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Government can easily hide whatever it wants

Government can easily hide whatever it wants

Despite what people call me, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. The Snowden Test disproves virtually all of the old standbys. However, government can indeed operate clandestinely when the stakes are high enough. The military exercises held in the American Southwest during the summer of 2015 prove that the conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the JFK assassination—among others—are pure bunk.

If government were responsible for those atrocities, you’d never know. There would’ve been no amateurish blunders to give away the game to schlubs on social media.

Saudi Arabia announced two days ago that she was going to train 150,000 troops to intervene in Syria. Actually, these soldiers have already been trained. They began arriving in Saudi Arabia in March of 2015. The first were Pakistani engineer commandos.


Housing and feeding large numbers of troops is very expensive. The Arab, Central Asian, Asian, and African troops who went to Saudi Arabia didn’t just sit around. They first underwent intensive training at the King Salman Center for Mountain Warfare and the Airborne School and Special Warfare Training Center. At these facilities, they were introduced to new weapons, and they practiced operating as a cohesive unit.

A century ago, the first modern special forces were created. Simultaneously, the Germans, French, Canadians, and British all began organizing squads, platoons, companies, battalions, regiments, and divisions of highly trained assault specialists. Prior to the year 1915, soldiers fought in skirmish lines.


They marched forward until they were in range, and then they stood and shot at each other. In World War I, however, artillery and machine guns made skirmish lines suicidal. To escape the bullets and shrapnel, soldiers dug trenches, burrowing into Mother Earth. There they sat, shooting artillery and mortars at each other.

At exactly the same time, all the major combatants realized that small units of heavily armed men could stealthily enter enemy positions and wreak havoc. Their main weapon was the hand grenade.


Assaults were carried out at night. The raiders blackened their faces and wore a minimum of equipment. They armed themselves first with hand grenades, pistols, daggers, and clubs, and later they adopted weapons such as flamethrowers and submachine guns.


It was quickly discovered that large raids required rehearsals. Each man had to know his individual job in the mission. Therefore special forces would build full-sized models of the target and rehearse attacking it.

The model could be very simple. These Bulgarian assault troops stand in a shallow scrape representing the enemy trench that they’re going to attack.


They carry wooden dummy hand grenades.

Government as magician

In the modern era, government resources have enabled special forces to rehearse in much more realistic models.


That’s Baladia, at the Tactical Training Center—also called the Urban Warfare Training Center—of Tze’elim Training Base in Israel. Note the name: Tactical Training Center. Soldiers train in tactics, meaning how to take individual houses or blocks.

In the summer of 2015, the American Southwest was used to train strategic special forces. In other words, these men were rehearsing how to overthrow a government. They held at least four exercises: Apple Valley, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado; and Killeen, Texas. These sites were chosen because they have abandoned hard-rock mines that mimic Iranian underground nuclear and missile installations.


The strategic special forces were able to rehearse the assaults from beginning to end. They trained how to insert by helicopter and fixed-wing transport, how to neutralize defensive fire, and how to destroy the facilities and kill everybody in them.

According to Saudi Arabia, 150,000 troops are “to be trained.” Well, they’ve already been trained.

Can you really appreciate how enormous this operation was? The US Army 4th Infantry Division that invaded Iraq has an authorized strength of 32,000 men and women. Our government and the government of Saudi Arabia managed to bring in 150,000 Arabs, Israelis, Central Asians, Asians, Africans, and Europeans.

And nobody noticed.

Government can deny

Well, I noticed. So did my brother Tim, who took this photo of an Air France Airbus A380 flying over my house toward the Nevada National Security Site.


I saw five A380s in a week. They could’ve landed at Edwards Air Force Base or Nellis Air Force Base. Despite all the plane spotters in the US, nobody’s ever commented on these flights.

The troops had to be transported from where they landed to the military installation where they prepared for their rehearsals. My guess is that temporary camps were built, because only three active-duty military eyewitnesses have told me about seeing the nocturnal exercises. My fourth eyewitness isn’t in the military, but she said that the firing of the helicopter cannons and machine guns kept her up at night.

Each rehearsal lasted two weeks. Every night, for hour after hour, helicopters strafed, landed, took off, and strafed again.

No leaks. I’m writing about only the things that appeared publicly, such as the Airbus A380s and the exercises that four eyewitnesses saw. Other stuff happened, but I won’t disclose it. The A380s and eyewitness accounts can be dismissed as the ravings of a guy who sees ghost cats. Additional information I know gets into the area of specific means and methods.

Government can help

Years ago, a swine said the following about al-Qaeda, Sadrist, and Ba’athist terrorists.

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not insurgents or terrorists or the enemy. They are the revolution, the Minutemen. And their numbers will grow. And they will win.

Cute, just like he is.


The problem for Michael Moore is that his Minutemen killed innocent Iraqis by the tens of thousands. They blew up markets, schools, businesses, and government buildings.

Call me insane, but I can’t support mass murderers just because they make a hated Daddy figure look bad.

The terrorists didn’t win in Iraq. What nobody talks about is that before he was overthrown, Saddam Hussein created an amalgam of Ba’athist national socialism and jihadism. His former intelligence and military officers adopted this philosophy, and now they’re running the Islamic State. They lost every war they ever fought. The upcoming war will be their last.

See, Saudi Arabia and Israel have recruited people with a very practical approach to warfare. I wondered why the heck the US trained Italian joint terminal attack controllers (JTACs) how to direct strategic bombers. Well, it’s because the Italians have a special skill that’s almost completely disappeared.

Tirrena_ T-148:B

They still have flamethrowers, and they still train in flame warfare.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army released photos of troops they said were training in the Chengdu Military Region (red).


The men wear a low-visibility version of the Type 07 desert camouflage.


Two things: This pattern of camouflage doesn’t exist, and there are no deserts in the Chengdu Military Region. In the map below, the deserts are the gray areas in the north of the country.



Like the Italians, the Chinese have portable flamethrowers.

In fact on November 23, 2015, the Chinese used flamethrowers to kill 28 Muslim terrorists in Xinjiang. They were in a cave; when the burning napalm was sprayed on them, they came running out. As the comedian Richard Pryor said, “Fire is inspirational.”

I think the Chinese troops in desert camouflage that doesn’t exist were training in the US. The war in Syria and the upcoming war in Iran will be greatly shortened by the use of flamethrowers, given the many tunnels and underground facilities. Specialists in flame warfare will be extremely valuable.

The photo below was taken at Exercise Eager Lion 2014 in Jordan. According to the caption, this is a Jordanian special operator. He has a Jordanian flag on his shoulder.


Ever seen a Jordanian who looked like that?

If government can hide the training of 150,000 foreign strategic special operators using new weapons, government can hide anything.

So don’t worry about government conspiracies. You wouldn’t be able to stop them anyway.

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