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“He was just throwing rocks”

“He was just throwing rocks”

This is the popular conception of the Palestinian throwing rocks.


It’s propaganda for morons. That little boy is too far away for his pebble to hit the Magach 6 main battle tank. The compression caused by the telephoto lens makes it seem that the kid is right in front of the tank, but he’s over thirty feet (ten meters) from it. Since there’s no dust being raised by the tank treads, that means the vehicle is stationary.

What happened was adults told the kid to go out and fling a tiny rock in the direction of a parked tank, and the Palestinians got their “iconic” image that in reality illustrates the phoniness and melodrama that characterizes this endless conflict.

Rocks smaller than cherries and thrown by six-year-olds don’t damage tanks. The rock throwers that the Israelis care about are the adults who use slings to target people.


Here are Peruvian kids armed with slings half the length of the Palestinian versions.

The distance and ammunition.


The Peruvians say they messed up their calculations of the force that a sling-thrown rock has. I’ll give it a try.

Kinetic energy (KE) is measured in joules. The formula for calculating kinetic energy is KE = 0.5 x mass x velocity squared.

A 5.2-ounce stone equals 147 grams or .147 kilos.

The velocity of a stone fired by a good slinger can be 90 meters per second.


So, KE = 0.5 x .147 x (90 x 90).

According to a guy who failed algebra, a sling can give a rock an impact force of 595.5 joules. That has to be at a relatively close range. Here’s a chart that shows the kinetic energy of various impacts.


The kinetic energy of a stone thrown with a sling can be greater than that of a 9mm pistol bullet. A 9mm bullet makes a hole inside of you the size of a grapefruit.

This is why the IDF sometimes has to shoot rock throwers.

When I was growing up, my brothers and I fought. I don’t mean we argued; we did this.

My older brother Paul trained himself to hit whatever he wanted at any distance with rocks that he threw by hand. One day in the Netherlands, we got into a fight down by the train tracks. He picked up a rock from the railroad bed and said, “You’ve got ten seconds.”

I ran as fast as I could; I was fifteen, so I was pretty fleet of foot. I counted: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. When I looked back over my shoulder, Paul was a tiny dot that waved in my direction.

Hew-hew-hew-hew-hew came the rock, and TUNK! It hit me on the side of the head. I saw stars and fell down, going, “Awwwwwwwwwwww” as I skidded across the pavement on my face. The rock raised a golf ball of a lump above my right ear. Paul had chosen a smooth-edged discus, so my new cranial golf ball didn’t bleed.

Today somebody sent me the following video. It shows Israeli soldiers trying to save the life of a Palestinian rock thrower who was hit in the forehead by his buddies.

Since the Israelis didn’t do it, the national media—and the Israeli media, for that matter—doesn’t care. Do we need any more proof that the press, “human rights” groups, and the UN are utterly indifferent to the fate of Palestinians and only use them as pawns in the war against Jews?

I don’t think the kid survived. Look how swollen his forehead is.


He looks like John Hurt in The Elephant Man.


It’s clear that the Palestinian rock thrower has a badly fractured skull. A rock has to be going very fast in order to shatter your forehead. It’s those long Palestinian slings I was talking about. You can bet that Palestinian slingers achieve the fastest velocities on earth. They’ve had millennia of practice.

Mustafa Tamimi was killed by a Palestinian who hurled a rock with a sling. The rock hit him so hard that it exploded into fragments.


Tamimi is exhibiting myclonus, the involuntary jerking of his muscles. It means he’s just suffered a massive brain insult, as it’s called. He’s already dead, although the rest of his body will take a bit longer to catch up with his brain.

Saji Darwish was also killed by a Palestinian who threw a rock with a sling. The rock hit him in the back of the head.


In his case he was killed instantly. By a rock. Blood was coming out of his ears.


That means his skull was crushed like an eggshell. It’s one of the reasons the Palestinian pathologists didn’t photograph the wound. It would’ve been a big dent, thus disproving that he was killed by an Israeli bullet.

Don’t believe the fiction that Palestinian rock throwers are engaging in a kind of free speech. It’s attempted murder, as many Palestinian rock throwers would tell you.

If they were still alive.

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