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Palestinian lunatics finally get what they deserve

Palestinian lunatics finally get what they deserve

So much is happening in the Middle East that nobody has time for Palestinian lunatics anymore. I’m not talking about terrorists; they continue to be drowned in tunnels or shot. But the average Jew-hater tossing around his or her stupid accusations is finally being ignored. The reason is that the entire world has turned to Israel to keep the region from going up in flames.

All you have to do is look at the blogs of the two best-known and imbecilic writers at Electronic Intifada.

Rania Khalek.


And Ali Abunimah.


These two are the loudest voices for Palestinian lunatics. They’ve been reduced to this.

Rania Khalek.

Palestinian lives don’t matter to US media

As Israel ramps up its deadly attacks on Palestinians, mainstream US media outlets are actively concealing the alarming displays of genocidal racism emanating from Israeli Jewish society.

Violence against Palestinians is nothing new. Israel’s ongoing colonial project requires enormous levels of brutality against Palestinians. But this daily reality is only newsworthy when it blows back against Israeli Jews, which has been the case during the last week with a number of violent incidents against Israeli settlers…

The race riots continued into early Sunday morning, with a mob of rightwing[sic] Jews chasing 19-year-old Fadi Alloun, shouting to Israeli police, “Shoot him! He’s a terrorist! Shoot him!” and “Don’t wait! Shoot him!”

The police obliged, firing several gunshots. Alloun, unarmed and visibly terrified, was executed on the spot and the racist crowd rejoiced in celebration, cheering, “Yes! Yes! Son of a bitch!” and “Wow!” and “He’s an Arab!” and “Death to the Arabs!”

Israeli officials quickly justified the killing by claiming without a shred of proof that Alloun was shot after stabbing a 15-year-old Israeli boy.

Here’s the shooting of Fadi Alloun.

Could you see that he was “clearly terrified”? I couldn’t. And neither could Rania Khalek. As for the crowd cheering, I heard one voice. Maybe Khalek thinks one man is a crowd. I wouldn’t doubt it. She’s not very intelligent.

The cops obviously didn’t “execute” him, because they had him surrounded and were following him for who knows how long before they fired. At 0:21 in the video, Alloun charged officers to his left.


They shot him because a man armed with a knife can kill you far more quickly than most people know. In El Salvador, a knife-wielding maniac killed one police officer and seriously injured three others in a matter of seconds, even though all the cops had guns.

They had to shoot him more than ten times to stop him.

Rania Khalek writes (badly) for those consumed with primitive, irrational hate. They claim that Israeli cops murder Palestinians in front of cameras, but it’s all an act. They don’t even believe their own accusations.

Now Ali Abunimah.

Video: Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed

Israeli authorities claimed that 19-year-old Fadi Samir Alloun was killed after a stabbing attack that wounded an Israeli teenager. They presented no evidence connecting Alloun to the alleged stabbing.

But videos posted online show that the youth was executed in cold blood as he was chased by a mob of Israeli Jews baying for his blood…

A police officer then asks, “Where are the injured?” This suggests that the police shot first and only asked questions afterwards.

It was a cold-blooded execution at the behest of a lynch mob…

After police shoot him dead, an officer can be heard asking one of the mob, “Did he stab anyone?”

The Israeli youth answers that Alloun did not. While details about the alleged stabbing – and whether Alloun had anything to do with it – are disputed, what is in no doubt is what is visible in the video: he was shot dead in cold blood when he presented no threat to anyone by police who were answering to a mob.

The video Abunimah posted debunks his claim that “a baying mob” chased Alloun, and the cops “executed” him.

Alloun can be seen charging the police on the far side of the street several times. They held their fire far longer than a knife-wielding twenty-one-year-old wannabe martyr could’ve expected.

From the horse’s mouth.


Some Palestinians say in plain language, “I want to be killed.” Then when they are killed, we’re supposed to be upset. I don’t understand that. There’s also the little problem of fifteen-year-old Moshe Malka.

He was stabbed on October 3, 2015. If Palestinian Fadi Alloun—who expressed a desire to be martyred—didn’t stab him, then who did? Here’s Malka’s version of events.

Malka had been walking toward the Old City from his yeshiva when he was attacked.

“During the walk I saw an Arab who looked as if he’s waiting for something to happen, and then began running toward us with a hand in his pocket,” he recounted. “We started to run away, I got stuck on the sidewalk and he began to stab me.”

Both attacker and victim dropped to the pavement, buying some time - but the terrorist still got away.

“A friend of mine saw him and sprayed him with tear gas, but the terrorist escaped,” Malka said.

Let’s apply Occam’s Razor: The simplest answer is usually correct.

Either a bunch of religious Jews picked out a Palestinian at random in Old Jerusalem, began chasing him, called the police, the police murdered him, and then the entire Israeli press invented a fake victim; or a twenty-one-year-old Palestinian who wanted to be a martyr went to a yeshiva in Old Jerusalem, attacked an Israeli teenager, got sprayed with tear gas, tried to escape, was followed by witnesses who called police, charged the cops, and was shot dead.

Fairly soon, all this childish-but-murderous insanity will be moot. The Middle East has far bigger fish to fry than the intractable, whining, destructive, mendicant Palestinians. We live in very exciting times. Israel has played her cards brilliantly, and she’s now in a position of such strength that she’s dictating terms to Russia.

“Bring me the head of Brigadier-General Hossein Hamedani.”


His presence in Syria was a state secret. Do you really think that Iran’s foremost authority on unconventional warfare—the architect of the Iranian effort to save Bashar al-Assadand his entire staff were somehow killed by these guys?


Hamedani was served up on a silver platter. Who most benefits from his death?

Now, look who’s joining the Kurds to fight the Islamic State. This is a Canadian army veteran.


He was born in 1948. That year seems to have produced the world’s best warriors.

While Electronic Intifada screeches propaganda from the Dark Ages, the Middle East moves inexorably toward the end of the madness.

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