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Rigidity is the reason that the west is in so much trouble

Rigidity is the reason that the west is in so much trouble

I’ll admit that I’m hostile to tradition. This is a deficit on my part. There’s nothing wrong with tradition itself. However, it too often becomes rigidity, which is the bane of western civilization.

Implacable rigidity

I had a surreal exchange on Twitter that exemplifies the rigidity that cripples westerners. A man wants the US military to be completely unisex. Women should be able to serve in all of the combat arms. Why?


Gender equality is more important than national security?

No answer.

So I tried this.


His reply.


Therefore gender equality is more important than national security.

Rigidity causes insanity

It’s strange that I have to say this to a grown man, but without national security, we westerners can’t play our silly game of pretending that there’s no difference between the genders. By his own admission, this man knows nothing about the US military, so let me explain how we’re achieving “gender equality.”

It’s called the “Dempsey Rule,” named after former US Army General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Before Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter ordered the armed forces to make every combat military occupational specialty (MOS) open to women, the physical standards applied only to men. Now that women are allowed to serve in the combat arms, the military must adopt a set of physical standards that women can pass.

The only reason that women can’t pass the current standards is that we arbitrarily set them too high, back when we unfairly limited service in the combat arms to men. Because women are now in the combat arms, we need more legitimate standards. See?

Woman WILL BE in the combat arms, regardless of the consequences.

Rigidity results in defeat

All male combat troops are required to do this, the fireman carry.


How many woman could carry these man across an open field while under fire?


Add body armor, helmets, weapons, and ammunition.

The answer, of course, is that almost no women could carry those men. But it doesn’t matter. Remember the words of Leonid the Great.


I realize now that Leonid the Great was saying specifically that in the name of “gender equality,” we should sacrifice our ability to even defend ourselves.

In addition to lowering physical standards, the US military is phasing out this.

It creates too much stress, you see.

God help the US armed forces in the next war. Our weak, terrified troops will die by the thousands.

You say rigidity; I say smart

Although Arab armed forces are secretive about their female commandos, units of such soldiers exist. Below is a Yemeni, trained in Saudi Arabia.


Tunisia undoubtedly has female commandos.


Iraq definitely does.


Finally, I’m positive that the United Arab Emirates has female commandos, although the armed forces don’t talk about them.


The same with Saudi Arabia. All of these countries have strict roles for the genders, but things are changing rapidly and dramatically.

Female commandos in the Arab armed forces serve in a counter-terrorism role as scouts, interrogators, infiltrators, intelligence gatherers, saboteurs, ambushers, assassins, and snipers. The only Arab country that speaks openly about its female commandos is Iraq. The women are unconventional warriors, not infantry.

Female Iraqi commandos use their gender as a disguise. In the west, female soldiers would find this demeaning.


I’ve read stories of stunning courage that Iraqi female soldiers display. They wear the black civilian abayah, under which they carry a firearm. Since men don’t expect women to be trained soldiers—much less commandos—the terrorists are easy prey.

What’s demeaning about a soldier camouflaging herself to blend into the terrain?

Rigidity means announcements

Westerners are obsessed with exposing everything. In 2012 the Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said that if he were elected, he would force the Central Intelligence Agency to disclose all its secrets to the American public.


The CIA would no longer be allowed to conduct any clandestine operations.

This is adolescent stupidity on a level never before seen in a presidential candidate. It’s striking a pose that appeals to spoiled, immature, amoral imbeciles.

Below is what clandestine operations do. The Syrian Democratic Forces use an armored bulldozer in the city of Manbij to block an Islamic State sniper.

It’s actually even more heroic than it appears. Months ago, Arab League strategic special operators of both genders infiltrated Manbij. They’ve been clandestinely living there as Syrian civilians. Now that the Manbij Offensive is underway, these operators are coming out of the woodwork.

An armed soldier emerges from the bulldozer cab as his companion stands watch at the door.


After the soldier signals, the crowd begins assembling behind the bulldozer.


This is a third soldier.


He confers with the armed soldier and then signals for the rest of the crowd to come.



As the crowd hurries forward, the third soldier takes a woman’s large bag.


Bringing up the rear of the crowd is a fourth soldier.


He moves everyone along smoothly.


In the background the armed soldier remounts the bulldozer.

The fourth soldier watches to make sure that the bulldozer will be able to leave.


Then he tells everyone to move faster.


“Come on, kid!”


Flexibility, not rigidity

Let’s review.

Four men improvised the rescue—under fire—of forty-two panicked civilians, twenty-three of whom were children. It took one minute and eighteen seconds. The rescuers are Arab League commandos. They have to be. Their level of training is almost superhuman.

Police and federal SWAT officers took three hours and fifteen minutes to rescue the survivors of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016.

National police special forces took two hours and forty minutes to rescue the survivors of the Bataclan Theater attack in Paris on November 13, 2015.

I have no doubt that the entire rescue operation above took no more than ten minutes, probably five. This is due to a different mindset. In the US, most of us read from scripts. We play roles. The word for us is “ossified.” When the Dallas police improvised by blowing up the crazed sniper with a cell phone or sandwich full of explosives, Americans criticized them. We’ve truly lost our way.

The reason that Arab League and allied commandos are able to perform miracles is that they never say, “It can’t be done.” Instead, they ask, “How can we do it?”

Someday, the west might throw away all the scripts. I hope it happens in my lifetime.

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