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Lynch mobs, dancing on graves, and making political hay

Lynch mobs, dancing on graves, and making political hay

When I was a child, I saw one of the most horrifying films ever made: The Ox-Bow Incident. It’s about the psychology of lynch mobs.

Yesterday Robert Lewis Dear Jr carried out a six-hour siege at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He killed two civilians and University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police officer Garrett Swasey, and he injured five more officers and four civilians.

While the attack was still ongoing, people began using it to score political points.


Harold Itzkowitz is a demagogue.

A person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.

The reality is that yesterday the reporting was worse than usual. Nobody lied when they said that the siege began as a bank robbery.





This won’t matter to the hate-filled demagogue Harold Itzkowitz. In fact I’ll go so far as to say that Harold Itzkowitz was happy that someone attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic, because now he could use it against the only people he sees as his enemies: conservative Americans.

Politicians and Planned Parenthood were also happy. Now they could attack their enemies too.

While authorities said that a motive had not yet been established, Mayor John Suthers said “inferences (could be made) from where it took place,” the Denver Post reported.

Vicki Cowart, president of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, went beyond an inference, saying the shooter “was motivated by opposition to safe and legal abortion.”

Once it was established that the Planned Parenthood clinic was indeed the target of an attack, the mainstream press and social media exploded with hatred of “right-wing extremists.”

Well, since 1975 Muslim terrorists have killed 3105 Americans in the US. Since 1975, right-wing terrorists have killed 225 Americans in the US, including abortion providers and those murdered by Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing.

This man was murdered by a Muslim extremist on June 6, 1968.


All four American presidents who were assassinated were killed by deranged narcissists who can’t be placed in any political category. One was a Democrat, one was a Republican, one was a communist, and one was an anarchist, but all four simply wanted to be famous.

After it was revealed that Robert Lewis Dear Jr had attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic, lynch mobs began howling for the necks of conservative Christians. There’s a problem, though.

Robert Lewis Dear Jr isn’t a conservative Christian. He’s just a lunatic. However, the press is busily re-editing in order to bolster the proper narrative. When I began this post, this link had this headline.


Now, the headline is different, but you can see that the URL still says “gunman-custody-attack-planned-parenthood.”


As of ten minutes ago, they hadn’t edited out the paragraphs below.


No strong political or religious beliefs, completely insane, but cunning enough to offer a defense for his crimes.

“If I say it was for the babies, then they’ll let me go! Yeah! That’s the ticket!”

Which is more likely, that he mowed down passersby in a parking lot because he was righteously infuriated by the plight of babies, or he always wanted to shoot up a place and chose Planned Parenthood because it’s so polarizing that he thought he’d get acquitted?

The incredible disappearing man

There was another editorial change. Last night I found Robert Lewis Dear Jr’s Colorado voting record. Guess what? It’s been scoured from the entire site.


They even removed his name from all the downloadable databases. That was a hell of an undertaking. Someone REALLY didn’t want us to see this. Why would that be? I’ll show you.

The voting-record site forgot that Google creates caches, so I was able to recover Robert Lewis Dear Jr’s voting information.


Dear registered as a woman, and he belongs to no political party.

Here’s the rest of his information.



That’s the end of the “conservative Christian terrorist” meme. The guy is just another garden-variety maniac.

Why is this so important to me? I’m neither conservative nor a Christian.

It’s because I HATE liars and demagogues. I enjoy rubbing their faces in their screw-ups. Demagogues by definition don’t care about the people they claim to be fighting for. As I said before, I’m sure that radical leftists are GLAD that an insane man shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic. Now Planned Parenthood gets to raise lots of money, and the press gets to play games with the only people it despises: conservatives.

None Of The 14 GOP Presidential Candidates Have Responded To The Planned Parenthood Shooting

Approximately 10 hours after a gunman went on a shooting rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, only two presidential candidates have issued statements expressing support for either the three victims or the women’s health organization.

Of the 17 candidates, only former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have put out public statements in response to the massacre, which lasted approximately five hours and resulted in the deaths of one police officer and two civilians.

Issuing a statement has no value. Words are cheap, as President Obama has proven time and time again. If his supporters knew what he was really doing, they’d all have strokes.

Israeli and American teams are putting together a plan to increase annual U.S. military aid to Israel by as much as $1 billion, on top of the current $3.1 billion, a source close to the military aid process said Wednesday.

In George W. Bush’s last year in office, the US gave Israel $2.4 billion in military financial assistance. President Obama increased it to $3.1 billion, and now he’s going to approve $4.1 billion. And that’s just money. Much more crucially, President Obama is helping Israel, the Arab League, and what seems like half the world prepare for the upcoming war against Iran, Hezbollah, the Islamic State, and al-Qaeda. There’s absolutely no doubt. In May we sent two B-52 strategic bombers to Jordan so that Arabs and Europeans could train in directing them.


The bombers attacked simulated fortifications that had antiaircraft positions (red arrow).


This means that Arab and European troops will soon go to war supported by non-American strategic bombers, because there’s absolutely no chance that President Obama will authorize the use of B-52s in combat. Israel and the Arab League have built their own strategic bombers, converted from aircraft in their fleets.

We were told that the recent missile test near Los Angeles was a Trident II fired from the submarine USS Kentucky, but in reality the weapon flew from east to west.


It was fired from land, not the ocean. Several members of Congress from Indiana watched the test; Indiana has a massive aerospace industry, and its political leaders are fierce defenders of Israel. My guess is that this was new US-Israeli technology that will be used in the war.

I’m apolitical. People on social media think I’m a conservative, but I’m not. The last great love of my life was a hippie. She was a flat-out socialist, a Bernie Sanders fan way back in 1999.


We never discussed politics. I loved her intelligence, humor, artistic skills, and the fact that she looked exactly like Audrey Hepburn, but with frizzy blonde hair and cornflower-blue eyes.


Like Hepburn, she was a dancer. Though dancers will always break your heart, I can’t resist them.

What’s absolutely chilling about The Ox-Bow Incident is how it shows that lynch mobs want blood, and they’ll get it any way they can.





The lynch mobs of November 27, 2015, style themselves warriors for social justice, but they’re really just savages.