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Desperate deception versus brilliant deception

Desperate deception versus brilliant deception

It took me all day to figure out this one. I knew immediately that the Syrians and Russians were ladling cow manure over the heads of the press, but the fatal rot of journalism made it very hard for me to find the answer. This clumsy attempt at deception shows how desperate Assad and his backers are.

We’re being told that the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian Defense Forces, Hezbollah, and Asian-Afghan-Iraqi militias are making massive headway against the Syrian rebels, due to the excellence of Russian air strikes.

It’s a lie.

This video is phony. Can you tell how I know that?

They looped the soundtrack. You hear the same zing! and the same mumbling Arabic over and over. Some of the “gun shots” were taken from Star Wars.

The combat footage is real, but it doesn’t depict what we’re being told.

Desperate because they’re winning?

Here’s what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Aleppo Province:
The Syrian Democratic Forces were able to control the strategic town of Tal Rifaat and the village Kafr Naseh in the northern countryside of Aleppo, after heavy clashes against the rebel and Islamic Factions, which make the controlled areas of The Syrian Democratic Forces in the northern countryside of Aleppo close to the “Islamic State” controlled areas in the same countryside.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights was informed by a leading sources in the Syrian Democratic Forces that their fighters are now inspecting Tall Rifaat, also the Syrian Observatory for human rights was informed that the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces withdraw number of bodies in Tal Rifaat, also the sources of the Observatory reported that several fighters from the factions turned themselves in to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Meanwhile, and at the same countryside, the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them from Syrian, Arab and Asian nationalities controlled Masqan village hours ago, the village is located east of the towns of Nubl and al-Zahraa, and the regime forces were also able to advance and control Ihres village, and thus the regime forces have connected their controlled areas in Nubl and al-Zahraa to their controlled areas in the Dwyer al-Zaytoun and Handarat.

This is the area we’re talking about. Tal Rifaat.


The town was vitally important to the Salafist Levant Front. Jaysh al-Thuwar—the Army of Revolutionaries—took it in one day. There’s no combat footage. What’s happening is that Jaysh al-Thuwar is now effortlessly demolishing jihadist strongholds one after another, in total secrecy. Then the YPG comes in and establishes a presence. This is pragmatism. I commend the Kurds.

Jaysh al-Thuwar is Arab, Asian, Central Asian, and African professional strategic special operators called “C6ISR forces.”


The idea of C6ISR forces was first publicly expressed by Israel in 2011. My guess is that the IDF and the Saudis worked together to create new weapons, tactics, and strategies. The units trained for at least three years nonstop. I believe that this is the basic organization of a C6ISR unit.


They have incredible firepower, speed, mobility, and stealth. I’m certain that the IDF is not fighting in Syria, but that’s the only thing I know for sure. There’s no way to predict what’ll happen next. Nobody has ever fought wars the way the Arab League and her allies are doing in Syria. Another certainty: Assad and everyone supporting him will lose.

Arab special forces are fighting Sunni Islamist rebels. The rebels are told to surrender or die. They’re being given no third option.

Not desperate; pretending

The Turks are as brilliant at deception as Israel, the Arab League, and the Kurds are.

The main Kurdish militia, known as the YPG, dominates the group known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, which also includes Arab fighters. The latest advances by the SDF have alarmed Ankara, which views Syria’s Kurds with suspicion. Turkey is also a leading backer of militants trying to overthrow Assad.

SDF official Ahmad Hiso said Turkish troops shelled northern Syria. Since the shelling began three days ago, six civilians have been killed, including a woman and a child, he added.

The Kurdish forces have continued to advance, however, and the SDF captured the village of Sheikh Issa, cutting lines between the rebel stronghold of Marea and other parts of Aleppo province.

Actually, that’s not quite true.

Turkey, which considers the YPG to be a terrorist group, has warned Kurdish fighters in northern Syria they would face the “harshest reaction” if they tried to capture Azaz and has been shelling SDF forces for the past few days.


But YPG fighters appear now to be moving eastwards rather than north, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group and a rebel commander told Reuters, towards the front line with Islamic State to the east of Azaz.

The Kurds aren’t going north, and the C6ISR units wiping out jihadists are Arab, Asian, Central Asian, and African. Therefore Turkey isn’t shelling the YPG. Everybody’s working together for the common good. Clear heads have prevailed.

Genuinely desperate. With good reason

We’re told that Assad and his allies have seized the village of Misqan or Masqan, as well as the village of Ahras or Ihres. You can see where these two locales are in relation to Tal Rifaat.


Misqan is the red arrow, Ahres the green.

Here’s a video of the fighting in Misqan.

It’s totally desperate bogosity. All the voices are dubbed in, and the action didn’t take place in Misqan.

Although the story itself has been removed from the Internet, there are still references to the fact that on January 14, 2014, rebels took the three villages of Masqan, Kafr Kalbin, and Kafra. I was able to locate two of them.


Masqan—or Maskan—is a tiny collection of buildings near those two villages. On January 10, 2015, someone set off car bombs at the police post.


The same place appears in the “Misqan” video.



On the map below, the red X is where we’re told Assad is kicking butt and taking names, but the green X is the actual location of the “Misqan” video.


Why put out fake videos if you’re winning?

More desperate playacting

This is supposed to be genuine close combat in the village of Ahras.

They’re not only faking, the guy who threw the hand grenade almost killed everybody there.



Before you throw a hand grenade, you shout, “GRENADE!” so that your comrades can take cover. This is basic soldiering. The men in the video above have no training whatsoever.

Every report of the stunning Assad-Putin victories at Misqan and Ahras say that it was the Russians, Syrian Arab Army, Syrian Defense Forces, Hezbollah, Afghans, Asians, and Iraqis. There’s no mention of Iranians. Yet here’s what a Russian stooge posted prior to the “battles.”


Suleimani was dead, but he recovered.

He looks stuffed, doesn’t he? Below, the photo on the left is the last one taken of him alive.


The secret to reversing the aging process? Get hit with an antitank guided missile, suffer a severe head wound, undergo emergency surgery, and spend months learning to talk and walk again.


Just kidding. Don’t try that! In reality Qassem has joined the choir invisible. He’s an ex-terrorist.

Making leaders into zombies is a Russian obsession. I’m old enough to remember Leonid Brezhnev, who spent his last few years much more dead than alive. Still, they insisted on wheeling him out into public.


A Russian joke was that the people didn’t learn of his death until the May Day parade, when his waving arm fell off and sawdust began pouring out.

Iran has left Syria, and the people they abandoned have been reduced to desperate theatrics. Today I was asked what’s taking so long to defeat those who need to be defeated.

Well, look at this, drawn after the signing of the Versailles Treaty on June 28, 1919, the formal end to World War I.


Cartoonist Will Dyson nailed it. Twenty years after the treaty was signed, the Class of 1940 was sent off to war. All the same countries went at it again.

The creators of C6ISR forces are determined to make the current Middle East conflict the last one. These new units are the best warriors in human history. Nobody has ever fought with such skill.

Be grateful that they’re taking the time to do this right.

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