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Death sentence handed down to Bashar al-Assad

Death sentence handed down to Bashar al-Assad

As I figured would happen, the death sentence has been imposed on Bashar al-Assad.

The Arab League said it had decided to “work on bringing all those who participated in and contributed to the brutal attacks against innocent civilians in Aleppo and other Syrian cities to international justice”.

The 22-member bloc denounced the “the Syrian regime’s brutal actions against unarmed civilian residents” in Aleppo, calling the attacks “a massacre,” in a resolution announced after the meeting.

It also denounced the Islamic State group and “all terrorist groups” which are committing crimes against civilians in Aleppo and other Syrian cities.

Don’t kid yourselves: The Arab League has the means to kill everyone in Syria in need of killing. I’ve discovered yet another new weapon. It explains how tunnels are being collapsed in Gaza. The idea is so simple that until now, everyone has overlooked it.

Death sentence for murderers

It’s legitimate to oppose the death sentence for murderers who have been tried, convicted, and imprisoned. I personally don’t oppose the death sentence, but I don’t look down on those who disagree with me. The vast majority of death-penalty opponents do so in good faith.

However, I do take issue with those who claim that it’s wrong to kill murders who are in the process of committing their crimes. The only way to stop most violence is with greater violence. Bashar al-Assad is going to die, along with everyone else torturing the Syrians. That’s a good thing.

Death sentence for terrorists

The video below was put out by the al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise. It may not stay up on YouTube very long, but the screen grabs will suffice if the video is removed.

The video is supposed to represent an al-Nusra attack on Iranian-backed militias in Khan Touman, in the southern part of the Aleppo Governorate.

Pro-opposition media said an insurgent carried out a suicide bomb attack against government positions in Khan Touman.

A TV station controlled by the Lebanese group Hizbollah, which is fighting alongside the Syrian army, said the army used a guided missile to destroy a suicide car bomb before it reached its target in that area.

Both sides are lying.

The al-Nusra Front used two vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), both failed to reach their targets, and one was destroyed by a new weapon.

This is actually the first VBIED.


That one was probably hit by a guided missile. You can see the cloud of smoke rising. Note that there’s no damage to the buildings.

The VBIED exploded with a paltry shock wave.




Then the al-Nusra front sent in a much larger VBIED, almost certainly an armored personnel carrier (APC) full of explosives.

That’s when this brilliant new weapon was used.

Pointless death sentence

Here’s a closeup of the second VBID exploding.

Unknown weapons poured a tremendous amount of fire into the area. The APC went up the street and turned left.



Above, the green arrow shows that the street is already damaged from the first VBIED.

Now comes the good part.

Death sentence by fog

A munition suddenly ejected a dense cloud of white vapor.









The vapor exploded.


This detonated the armored VBIED.





For a multitude of reasons, it was not possible to create an outdoor explosive cloud.

Until now.

Death sentence through science

I can’t tell you the mechanisms used to make an outdoor explosive cloud. All known fuel-air explosives (FAE) or thermobaric weapons have casings. This is to keep the explosive vapor concentrated. Even the largest FAEs are delivered onto the target in casings.

Here is what happens when combustible vapor in a dissipated state is ignited outdoors.

However, you saw with your own eyes that a cloud was somehow emitted, and when it was bigger than a house, it detonated with a such a powerful shock wave that it caused the armored VBIED to explode.

The al-Nusra Front video shows the aftermath of the two VBIEDs.


There’s a crater in the road, but those two bombs accomplished nothing militarily.

It appears that the FAE being used by the Arab League—Iran doesn’t have these weapons—are able to reduce the power of terrorist explosives. That makes sense. An explosion is simply the rapid release of energy. You can counterattack it with a more powerful release of energy.

And that’s how Arab League commandos are collapsing Hamas attack tunnels. The tunnels are filled with an explosive cloud. Brilliant.

Some will not receive a death sentence

This guy was captured fighting for Assad.


He’s said to be Abdul Shah Khaliq, commander of Afghan Hazara Shia. The vast majority of Hazara in Syria are refugees who fled Afghanistan for Iran.

The Mullahs created the Fatemiyoun Brigade, untrained peasants who die in large numbers. Before Quds Force chief Major General Qassem Suleimani was himself killed, he became an eerie memento mori for men fighting in Iraq and Syria.


Everyone who posed with Suleimani was soon killed. All the men in the photo above are dead.

On social media and video-sharing channels, losers from every culture puke out their hatred and stupidity. The soldiers winning the wars in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq don’t hate, and they aren’t stupid. I have full confidence in them. It’s clear that they’ve adopted the ethos “Live and let live.”

To which they’ve added, “Or you die.”

That’s what I admire about them. They haven’t personalized anything. This is simply what must be done. When necessary, they use explosive clouds on terrorists, reducing them to atoms. They they ask, “What’s for lunch?”

But at the same time, they’re liberating people who’ve suffered so much. Imagine being chased from your home country because you practice a different religion. And then the people who give you refuge demand that you go out and fight demons from hell, who’ll commit unspeakable atrocities on you and laugh as they do it.

It was for those demons that explosive clouds were invented.

This is an Afghan Hazara.


Men raised in the cradle of Wahhabism are now giving their lives to protect girls like her. That’s reality. I can prove it to you in a hundred different ways.

Having studied the Middle East for over forty years, I should’ve realized that this day was inevitable. Still, I’m very happy.

Finish the job, men.