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Pierre Rehov is actually making TWO movies

Pierre Rehov is actually making TWO movies

Today Pierre Rehov gave me permission to announce that he’s actually making two documentaries at the same time. Both will be released simultaneously. Like the first movie, this one is fully funded. In fact, the reason Mr. Rehov decided to make two movies at the same time was that it was more economical. Since he had the equipment, film crew, and editor for the first film—the one about Operation Protective Edge—why not go ahead with the second film?

Anger was another motivation.

The second movie will target the BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions) Movement as well as the notion that Israel is an apartheid state.

Mr. Rehov has interviewed Palestinians who lost lucrative jobs with benefits due to the interference of wealthy Europeans, Australians, and Americans. The BDS Movement isn’t popular among Palestinians, since it’s destroying their livelihood.

BDS proponents say that Palestinians will suffer in the short term, but in the long term they’ll benefit.

Here’s where people generally sit when they say things like that.


Palestinian men and women have an average net monthly wage of $705.

Here are the average monthly wages of typical BDS supporters.

Monthly _average_wages

Did you ever see the film Misery, starring Kathy Bates and James Caan? Kathy Bates is the obsessed fan of a famous romance novelist. She manages to hold him hostage and…do things to him. Why? Because she wants what she wants, and his desires play no part. All she cares about is the melodrama she’s created, in which she’s the heroine. For the first time in her utterly bereft life, she feels that she’s doing something significant.

In one truly ghastly scene, she inflicts terrible physical trauma on him. When he begs her to stop, she chirps what all BDS supporters do.

“It’s for the best!”

Who cares if Palestinians are being thrown out of work? It’s for the best!


Nobody is more heartless than those crusading for “social justice.”

Mr. Rehov also interviewed people who lived under apartheid. Needless to say, they see things a little differently than the social-media imbeciles who fling around words that have no meaning.

“Racist! Islamophobe! Apartheidist! Zionazi!”

Instead of sitting in a First World country and ruining the lives of others, Mr. Rehov went and spoke to Palestinians, asking them how they feel about these issues. Some of you will be surprised; and some of you will plug your ears, close your eyes, and chant, “La-la-la! La-la-la!”

That’s okay. These two films aren’t for you.

When I first met him, Mr. Rehov said that our documentaries would be labors of love. We’d make them and not worry about how they were received. That was fine with me. I’ve never been a success at anything.

Well, I won’t tell you what he’s been doing behind the scenes, but some very heavy hitters are now throwing their considerable influence behind the films.

“We have a chance to actually make a change, Thomas,” Mr. Rehov told me by phone this morning. He called to tell me that he’s just about ready to interview me, and he wanted me to know that we’d also secured the participation of a military expert who’s never given in to peer pressure or let prevailing social winds chart his course.

We’re very honored.

So that’s getting closer to the last of my secrets. Mr. Rehov will release two movies simultaneously, something he’s never done before.

He’s on fire.


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