Thomas Wictor



Looking at the news today, I haven’t seen anybody say that Israel is going to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Instead, all I’m reading is doom-crying. Maybe people just don’t know what’s real and what isn’t, but Iran is going to get its comeuppance. You can quote me.

President Obama said recently that you can’t bomb Iran into submission, because that’ll only set back their nuclear program.

Who made the rule that you can bomb Iran only once?

What Israel is going to do is unleash enough high-velocity penetrating weapons (HVPWs) on Iran—over a period of years, if necessary—for Iran to get tired of having to rebuild. Then Iran will give up its lust for nuclear weapons.


This is what Prime Minister Netanyahu said about the pretend deal that the G5+1 nations and Iran have worked out.

I am not impressed by the potholes in the nuclear talks. To my regret, what we are seeing are Iran’s increasing demands, and the major powers’ concessions which are also increasing, in keeping with the Iranian pressure. This agreement is going from a bad agreement to a worse agreement, and is becoming worse by the day.

In effect, it is paving Iran’s way to being not only a major power with one or two nuclear bombs, but with an unlimited arsenal within a decade with the possibility of achieving several atomic bombs beforehand, by violating the monitoring which, in any case, is full of holes.

Above all, in addition to this, the agreement also gives Iran many billions of dollars, apparently hundreds of billions of dollars, within a short time, which will allow it to finance its increasing aggression, first of all the murderous stranglehold it is using around the State of Israel, but also in other parts of the Middle East that are subject to its aggression, such as Yemen, Iraq and many other places.

Therefore, there is both a conventional threat and a non-conventional threat, which in my view will heighten the nuclear arms race in the Middle East. For all of these reasons, this is a bad agreement.

I appreciate the fact that there is a broad consensus within the State of Israel against this agreement. There are also increasing voices in the West against this agreement; they understand the significance its implementation would have on global security, theirs as well. But, as has been said, this debate is still taking place. I think it is important that Israel’s voice be heard, along with that of many others.

What makes people think that Netanyahu will sacrifice the national security of Israel in order to not have President Obama angry at him? The Iran deal is like a parody. This is one of the promises.

Iran will not engage in activities, including at the R&D level, that could contribute to the development of a nuclear explosive device, including uranium or plutonium metallurgy activities.

That’s so nice of Iran! Is there any way to make sure that the Iranians follow through on this promise?


What we have here is an agreement between people pretending to be leaders and people dedicated to inflicting as much violence as they can on those who won’t submit to them.

It’s as clear as day that Israel and the Sunni Arab states are going to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, because the G5+1 nations have given them no other choice.

Did you ever wonder why the US didn’t pressure Israel to stop Operation Protective Edge, despite the unprecedented global onslaught of lies and images of dead children? Compare 2014 to 2006, the year that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to change the balance of power in the Middle East by eradicating Hezbollah.

The original Israeli plan was to launch an amphibious landing north of the Litani River.


Israel’s Givati Brigade and various naval special-operations units would cut off Hezbollah from the rest of Lebanon. Then two armored brigades would race northward from Israel. Hezbollah would be caught between a hammer and an anvil. However, Olmert nixed the plan because he feared heavy casualties. Defense Minister Amir Peretz convinced Olmert that air power alone would accomplish the job.

One incident changed the entire dynamic. On July 20, 2006, the IDF bombed a building in Qana, which allowed Hezbollah to stage a scene in which a howling, fake paramedic displayed for photographers a dead baby with a bright-blue pacifier. Secretary of State Rice then told the Israelis that they had to stop.

Why didn’t this happen during Operation Protective Edge, despite far more fraudulence by the press and the open hostility of the US government to Israel?


Foreign military financing. Until 2008, half of the foreign aid given to Israel was used to bolster the Israeli economy. Now, however, virtually all aid provided to Israel is FMF. Currently it stands at $3.1 billion per year. In exchange for doubling our military aid to Israel, the Israelis undertook far more joint projects with the Pentagon and began giving us proprietary technology.

Israel’s Namer armored personnel carriers are co-produced in the US.


Israel relieves us of Excess Defense Articles—gear that the Pentagon no longer wants but is loathe to throw away because the taxpayers will scream.

Although Israel developed the Iron Dome completely on its own, in March of 2014 the Israelis shared the technology. The US and Israel have co-developed David’s Sling, also called Magic Wand, another missile defense system. And while Israel created the Arrow III high-altitude missile interceptor by itself, it agreed to share the technology with the US.

The national security of the United States now depends on Israel far too much for any president to ever cut off FMF. Therefore when—when—Israel and the Sunni Arab states attack Hezbollah and Iran, the US will do nothing.

It’s not possible for me to get inside the heads of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. Both men are fabulists, so I don’t know how much they understand. Despite their respective histories of lying and playacting, I think they know that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreed upon with Iran is a catastrophe. Here’s Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif today.


Come on. He’s like Tom Hanks in The Money Pit.

Zarif is hysterical. He can’t believe it.

And that tells me that this is all kabuki. The G5+1 nations are all aware of the Yemen explosion.

The shock wave damaged the camera from 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) away.


This is a weapon like nobody’s ever seen. Ever. So the G5+1 nations gave Iran the store, knowing that the Iranians won’t get to enjoy running it for long.

Gutless, hypocritical, prideful, incompetent, childish, lying bastards.

Who must do the hard things?
He who can.