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Follow the money: How liars profit from death and suffering

Follow the money: How liars profit from death and suffering

The 1976 movie All the President’s Men popularized the phrase “Follow the money.” I’ve never actually seen the film. However, if one does follow the money—meaning determines who benefits from a situation—everything becomes clear.

Latin: Cui bono?

Who stands to gain?

Always ask yourself that.

Follow the propaganda

Before I continue, I have to say that this post is not intended for those who hate Jews, Muslims, Christians, Sunnis, Shias, Alawites, Arabs, Kurds, Persians, Turks, Turksmens, Saudis, Israelis, or any other group. I’m writing this for people who have open minds.

Below is a fake video. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) claims that the Saudi-led Coalition bombed a religious school in Saada, Yemen, killing children as they prayed. It’s not true. The little boys in the video are unhurt. I promise. Go ahead and watch. It’s acting.

First of all, no aerial munition can wound only arms, legs, and heads. The boys have virtually no injuries to their faces or torsos. In addition, none of them are in pain or show any sign of discomfort or fear.

“Rescuers” brought the boys to a spotless, modern hospital.

Then MSF transferred the boys to a hot outdoor tent.

So not only are the boys uninjured, their makeshift surroundings are contrived. MSF wants more donations. It also hates the Saudis for holding the corrupt organization in contempt.

The “medical staff” pretended to infuse one boy with an IV line, but there was no needle. They attached the stopcock to the bandage. The stopcock fell off.

Also, the boy’s legs were on top of the Mylar blanket, not under it. Therefore the scene was fake.

Finally, the boys seem bored, not hurt.

And the genius below is holding the IV bag upside down.

A news report shows two more boys who were allegedly injured only in the legs and head. Impossible.

And MSF doubles the casualties while changing an old man and a woman into little boys.

No photos of the bombing site, of course. Just a big MSF logo. The entire episode is an amateurish fabrication meant to raise money for MSF and malign Saudi Arabia.

Follow reality

The United Nations tells us that since March 26, 2015, Saudi-led Coalition air strikes have killed about 2000 Yemeni civilians. That’s after almost a year and a half of major conflict.

That number is a lie, but if it were true, it would indicate miraculous care on the part of the Saudi-led Coalition, considering that the Houthis use human shields and place military objects among the civilian population.

From May 4 to July 7, 1994, at least 10,000 died in that Yemeni civil war. The real number is much larger, since the government never released figures for the socialist and separatist civilians it murdered. Yemenis killed them all.

During Operation Scorched Earth—a Yemeni military offensive against the Houthis—at least 8000 died from August 11, 2009, to February 12, 2010. Yemenis killed them all, with help from guess who?

Nobody makes good-faith accusations against the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen. MSF is bribed and threatened. They rationalize their lies by telling themselves that the Saudis must be bloodthirsty Bedouins. Also, raising money by lying allows MSF to “do more good.”

Let me show you how Saudis and their allies actually fight.

Follow freedom

The Syrian Arab Coalition and Manbij Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated Manbij, Syria. “Experts” warned us that Arabs would oppose Kurds entering the city.

Tell that to these people.

Did you see the Arab League strategic special operator? He’s armed with an American M4 carbine.

As the locals celebrated, he guarded them, hyper-alert. He became suspicious of a man.

The operator was ready to kill anyone who threatened his charges. He adopted a stance that would allow him to raise his carbine and fire accurately in less than a second.

Did he fire?

NO. Because he’s highly trained, he’s in control, he’s a professional, and he’s MORAL.

A broken wrist didn’t prevent that operator from carrying out his mission. He’s almost certainly a Saudi.

Follow the thoroughness

Kurds danced for Manbij.

Did you see how the Arab League strategic special operators protected everybody? Terrorist suicide bombers disguise themselves and enter crowds. Therefore Arab League strategic special operators watch carefully. They take military courses in how to recognize terrorists.

Which man is unlike the others?

A skinny guy casually walks up behind the dancers, studying the man in black.

He joins the line and holds the hand of the man in black for the rest of the time they dance.

And he keeps an eye on the camera crew.

As the skinny guy dances, another operator passes him a piece of equipment. Saudi Special Forces have counter-measures for suicide bombers.

Was there any drama? Did the Arab soldiers interfere with the Kurdish celebration? Were there any hard feelings?

No, no, and no.

But those two discreet kids weren’t the only protectors.

Follow the swiveling heads

If Arab League strategic special operators can identify a suicide bomber, they can instantly neutralize him. I won’t discuss the method.

These are all watchers.

“Good men in a storm.” They’re utterly dependable.

Below is the Green Party candidate for president of the US.

Stein is an immoral cretin. In her world, demonic terrorists such as the Islamic State don’t exist. The only terrorists are Americans. And this idiot is so uninformed that she thinks that the US is leading the Syrian Democratic Forces. Can you see how she would never in a million years credit Middle Easterners with the ability to achieve anything without western interference?

Here’s what Adnan Abu Amjad—commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Manbij—had to say about American weapons.

Jill Stein isn’t fit to clean his boots. She’s an absolute disgrace.

Follow the Arab League

I’m not a fan boy or a groupie. Everything I write is based on empirical evidence. The Arab League has figured out solutions to problems that have caused death and suffering for centuries. It’s no mystery why or how.


The survival of the Middle East depends on peace and stability. And I believe that the people who began the Great Transformation also have a genuine desire to improve the region. Middle Easterners have lived in torment for a very long time, and everyone was aware of it. Enough is enough.


By putting aside ancient enmities, studying all the failures, investing in advanced technology, training soldiers to be the best warriors on earth, and adopting an ethos of altruism. The reason that the west has committed so many blunders in the Middle East is that we’re weak, and we value symbols over action. We also want giant signs to guide us.

Middle Easterners are different from us. We can all learn to live together, but only if each side stops trying to inflict its customs on the other. The video that shows the liberation of Manbij is important because you can see that people never accept having others’ standards imposed on them. Things are not as simple as the “social justice” crowd would have you believe.

We in the west need to concentrate on fixing our own massive problems. Middle Easterners are perfectly capable of charting their own course. In many ways they’ve far surpassed us already.

So I ask everyone to reject the lies. Outsiders are in it only for themselves. They’re making everything worse by smearing good men in a storm. Don’t let them get away with it.

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