed up on multiple servers. If I die tomorrow, the posts will remain up forever.

Speaking of me dying, I know that would please Dani-4-Peace, but she needs to understand that I’m extremely aware of my surroundings, I’m armed at all times, and I have no qualms about inflicting horrendous physical harm on enemies. You’re not human to me. And it’s your fault that I feel that way. You made me finally understand what it’s like to be a Jew.

But I’m emphatically not a Jew. I’m my father’s son, and he was a man who never hesitated to do what the situation required. The degenerates have made me feel closer to Israel than ever. Unlike Israelis, however, I don’t believe in proportionality. My heroes include William Tecumseh Sherman and Curtis L. LeMay. I defend myself by instantly laying waste.

As for the new “sexist” meme, it means nothing to me. I view the creatures calling me sexist as having no gender. They’re just “its” that make a lot of meaningless noise.

Like this.

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