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Psychopaths are reporting the news from Iraq

Psychopaths are reporting the news from Iraq

I learned in 2014 that most western journalists are psychopaths, meaning they lack a conscience and have antisocial tendencies. The current depraved version of events in Iraq is a perfect example of what these creatures produce.

This is an attempt to once again both denigrate those fighting for freedom and inflate the capabilities of the oppressors.

The Wall Street Journal is full of reporters who will tell any lie in order to advance a narrative. I’ve said before that I don’t expect Muslim readers to agree with me, but Hamas murdered Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr. Those are the four Palestinian boys who the IDF allegedly killed July 16, 2014, on the beach in Gaza.

Nick Casey of the Wall Street Journal was one of the first reporters on the scene. This is what he tweeted.


He then deleted the tweet without explanation.

The reason that the IDF fired on the steel shipping container was that Hamas sent two adult sacrificial lambs to the scene. They carried a dummy weapon, such as an antitank guided missile.


My guess is that a double agent told the IDF that Hamas terrorists were going to fire a missile at one of the luxury hotels, killing journalists. The world would then blame the deaths on Israeli naval fire. The fact that Nick Casey found the bodies of two adult men in the shipping container—and then it was completely covered up—proves that I’m correct.

Now, Iraqi Shia and Gulf state Sunni Arabs are learning what it’s like to have the press endlessly lie about them.

But don’t worry: I’m here to debunk the lies. I support ALL people who fight for improvement.

Psychopaths get confused

The narrative about Iraq is that Ramadi was “destroyed” and Fallujah was a “cakewalk.” Both are transparent lies.

Everybody accepts this statistic as true.


Dr. Khalid al-Obeidi is the Iraqi defense minister.

What about Ramadi? This is what the Associated Press says.


That’s a total of 10.4 percent. Exactly the same as Fallujah. Yet the Iraqis “destroyed” Ramadi while leaving most of Fallujah intact?

Pathological liars lose track of their lies. It always happens.

The second lie is that the Islamic State didn’t fight hard for Fallujah and didn’t plant explosives.

Tells these Iraqis that the Islamic State didn’t fight hard in Fallujah.

What happened was that the Iraqis and their allies outfought the Islamic State. End of story. There’s no great mystery here. Think tanks, pundits, and “military experts” can stop devising wild theories. Iraq used the exact same strategy that the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) adopted in Syria: Troops slowly surround a city, air strikes destroy fighting positions and booby traps, commandos enter the city to rescue civilians and kill terrorists, and then conventional forces attack.

What about Islamic State explosives?


And this.


The Iraqis faced massively daunting odds, but they won. That’s simple reality.

Cherished notions of psychopaths

New Muslim readers of this blog may not understand what’s going on here. Why does the press report the truth but then lie about it? Well, as someone who’s spent the past two years defending first Israel and then the Saudi-led Coalition against lies, let me explain.

Reality doesn’t matter. All that matters is the theory. In this case, the theory is that using military force against terrorism is both criminal and doomed to fail. Terrorists are smarter than “primitive soldiers,” and terrorists always have legitimate grievances. The psychopathic press calls it “absolute moral authority.” Every terrorist has suffered in some way. Therefore he has the right to make others suffer.

This is complete insanity and immorality on every level. It disregards the stated goal of all international terrorist groups, which is to dominate the world. International terrorism is a power play, nothing more.

And even if an individual terrorist were somehow harmed, why does that give him the right to murder people who had nothing whatsoever to do with his situation?

The press is always wrong. However, deeply sick people never admit to being wrong.


Psychopaths hate virtue

Another reason that the press lies about those who fight terrorism is that soldiers make journalists feel ashamed of themselves. The western press has a hugely bloated sense of self-importance. You hear journalists say that their job is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

That’s a lie. Ask any Iraqi, Yemeni, or Gazan. The press is put up in five-star hotels and given free food and alcohol. In return, they act as stenographers for terrorists.

Below is a man who comforts the afflicted: A soldier of the Eritrean 525th Commando Division tells Syrian Arabs to run while he removes the tactical vest of a dead Islamic State terrorist. There may be explosives in the vest.

The commando risked his own life so that others—strangers—could live. This is behavior that psychopaths don’t understand.

Not psychopaths

Special forces are different from everybody else. They have extraordinary empathy that motivates them to undertake incomprehensibly dangerous missions. Although psychopaths also have extraordinary empathy, they use it only as a tool to control others. When a journalist shapes world opinion with one false story, the resulting sense of prestige he or she feels is intoxicating.

Arab League and allied commandos don’t have the need to force their will on others. Combat is a means to a just end. For journalists, the end is as George Orwell put it.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.

This is why journalists lie about virtuous people. Psychopaths crave absolute power. Unfortunately for them, we’re now in an era in which those who have the most power are using it to free others. That makes no sense to psychopaths. Therefore they lie.

Don’t believe them. The Arab League and its allies have created the best soldiers who ever lived. They’re armed with the world’s most advanced weapons and technology. These soldiers are helping the Iraqis, and the Arab League is training Iraqis to fight in the new style.

This man is black. Look at the width of his nose under his mask.


He wears flame-retardant tank coveralls because he’s a professional. The Arab League sent him to help the Iraqis.

Soon every face in the Middle East will be like this.


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