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How not to raise children

How not to raise children

I don’t envy parents today. Parenting is truly the hardest, most important job in the world. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach on how to raise children, but parents should never instill fear based on political orthodoxy and intellectual laziness.

This photo has been published everywhere, as it deserves to be.


It took place at a protest in Portland, Oregon. The protestors were angry that Officer Darren Wilson had not been indicted for shooting Michael Brown to death in Ferguson, Missouri. Twelve-year-old Devonte Hart was taken by his white adoptive mothers to the protest. Hart had a sign that said “Free hugs,” while his two mothers had signs saying things like “You matter.” This was to bolster the self-esteem of all the poor black people who felt victimized by the multiracial Missouri grand jury.

Portland police sergeant Bret Barnum noticed that Hart was crying. After some conversation he asked Hart “Can I have one of those?” meaning a free hug. The two were photographed embracing.

One of Devonte Hart’s mothers said that he’s been traumatized by the Michael Brown shooting. Do you know why? Because he has horrible parents.

“Devonte was struggling. He wouldn’t speak. He was inconsolable,” his mother wrote. “My son has a heart of gold, compassion beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, yet struggles with living fearlessly when it comes to the police… He wonders if someday when he no longer wears a ‘Free Hugs’ sign around his neck, when he’s a full-grown black male, if his life will be in danger for simply being.”

This woman is filling his head with garbage and then broadcasting his state of mind on social media. It’s classic Munchausen Syndrome by proxy (MSP).

MSP most often occurs with mothers—although it can occur with fathers—who intentionally harm or describe non-existent symptoms in their children to get the attention given to the family of someone who is sick. A person with MSP uses the many hospitalizations as a way to earn praise from others for her devotion to the child’s care, often using the sick child as a means for developing a relationship with the doctor or other health care provider.

We don’t know if Devonte Hart is already being treated for his fear of police and racism. His mothers told him that he’s in danger of being killed by the police just because he’s black, and then they took him to a protest rally where he came into direct contact with dozens of armed, uniformed cops. It’s one of the cruelest things I’ve ever encountered.

God save us from paternalistic whites with an agenda of “social justice.” The terrorized face of Devonte Hart illustrates the damage they do.

This situation is made worse by idiots who don’t know the definitions of terms. Fox News pundit Juan Williams said that murder is the leading cause of death for black men between the ages of fifteen and thirty-four. A passel of cretins called PolitiFact labeled this statement true, even though they proved that it’s false.


The leading cause of death for black men between the ages of fifteen and thirty-four is homicide, not murder.


Homicide includes murder, manslaughter, and wrongful death. Murder is unlawful homicide, manslaughter is accidental homicide, and wrongful death results from willful or negligent acts that cause someone to die. There’s also justifiable homicide, which is almost always committed in self-defense. The reason that so many people think the word “homicide” means murder is decades of television.


The leading cause of death for black men between the ages of fifteen and thirty-four is homicide, meaning some are murdered, some are killed accidentally, some die as the result of willful or negligent acts, and some are killed justifiably.

How many black men are killed by police?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, from 1999 to 2011—twelve years—American cops killed a grand total of 1130 blacks, an average of ninety-four per year. The black population of the United States is 45,003,665. Every year Devonte Hart has a 0.003 percent chance of being killed by the police. That’s three thousandths of one percent.

Yet his mothers have made him so afraid of police that he cries.

Now let’s look at the FBI crime statistics for 2012. In that year 6500 American blacks were murdered. Thus Devonte Hart is sixty-nine times more likely to be murdered than to be killed by the police. The likelihood that he’ll be murdered is 6900 percent greater than the likelihood that he’ll be killed by the police.

But a kid shouldn’t even be thinking about these things, especially in upscale Portland, Oregon. Hart is so upset that he’s silent, trembling, and crying all the time. His mothers’ brains have been rotted by television and social media. They’re unfit parents. Unfortunately they have a lot of company. Look how the photo was captioned here.


I’m ever so grateful that they pointed out the participants’ races, or otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

When it comes to black people, too many white Americans exhibit the paternalistic, condescending form of racism. Like black “civil rights” leaders, these “well-meaning” whites are indifferent to black-on-black crime. Currently we’re having nationwide protests and marches where everyone chants “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” even though Michael Brown didn’t have his hands up when he was shot. Where are the marches and protests over all the blacks murdered by other blacks?

Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t something that whites can solve anyway. The leading cause of crime is bad parenting. Criminals actually have an overabundance of self-esteem. What has to happen is that American blacks need to clean up their own act. It’s their fight to win or lose.

Mainstream black popular culture has become toxic, as pointed out over and over by the comedian Aries Spears. He makes parody hip-hop videos.


But note how from 1:31 to 1:42 in the video, Spears refrains from using profanity in front of the child actor. Read his lips. That’s how conscientious he is.

Aries Spears is not alone.

Plenty of black Americans see the problems and are trying to make things better. The video below was controversial because white people thought the father was hurting his son’s delicate feelings. Yeah, that’s why the kid can’t stop laughing.

The white agenda of “social justice” always leads to one thing and one thing only.


I’ll end with a magnificently destructive, wrongheaded quote that inverts reality for political purposes.

Never trust anyone who says they do not see color. This means to them, you are invisible.

—Nayyirah Waheed

Well, I don’t see color, but I see Devonte Hart far more clearly than any of the race hustlers and bigots who’re going to make his life much harder than it had to be.

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