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Middle Easterners can work it out by themselves

Middle Easterners can work it out by themselves

Social media is full of speculation about when the offensive against the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, will begin. I’m sure that it began at least a year ago, maybe longer. Middle Easterners have their own way of doing things, which works perfectly for them. They’ve decided to fight clandestinely; I think that’s far superior to waging war on TV and through press conferences.

Middle Eastern warfare

Today I watched a video that I wish I could share with you. However, a group of people were given credit for it, so I don’t want to debunk that claim. What the video showed was a battle in high grass between one Arab League strategic special operator and thirty heavily armed Islamic State terrorists.

He killed them all.

I’m now sure that Arab League strategic special operators are paired with autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that have IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) systems. The soldier is broadcasting a code that the UAVs recognize. They therefore don’t blow him to pieces, shoot giant holes in him, burn him from head to toe, implode his skull, or pepper him with lethal fragments.

The video shows absolute carnage. I can’t say what kinds of weapons were used other than bullets and fuel-air explosives. One terrorist appeared to have been killed with a flamethrower. His clothes were burned off, and little orange tongues of fire were still flickering all over him.

My guess is that he was gifted with his own personal napalm munition.

Several others seemed to have had their heads caught in The Chompers.

Great movie. One of my favorites.

Back to the video.

The people credited with the victory over the terrorists are heard vomiting in the background as they examine the dead, while the man who did the actual killing is calm. He whistles a few times at the sight of completely dismembered corpses; this means that he didn’t see them until he made the film with his GoPro™ camera. The video begins with him standing up in the tall grass, having just fired his last shot.

He killed some of the terrorists in close-quarters combat, and UAVs took out the others. Although the man’s face is never shown, he’s wearing shooters’ electronic noise-canceling earmuffs.

Also, he’s armed with a Caracal CAR816.

It’s made in the United Arab Emirates.

The soldier’s equipment, weapon, and nonchalance at the unbelievably gruesome deaths he caused are proof that he’s a professional warrior.

Middle Eastern peacemaking

Last year, Iraq quietly admitted that Saudi forces would help in the fight against the Islamic State. I think I found a video of Saudi strategic special operators in action in Iraq. This took place during the Hit Offensive, or Operation Desert Lynx (March 12 to April 14, 2024).

The battle was murderous.

Hundreds of roadside bombs, car bombs and heavy mortar fire slowed advancing Iraqi troops to a near halt Tuesday after entering the small town of Hit the previous day.

Gen. Husham al-Jabri said Iraqi counterterrorism forces were hit with a barrage of mortars and a string of suicide car bombings on Tuesday morning as they pushed into Hit from the north. He didn’t give casualty figures.

The head of Iraq’s counter-terrorism forces, Gen. Abdel Ghani al-Asadi, said he was not surprised by the tough resistance and slow progress.

“Every main road is rigged with explosives,” al-Asadi said. “The only thing that’s not rigged with explosives is the air.”

About seventy Iraqi troops were killed, but the Islamic State lost 400, as well as the town.

I think the men below are Saudi strategic special operators. They’re a six-man fire team armed with an antitank guided missile launcher that I can’t identify.

First is the team leader (red arrow), with ammunition boxes and part of the launcher on his back.

The team leader has an assault rifle. Behind him comes a man with a light machine gun and a single-shot rocket. Third is a man carrying the antitank guided missile launcher that I don’t recognize. He also has an assault rifle.

Next is a man with a light machine gun and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

In front of him to the right is the fifth member of the team, armed with an assault rifle.

Finally the sixth man.

He has an American M249 light machine gun and an M4 carbine.

The six men thus bring the following weapons to the party.

Four assault rifles.
Three light machine guns.
One single-shot rocket launcher.
One rocket-propelled grenade launcher.
One unidentified antitank guided missile launcher.

They also have hand grenades and pistols.

Middle Eastern firepower

That six-man fire team could do an unbelievable amount of damage in seconds. That’s why the Islamic State lost the town of Hit. Most of the Iraqi security forces and Sunni paramilitary fighters who died were the victims of car bombs, truck bombs, booby traps, and landmines. In direct confrontations with the Islamic State, the Iraqis and their allies often had a kill ratio of zero to 40.

When the Americans tried to train the Iraqis, they learned about the “Iraqi Death Bloom”: Under any form of attack, the Iraqis reacted by opening fire on full automatic, filling the air with bullets that went in all directions.

The videos I’ve seen of Arab League strategic special forces in action show that they’re highly skilled marksmen, even with fully automatic weapons. With the right training, Iraqis can’t do the same.

One reason the Islamic State will lose is that its fighting prowess is fake. Here we see a brave terrorist attack an Iraqi M1A1 Abrams tank with an explosive. He apparently dropped it down the open hatch in the turret.


The tank cooks off.

Then the tank magically heals itself, so the Islamic State fires an antitank guided missile at it.

This thing makes a 90-degree turn in midair and dives straight down.


The tank cooks off again.

And that’s why one Arab League professional strategic special operator can single-handedly kill thirty Islamic State terrorists. The Arab soldier trained for a minimum of five years, while the terrorists got drunk on phony imagery, picked up rifles, and went out to die. Arab League professional strategic special operators feel a duty to live. For their countries and their families. They love life, so they’ll win.

Middle Eastern future

My optimism about the Middle East is based on what I’ve seen. Some people will always hate, but the majority will move beyond ancient enmities. Today I showed my brother Tim the video of the one Arab League strategic special operator killing thirty Islamic State terrorists. As we discussed it, I marveled that anybody would want to take on the challenge of stabilizing the Middle East.

“Well, they don’t have a choice,” Tim said. “When you understand that you have no other option, it gets easier. You don’t waste time complaining about how hard it is; you just do it.”

The Arab League is my main inspiration. When faced with the seemingly impossible, they simply devised a plan to fix it.

All of us should adopt that approach.

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