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Nobody actually believes this garbage

Nobody actually believes this garbage

I was asked to comment on a stinking pile of garbage.

Israeli soldier gives 74-year old Palestinian woman water then shoots her in the head

During the Israeli bombardment and shelling of the Gaza Strip last summer, an Israeli soldier approached a 74-year-old Palestinian woman Ghalya Abu-Rida to give her a sip of water. He gave her the water, took a photo with her and then he shot her in the head from a distance of one metre. He then watched as she bled to death, the Palestine Information Centre reported.

This is how Ahmad Qdeh, a journalist in Al-Aqsa TV, described the scene that he witnessed during the latest Israeli aggression. The spokesman of the Israeli army, Avichay Adraee, shared the photo of an Israeli soldier holding the water bottle and helping the old woman drink as an example of the “humanity” of the Israeli army towards the civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The field executions were among the stories Qdeh reported during the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip. He said: “Ghalya Ahmad Abu-Rida lived in the Khuza’a area in the east of Khan Younis city. I live in that area too and I made a television report on her story after the Israeli soldiers executed her during the aggression.”

For a perfect debunking of this fabrication, see “Latest Palestinian Blood Libel: The Case of the Thirsty Old Woman,” by Aussie Dave of

Dave proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this story is a fabrication.

Here are my two cents.

First, the photo of the soldier giving the old woman water before he shoots her.


The soldier is a radio operator. We can tell because there’s an antenna on his back (red arrow).



An Israeli soldier contacted me and said that the man is an officer. In the IDF, field officers carry radios. Also, he’s not armed with an M16A2, as I wrote before. His weapon is an X95 Micro Tavor assault rifle (violet arrow).



That part of the image is unclear. I thought that the black shape was debris, like the various poles and pipes in the background.

The officer therefore had to have shot the woman in the head with his rifle, since he had no other firearm.

Although the bullet of the X95 is only 5.56mm, it causes horrendous damage because it’s designed to tumble and fragment inside the body of the enemy. Ahmad Qdeh says that the officer shot the old woman in the head from a distance of one meter (3.3 feet). This photo was allegedly taken after the woman was killed.


Ahmad Qdeh knows absolutely nothing about weaponry. He said that the Israeli officer “watched as she bled to death[.]”

If she were shot with an X95 from a distance of one meter, her head would’ve looked like this block of clay.


Her death would’ve been instantaneous, because her entire brain would’ve been blown out of her skull. Not only that, the Israeli officer would’ve been splattered with blood, brain matter, eyeballs, and teeth. Why would anybody want to take a shower of Palestinian body parts? If he wanted to murder her, he would’ve stepped back far enough that her exploding head wouldn’t have befouled him.

Now let’s look at other details of the story.

Ahmad Qdeh works for Al-Aqsa TV. That’s the official Hamas station. Thus Qdeh is a terrorist lackey. We can’t believe a word he says.

Next, why didn’t he take a photo or video of this “field execution” with his cellphone?

Finally, the Israel rules of engagement (ROE) are so stringent that they endanger the lives of the IDF. Prior to the Battle of Shijaiyah, the Israelis used no artillery preparation. The reason was to spare Palestinian civilians. The concrete bunkers, pillboxes, and combat posts were not reduced at all.


As a result Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad carried out one of the largest ambushes in the history of urban warfare. The Golani and Paratrooper Brigades completely lost the initiative for two hours. In a last-ditch effort to save their men, the Israelis were forced to fire artillery shells onto their own positions and drop high-explosive bombs so close that the soldiers would’ve been killed if they hadn’t taken refuge in their Namer armored personnel carriers.


It was only then that the tanks of the 188th Armored Brigade were sent in. The initial assault didn’t even include tanks.

So Hamas TV wants us to think that the same army that goes to inconceivable extremes to avoid killing civilians is also murdering elderly civilians as a matter of policy? What purpose would “field executions” serve? Israelis have been fighting Palestinians for decades. The Palestinians have absolutely no fear whatsoever.





As Pierre Rehov told me, Palestinians believe in paradise the way Mr. Rehov believes in Australia. Mr. Rehov has never been to Australia, but he knows it exists. Anyone who’s killed by Israelis or killed by Palestinians fighting Israelis is a martyr who goes to paradise. That’s why the threat of death and destruction doesn’t deter Palestinians.

Nobody believes the blood libels spread about Israelis. The Palestinians don’t, because they’re the ones originating the lies. “Human rights” groups don’t believe the lies. They simply repeat them in order to get donations from wealthy Jew-haters. Sometime you really should read a Human Rights Watch report about Israel. They rely 100 percent on Palestinian accounts. Concrete evidence is never provided.

The United Nations doesn’t believe the lies. The Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict (the “Goldstone Report”) contains the following delusion.


At the time the IDF used the M825A1 155mm smoke shell, which is filled with felt wedges that are impregnated with white phosphorus.


The shell explodes in the air, crating the characteristic “Medusa” cloud.


This shell doesn’t come crashing through ceilings, and the felt wedges burn out in seconds, usually before they hit the ground. And walls don’t “glow red” unless they’re made of steel. Were the Abu Halimas living in a shipping container?

Finally, all the European, Australian, and American opponents of Israel don’t believe these stories. Their Jew-hate came first, and then they went looking for rationales.

I’ve said it before: I didn’t believe this until opponents of Israel began contacting me. When I engage them long enough, they always drop the mask. This woman is a rabid, fanatical hater of Israel.


Isn’t it precious how this crusader for social justice smears Officer Ahmed Merabet and his family by insinuating that his murder was staged? If his murder was staged, the family must have been in on it, correct? And the only entity accused of pulling off this “false flag” is the Israeli Mossad. So the devastated family of a murder victim is accused of being part of a Jewish conspiracy.

In reality there was blood on the sidewalk. Officer Merabet fell on his stomach and rolled in agony, leaving bloodstains from his abdominal wound (red arrow).


Here are three axioms that the opponents of Israel have taught me. I didn’t think this way until these humanoids spoke to me in their own words.

1. Virtually all opposition to Israel is based on Jew-hate.

2. Those who oppose Israel don’t actually care in the slightest about suffering.

3. Those who oppose Israel don’t actually believe any of the accusations made against her.

Senator Fred Thompson was addressing Michael Moore in this video, but his advice is apropos for those who hate Israel.

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