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Explosives that win wars by killing only those who require it

Explosives that win wars by killing only those who require it

At last we have a video that shows how the new Israeli Arab League munitions work. These are fuel-air explosives (FAE) that the user can adjust in many ways. Multiple warheads inside the munitions change the intensity and direction of the shock wave. Before we study the proof of what I’ve been saying, first we’ll watch another video.

Strange explosives

The Sham Legion is an Islamist rebel group in Syria that is taking part in the Aleppo offensive. Below is a video that almost defies belief. These men have no training whatsoever. The battle below is what’s called a “clusterf*ck.”

Neither the Sham Legion nor the people they were attacking know how to engage in combat. The mess above has nothing to do with the liberation of Aleppo.

None of the Sham Legion fighters were taught to use natural terrain as cover. They received fire from both in front and behind.

Their own men shot at them.

I’m shocked that the Sham Legion released this video. It was a horrendous slaughter. The filmmaker edited out a direct hit that killed more than half of the group behind the tank. He added deliberate blurriness that I removed. The two frames below are exactly one second apart.

You can still see the smoke from the explosion.

And the tank disappeared. What hit the Sham Legion?

Something new.

Unidentified explosives

At least two hovering munitions struck. I’ve never seen anything like them. They float through the air like miniature zeppelins, moving at a walking pace.

They have to be fuel-air explosives.

And then something else made an appearance.

Again, it’s not like anything ever caught on camera. That isn’t a tracer. It’s far too big and too slow.

We heard the sound of a low-flying jet aircraft; my guess is that someone rained explosives down on both sides. The amazing, tragic aspect of the Middle East is that so many people have no learning curve. Here’s a Hezbollah fighter simply strolling away as bullets whiz past his head.

And the Sham Legion are addicted to the Rambo shtick of standing and firing on full automatic, completely exposed.

People who do that always die, yet you see it in every battle.

Now we’ll look at the fighters who are actually liberating Aleppo.

Explosives, yes. But not as you know them

This is said to be a rebel car bomb or vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED).

In reality, it’s not a VBIED. For one thing, nobody would film it from that close if it were a standard VBIED. Pieces of the vehicle could cut you in two longitudinally. The men filming knew that it was a specialized munition.

Also, it had no driver. A man set it in motion and got out of the cab. Then he stood there and watched instead of running.

It’s a tracked vehicle.

They’re called “tracked dumpers.”

This one destroyed a large underground facility.

Terrorist explosives

The explosion in Aleppo didn’t look like the usual VBIED.


Husaybah, Iraq.

A VBIED explosion always begins with a blinding flash.

Ever see a car-bomb explosion flatten? Here’s a gif with four consecutive frames from the Aleppo video. The first frame has a red X on it.

The reason for the flattening is that the explosives blew a massive hole in the roof of an underground facility. Air underground is many degrees cooler than air above ground. Cooler air is much more dense. The sudden rupture of the underground structure sucked in the thinner hot air above, which is called the “stack effect.” Also, the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that heat flows from hot to cold.

Of course the heat of the explosion was high enough to overcome both the stack effect and the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but the flattening of the initial smoke tower proves that the explosives destroyed an underground structure.

How explosives sound

The VBIED in Husaybah, Iraq, produced the sound of one detonation and an echo.

Here it is slowed down.

In Aleppo, there were at least five separate detonations. The soundtrack may not be in sync with the images.

You’re hearing the multiple warheads first ejecting the vapor of the fuel-air explosives and then detonating it underground. Compare the Iraq explosion to the Aleppo explosion.

And in the sky above the Aleppo explosion was one of the ubiquitous Flying Black Boxes of Death.

It wasn’t a speck on the camera lens. This was a physical object, stationary in the air.

An eye in the sky.

You can see in the video, screen grabs, and gifs that dust rose from the earth and was knocked from buildings. That means that the shock wave went underground, for the most part. Some of it struck the cameraman, but if that were a standard rebel VBIED, he’d be dead.

And is it just me, or does the cameraman sound like he’s doing a parody of the Islamist Takbir? That hysteria seems a little too campy. In addition, the chorus of moaning chants doesn’t sound sincere.

Hatreds that resist explosives

As I’ve said many times, I lack the patience to solve the problems that stupid, dishonest people create for themselves.

Not a single statement in that lunatic screed is true. More and more terms are losing their meaning because of liars with agendas.




War criminal.

And now “scorched-earth policy.”

A message to Abu Mohammed.

When the US decides to pursue a scorched-earth policy in Syria, you’ll know it. Each of our B-2 Spirit bombers is fitted with rotary dispensers that carry a total of eighty 500-pound JDAMs. One B-2 could level an entire city. A single carrier strike group in the Mediterranean could destroy all of Syria. One B-52 Stratofortress can carry twelve 2000-pound JDAMs. Therefore a flight of three B-52s could raze any Syrian city to the ground, killing every inhabitant.

You’re a lucky man, Abu Mohammed. Much better people than me are going to liberate you. If I were in charge, I’d let you rot.

It’s good that I’m not in charge of anything except myself.

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