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The spectrum disorder of Jew-hate

The spectrum disorder of Jew-hate

When I began publicly defending Israel and Jewish people in June of 2014, the most repulsive entities on earth began contacting me. I’d never in my life experienced such hate. Foaming, churning, thermonuclear hate. What I realized very quickly is that Jew-hate is a spectrum disorder. If you hate Jews, it’s axiomatic that you have a multitude of disastrous mental issues.

My father despised what he called “armchair psychology.” Well, he himself was an armchair politician, an armchair farmer, an armchair police officer, and so on. Why should psychology be off limits to laymen like me? I’ve studied munitions for over forty years. Because of that, I can look at the signature of a munition and identify the weapon used.

Palestinian Qassam rocket filled with several sizes of steel ball bearings as shrapnel.


Next, in the photo below, the munition that hit the school had a near-vertical trajectory. Therefore it had to be a high-explosive 120mm mortar round.


Human Rights Watch said that the damage to the Jabalia school pictured above was caused by Israeli high-explosive 155mm artillery shells. That’s a lie. There’s no signature on the entire school of a single high-explosive 155mm artillery shell.


People are like munitions. Based on thirty years of studying psychology, I can identify signatures of horrendous dysfunction. Jew-hate is one such signature. If you hate Jews, you have an absolutely horrible life.

There was a group of frenzied Jew-haters on Twitter who went after me, and then—because hate is a cancer that metastasizes—they turned on each other. Easily one of the most repellent people I’ve ever come across is “BSfromPS.”


She has her name written in Arabic on her profile, the way so many Jew-haters do. Think how bereft you have to be to do that. It’s the classic bigotry of infantilizing the poor little Third Worlders who need racially superior Caucasians to help them through life. BSfromPS prides herself on her foul mouth.


Coprolalia is another mental illness. It’s a symptom of catastrophic, end-of-the-world rage. This person hates Jews, men, women, the wealthy, the successful, the good mannered, the cultured, the funny, and the intelligent. Imagine the stinking ape-cage in which she was raised.

So BSfromPS and her Jew-hating friends suddenly began cannibalizing each other. Since BSfromPS has no brakes whatsoever, she aired all the dirty laundry. Here is some of it for your delectation. Did I call it or what?

Let’s talk about Abbswinston, Dani4Peace and 1967palestine

Let’s talk about Abbswinston, Dani4Peace and 1967palestine this morning, shall we? It has come to my attention that Abbswinston is still pushing that bullshit blog about me, created by a bunch of zionist cunts in an attempt to ‘run’ me off of twitter or at the very least, cost me friends and supporters. If I were Abbs, I’d shut the fuck up. Every time she opens her fucking mouth about me, it lands right in my lap. I find it ironic that the ridiculous fucking cunt can talk ALL of this shit about me behind my back, but not ONCE has she ever brought her bullshit to my face. I ALSO find it humorous that when she got called out on her and her co-conspirators stalking and harassment, she blatantly fucking LIED! I have screen shots, sweetheart. People around here aren’t as stupid as you and we ALL saw you in the process of you doing it.

Now, why is Dani4Peace and 1967Palestine gone? Dani4peace is an ignorant snatch that got called out with proof for two days in a row, not only for stalking my fucking timeline while blocked, but also my fucking blog at the behest of 1967palestine. We all know what he’s done. He left the morning I posted the screenshots of Danielle getting caught on my blog. I can imagine his rage over that. Not only did he make himself look like an asshole, but she helped.

Danielle is gone because she knows that I know where she lives and HAVE all of her contact details. How does she know? Because she had been stalking my TWITTER feed, the very thing that they accused ME of doing to them. The “rumor” that Abbs is spreading is that she left because I pointed out that her husband Martin is a bigoted piece of shit, is a lie. He is indeed a bigoted, antisemitic, black hating, Hispanic hating piece of shit, I have the screen shots of his very own comments, that I still may or may not send to his community leaders and neighbors, to prove it, but that’s not at all why she ran off of twitter. She underestimated my ability to track her down and turn that information over to the authorities. I did find her and I did indeed turn that over to the Department of Justice AND the FBI. The very thing that they said I was being untruthful about.

See, BSfromPS hates anti-Semites. Jews are not Semites; they’re Khazars. The real Semites are…Palestinians. I’d never heard that Jews were fake Semites until the likes of BSfromPS began contacting me. When I looked it up, guess what I found?

Surprise! Bloodlines mean everything to BSfromPS and her Kameraden. Azkhenazis are Khazars who who have no claim to Israel. They need to go back to Khazaria and stop polluting the Middle East with their foul bodily essences.

Here’s Danielle, aka “Dani4Peace.”


That’s my favorite photo of her. The set of the mouth tells you all you need to know. And yes, her husband Martin is an amazing specimen, a Christian Identity white supremacist who couldn’t get over the fact that I take psychotropic medication. It’s funny that all people violently opposed to psychotropic medication are the ones who need it the most.

Dani4Peace liked to taunt me for having PTSD.


She thought it was great when the Islamic State began hacking me.


Back to BSfromPS.

1967Palestine, not ONCE but TWICE released my personal information to non-interested parties who then attempted to harass me with it on twitter. First to a bunch of fucking trolls, something that I had a very hard time dealing with and accepting, and then AGAIN when he gave it to Danielle, something that I absolutely have PROOF of this time.

What you people DON’T know is that the day AFTER Danielle closed her account, which was on August 26, a call was made with an erroneous report to Child Protective Services. Not ONLY was it not good enough to fuck with me on social media, they directly targeted me and my children. How do I know it was attributable to them? Because the story that was given involved and incident with my oldest child, an incident that happened at school, an incident that was unfounded then and is JUST as unfounded now.

Who the FUCK takes a broken relationship and then tries to have a woman’s children taken away? A SICK FUCK, that’s who! The complaint was immediately dismissed, but that’s not the point. The POINT is that a sick motherfucker LITERALLY wanted to hurt me with my CHILDREN! LITERALLY wanted my children taken from my home because he can’t get the fuck over rejection and humiliation; humiliation that HE exacerbated by causing BULLSHIT on social media using two half-wits to do it.

These are three SICK fucking people, and if you have problems recognizing that, please take a look at the various law enforcement complaints AND the restraining order I just took out naming Emmad and his two little friends, Danielle and “Abbswinston.” Take a look at the screen shots that host their very own words and actions.

Here’s Abbs Winston.

DARLING! A buxom box of Jew-hate.

Now, as for this fucking blog that “Abbs” keeps pushing, it shows how fucking deluded she is to think for a second that “Palestinians” have an issue with me working on their behalf. Yes, that’s the excuse she’s giving for “passing it around in DM.” I think a good amount of “Palestinians” missed the fucking memo and if they really have issues with me helping them, perhaps they should stop asking me for help. But that’s not the case and we all know it. There’s only ONE Palestinian that has issues with me, and that is and was 1967Palestine.

Hmm. Well, I found this, written by a different Palestinian.

The language used consistently on your twitter account is vile and literally disrespectful to all that entails Palestine. It is NOT by any means what you imagine as ACTIVISM. Name these politicians you allege to have called, what rallies in your city have you attended? You won’t name them because that would expose who you really are including your extensive, unlawful history in at least three different states. For example, your drunk driving, physical and child abuse. The resplendent people of Palestine cannot and should NOT be associated with you.

You’ve only proven how difficult it is for your basement cognition to understand, your statements incite considerable damage to the Palestinian cause!! You’re neither special, nor is your hostile opinion wanted. In fact, it’s destructive and IS a nuisance to authentic activism.

Seriously, such depravity soils the exquisiteness of the Palestine motherland. Your heinous locution is disturbing and harmful. It 100% adds to the disdain, the hatred that certain people already have toward the Palestinian community.

Your actions don’t show that you care for Palestinians, instead it’s a farcical display of a run-down, nescient person who is too imbecilic to grasp much of anything other than expletives. That goes for your purblind followers who add to the deleterious mindset of anti-Palestinianism.

Do us true activists and Palestinians a favor, cease and desist your repugnant twitter behavior. You ONLY effect more bane. Our (not yours) beautiful Palestine, is surrounded by repulsiveness as it is. We are not your project. We don’t need you! We don’t want you!

The blogger then posted a response to what I assume is a deleted comment.

What is it about BSfromPS that she’s desperately hiding? Why not come clean? Why won’t she just admit she’s made several illegal mistakes, including driving drunk with her children? If the criminal records aren’t true, why did she ask several people to report the twitter accounts that posted the documents? Anyone can verify it’s her.

If you are a person true to the Palestinian cause, do you honestly believe her rancid behavior helps? How do expletive-filled twitter rants help your Palestinian mothers, fathers or any other relatives? Do you like Tracy’s words of “c**t, f***er, t**t” associated with your precious family? Her online behavior ONLY strengthens the zionist, anti-Palestinian stance.

If you are a Muslim, what does the Quran state in regards to how we treat anyone? Those who oppose us? KINDNESS. Many people have asked her to stop this behavior with kindness but she only responds with more expletives and irrationality. A quick look of her TL proves this consistently.

There are so many, wonderful people who are out there really helping and effecting change for Palestine. Why not seek them out, join them and distance yourself from a known criminal who stains the Palestinian canvas?

I have many flaws. My main failing is Schadenfreude. I love it when hideous, destructive monstrosities get their comeuppance. BSfromPS rants a whole lot more here, about restraining orders; the Department of Justice; being an avenging momma for her precious, precious kids…

This claque of Jew-haters is comprised of middle-aged high schoolers living in a sewer, exactly as I knew they’d be. Their personal lives are like satire. No Israeli or Jew should worry about deranged American, British, Canadian, Irish, and Australian drunks who spew profanity all over social media and spam everyone with photos of dead, mutilated children. Their actions have backfired completely. Even the Palestinians are sick of them.

Isn’t that just…perfect? There is a God, and He really, really likes Jews. Everyone who messes with the Jewish people ends up either in the ground or alone in the forest, tanked up on gin and blubbering, “Where did everybody go?

Think carefully before you attack Jews.

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