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Always believe the opposite of what the press says

Always believe the opposite of what the press says

Whatever the press says about Israel, always believe the opposite. You can’t go wrong. The latest blatant lie being told is that police “shot Khair al-din Hamdan as he was backing away.” Robert Tait of the Telegraph is typical of the totally dishonest Jew-haters pretending to be journalists.

Israeli police officers have been accused of “cold-blooded murder” after a shooting an Arab man while he appeared to be trying to run away after attacking their patrol vehicle with a knife…

Police said they opened fire on Mr Hamdan because they felt their lives to be at risk when he aggressively approached their vehicle with a large knife after they went to Kfar Kani in the early hours of Saturday in response to reports that a stun grenade had been fired during a family dispute.

Footage taken from a security camera appears to shows him striking the police patrol van several times with an object before backing away when an officer comes out the vehicle.

The black-and-white footage suggests Mr Hamadan is trying to escape when an officer fires at him, causing him to fall to the ground. Police say they fired warning shots first but the film gives no indication of this.

I don’t know what video Tait watched, but it wasn’t this one.

Screen grabs from the higher-quality Telegraph version show that this shooting was 100 percent justified.

A legion of liars, idiots, Jew-haters, pathologically self-loathing Israeli cream puffs, and stenographers of Palestinians have told you that the first police officer seen aiming his gun is the one who shot Hamdan. That’s a fabrication. The driver of the van shot Hamdan.



The press is so angry that Israel “got away with” Operation Protective Edge that these professional Jew-haters are doing everything they can to foment violence. Here’s why the cops were called in the first place.


It was another of the endless tribal vendettas that characterize Palestinian culture.

However, not only did Hamas find political compromise unacceptably painful, it discovered that the clan-based militias which it had supported in the past, were opposed to any institution-building and remained uncontrollable. The clan-based militias, loosely grouped under their self-chosen generic term of “popular resistance committees” in order to give themselves a nationalist revolutionary cachet, have always focussed solely on short-term, group self-interest.

These interests included maintaining profitable smuggling links, running protection rackets, or providing services-for-a-fee to outside interests.

In their fight over criminal activity, someone threw a stun grenade.

The cops arrive, and before they can even get out of their van, they’re attacked by a lunatic with a large knife.


He hits the windows with the butt of the knife three times. Do you think he might be attempting to break the glass?


And he tries the door handles.


Now why would a man with a knife try to gain access to the passengers of a vehicle? Does he want to negotiate with them? Or is he an overly enthusiastic knife salesman?

When a police officer starts to get out, Hamdan grabs the door.


Now, a question for all you dunces who say that the video shows no warning shots being fired: Why does Hamdan let go of the door and take a bow?

first_warning _shot


He’s OBVIOUSLY ducking from a warning shot. Is everybody blind? Has your Jew-hate made you into a ridiculous, global circus act?

The cop gets out of the van, and Hamdan turns toward him.


Then Hamdan reacts to a second warning shot.


Why else would he throw up his left arm and turn away his face? The driver fired two warning shots in the air when confronted by a maniac with a giant knife. That’s not only incredible discipline, it’s giving Hamdan two opportunities to change his course of action.

After the second warning shot, Hamdan walks two steps away from the van.


Then he looks at the driver.


He stops, his body language telegraphing his intentions. He’s turning to his left; he’s about to charge the driver.


So the driver shoots him.


Another question for the enormously intelligent reporters, pundits, and commentators shaking their jowls in outrage and thundering “I PROTEST!“: Why are the cops pointing their guns toward the right?





Because they’re being threatened by a whole crowd of tribal, clan-warfare, knife-wielding, stun-grenade-throwing Palestinians. That’s why the cops had to drag Hamdan into the van and get out as fast as they could.

I’ve reached my limit with liars and guilt-ridden Israelis whose knee-jerk reaction is to swallow the lies. You’re as hopeless as the Palestinians who manipulate you. It’s time I grind your coddled, childish faces in harsh reality.

Watch how quickly an angry ex-boyfriend with a knife kills and severely injures Nicaraguan cops. The police did what all you bighearted hand wringers always want them to do.

The officer is alive.





One second later, he’s dead. Tell me why this outcome is more moral than killing the knife-wielding criminal before he could hurt anyone.

You who are criticizing these Israeli police officers? Your opinions are utterly worthless. Not only that, you’re demanding the deaths of those who protect you. Do you not see that you place more value on the lives of criminals than those of your police officers? You’ve got Stockholm Syndrome—a grotesque, seamy love for some of the worst people in human history.

You require psychiatric intervention. Immediately.