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Hamas confirms beach deception operation

Hamas confirms beach deception operation

A few days ago I saw Pierre Rehov’s completed film War Crimes in Gaza. Go to that link if you want to help promote the documentary and get a sneak peek. One of the Palestinians interviewed for the movie is Mohammed Abu al-Watfa. After I saw War Crimes in Gaza, something ate at me, but I didn’t know what. And then I figured it out on my walk: Mohammed Abu al-Watfa confirmed my theory about where the bodies of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr were hidden, which in turn means that I’m correct that July 16, 2014, was a deception operation.

Mohammed Abu al-Watfa is the young man who was put in the taxi at the al-Deira Hotel.


He’s said to be an employee of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.


This is the terrace overlooking the beach.


Here’s the affidavit—the sworn testimony—that al-Watfa gave to the al-Haq “human rights” organization.



Now it’s seven boys—not eight—on the beach.

Sayed, Araby, and Hamad Bakr ran to the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop for help. However, other reports say that Sayed ran home.


Araby Bakr told Nick Casey of the Wall Street Journal that he outran the attack; he didn’t hide at the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.



But according to the al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, it was Nasser Bakr—not Araby—who said he survived because he ran the fastest.


Mohammed and Ramiz are actually the same person: Mohammed Ramiz Bakr. They’re not two separate boys. Nasser also says that Motasem-Muntaser Bakr was wounded on the beach behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, which is owned by the al-Watfa family. Motasem-Muntaser fell down and lay in the sand behind the restaurant-coffee shop.

However, both Nasser and Motasem-Muntaser were photographed at the al-Deira Hotel.

Here’s Nasser.


Here’s Motasem-Muntaser.


Hamad Bakr also ran to the al-Deira.


So, Sayed Bakr says that he, Araby, and Hamad ran to the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, but photos show that Hamad actually went to the al-Deira Hotel. Both Araby and Nasser are quoted as saying they survived because they ran the fastest, and Sayed also testified that he was taken to the hospital from the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee shop, although his family says he ran home. And according to Nasser, Motasem-Muntaser wasn’t at the al-Deira.

Mohammed Abu al-Watfa claimed that he and all the boys were taken by ambulance from the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, not the al-Deira.

He also said that he saw four boys dead in the sand behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop. Three boys hid behind the “garbage can,” and another coffee shop employee named Fahd Abu Sultan was injured when the establishment was shelled. Sultan was “drowned in blood.”

There’s no evidence that the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop was hit by a munition. No photos, no video, no other testimony. This is Fahd Abu Sultan.

Fahd Abu Sultan

Here’s what he says happened to him.


Now he’s a laborer who ran to the beach and was wounded there instead of in the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

In his affidavit to al-Haq, Mohammed Abu al-Watfa swears that he saw four dead boys on the beach and three hiding behind the garbage bin.


However, in War Crimes in Gaza, Mohammed Abu al-Watfa says that one boy was killed in the shipping container on the Hamas breakwater, three were killed as he was talking to them, and two were wounded.

None of the statements from any of the above participants can be reconciled.

Here’s what we know, based on photos and videos.

Four boys ran to the al-Deira Hotel: Motasem-Muntaser, Nasser, Hamad, and Younis Bakr. Mohammed Abu al-Watfa also went to the al-Deira, where he was loaded into a taxi. He was not put in an ambulance behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

Mohammed al-Watfa was said to be wounded in the abdomen by fragments from an IDF munition. He said that he initially didn’t know he was injured, which means that his wound bled unnoticed for a period of time. However, there’s almost no sign of blood on his clean white shirt.


We can see a stain that appears to be mostly pinkish water. Al-Watfa has no blood on his hand.


A quick aside.

While researching bloodstains just now, I came across a video by someone who claims that the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013, was a “false flag” carried out by the US government as a rationale for passing more oppressive, intrusive laws.

1. It’s an axiom that anyone who uses the term “false flag” is a moron.

2. Operation Four Little Martyrs is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a theoretical military deception.

Are you aware of Operation Bodyguard? This was a massive Allied deception designed to trick the Germans into thinking that the invasion of Europe in 1944 would take place at the Pas de Calais instead of Normandy. They created a phantom army based in the south of Britain, the 1st US Army Group (FUSAG). General George Patton was the commander, and it had tanks, aircraft, landing craft…

All were fake. This kind of deception was used many times during the war.

Operation Four Little Martyrs involved a maximum of about forty men. In terms of military deceptions, it was a piece of cake.

It’s clear to me that Mohammed Abu al-Watfa is a Hamas operative. His various accounts don’t even remotely match, and he was whisked away under the watchful eyes of both the Hamas second-in-command and the commander.



Since al-Watfa carried out his orders at the beginning of the operation, my guess is that he guided the four decoys to the al-Deira and then ran his mouth for the press. He specifically mentioned the rubbish bin, which was translated as “garbage can” by al-Haq. It took me a year to realize that the rubbish bin was where the bodies of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria were put, along with an IED meant to mutilate the bodies and toss them onto the sand before the journalists arrived.

There was no rubbish bin behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop in early 2014.


But the faked 24 Media Production Company photos show the “impact” of the IDF missile taking place right where the bin was.


I can’t find clear images of the rubbish bin before and after the IED went off and killed the Hamas bomb expert sent to deal with it after it failed to detonate. These are the best I can do.

The rubbish bin before the explosion.


And after the explosion.


It appears that two large, pale garbage bags (red arrow) were tossed out by the force.


I think this is one of them.


Going back to the moronic video I saw about the Boston Marathon bombing being a “false flag”: The conspiracy theorist had everything—and I mean absolutely everything—explained. I, on the other hand, admit to you that I don’t have the entire operation down. I can’t tell you the precise role of Mohammed Abu al-Watfa.

But his affidavit to al-Haq is enough evidence for me that the three dead boys and the IED were in the rubbish bin. Do you honestly think that three or five boys (depending on the story) running for their lives from aerial bombardment would crouch down beside a rubbish bin? If projectiles are coming down from above, you try to conceal yourself under or inside something, not next to it. The reason al-Watfa said the boys hid beside the rubbish bin was that he knew that their bodies would be found there. I read the transcript of his entire interview. He comes across as a madman unable to answer even the simplest question without raving incoherently about Jews.

And guess what?

My IDF contacts tell me that five of the foreign journalists or photographers on the beach that day have been demoted and removed from their bureaus in Israel.

I think tomorrow I’ll post all the changing stories of the press “eyewitnesses” to the events of July 16, 2014.

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