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Days of miracle and wonder ensure that the future is very bright

Days of miracle and wonder ensure that the future is very bright

I’m not a fan of Paul Simon, but his song “The Boy in the Bubble” is perfect. It has one of my favorite lines: “These are the days of miracle and wonder.” Though it may be hard to believe, this is one of the most momentously positive periods in human history. We’re seeing lasting solutions to problems that seemed insoluble.

Miracle and wonder.

Days of vision

With the exception of the architects and agents, I may be the only person on earth who sees the Great Transformation of the Middle East. The architects addressed literally every single contingency. They conceived the most far-sighted plan of all time. In order to do so, they studied every failure, blunder, and disaster.

The Eiger Sanction is a very entertaining film. When the four mountain climbers discuss the route they’ll take, Dr. Jonathan Hemlock tells the arrogant, smirking Karl Freytag that the plan has an obvious deficiency.

Hemlock: Your route doesn’t allow for retreat in case we’re blocked from above.

Freytag: I consider it self-defeating to plan in terms of retreat.

Hemlock: I consider it stupid not to.

Freytag: I’ll leave the planning for retreat with you, Doctor. [Speaking to the others.] He has more experience than I in retreating.

Guess what happens when the group runs into trouble? Does Freytag turn out to be a good leader or a horrible one?

The people who planned the Great Transformation of the Middle East spent most of the time talking about their own defeat. In order to win, they had to be honest about their weaknesses. Since they wouldn’t be able to rehearse, they wargamed. The planners ordered commanders to do everything they could do defeat their own side.

This time, it really was the War to End All Wars. At least in the Middle East.

Days of deception

The planners’ most effective weapon is military deception (MILDEC).

They use MILDEC to avoid death and destruction. The video below is supposed to show an Army of Islam (Jaysh al-Islam) tank during the liberation of Aleppo.

The commander has no abilities. After you fire, you move the tank immediately. Why?

Muzzle blasts attract attention.

But this wasn’t real. It’s more Islamist rebel performance art.

I’ll show you something very real.

A closer view.

It’s another Flying Black Box of Death.

I’ve lost track of how many videos show them. Not a single western “expert” on technology is a aware that winged, high-speed black boxes fly around Syria. A while back, a person sent one of my posts to two nanodrone scientists at Harvard.

They laughed at me.

I didn’t take it personally, but I asked these two what they thought the objects were.

“Flying saucers from Mars,” said one.

“Hallucinations,” said the other.

This is actually good. It allows the Arab League to continue utterly outclassing us. I like that. A childish culture that hates unorthodox thinking should never have the power that I’ve seen in the Syrian videos.

Days of deterrence

The Flying Black Boxes of Death are reconnaissance devices. Their cameras film at an extremely high speed, such as 1000 frames per second (FPS).

Filmmaker Guillaume Panariello shot the music video below in five seconds at 1000 FPS.

Flying Black Boxes of Death keep an eye on people who’ve agreed to cooperate. The boxes also locate targets. Below is a video of enemies meeting their maker. There’s no gore.

Although the 13th Division of the Free Syrian Army claims credit for the video, the missile seen fired is the Russian 9M113 Konkurs, which has a high-explosive antitank (HEAT) warhead. In reality, the missile that hit the men was a new, smaller weapon with a fuel-air-explosive (FAE) warhead. The gunner showed superhuman skill in guiding it.

These men below were not Syrian Arab Army, Iraqi militia, Hezbollah, or Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, who all fight in uniforms. In a moment, I’ll tell you who they were. The targets were two men.

They had to have been jihadists, possibly even Islamic State. However, the filmmakers edited the video to conceal several things. A segment of footage is gone—causing the men to appear to jump from one place to another—and then the video deliberately becomes blurry.

The missile is fired and guided right over the heads of the two targets.

The missile has a beacon on the tail, which means that it uses the semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) guidance system. To enure that the missile hits accurately, you must keep a cross hair on the target.

That missile swerved all over the place. Why?

Because the gunner was delaying its arrival. He wanted most of the other men safely behind the wall. Then the gunner made one final swerve that caused the missile to nick the corner of the building and explode over the targets. A narrow shock wave went straight down.

The two jihadists did not survive.

Days of incredible soldiers

That missile gunner showed skill that’s nearly incomprehensible. The Arab League must have new binocular sights for their launchers, allowing gunners to see both the cross hair and a magnified view of the general area around the target. An ability to make antitank guided missiles swerve in the air like that is unprecedented.

But the missile gunner is only part of the story.

Three men put themselves in harm’s way, on the receiving end of the missile. They knew what was coming, yet they remained in place. The man on the ground had infiltrated the jihadist group. He almost certainly provided the location to the missile squad. The two in the window upstairs were there to verify that the mission was successful. Note how casually the infiltrators took cover.

The men who set up the jihadists knew that an insanely skilled missile gunner would use a low-yield warhead. Still, neither western armed forces nor Israel would have allowed their soldiers to have carried out this operation. It would’ve been deemed too risky on all levels.

So who are these four short-haired guys?

Turkish National Intelligence (MIT). There’s no doubt. They arm and finance al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

And they just received a warning that they’ll never forget.

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