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The smug inhumanity of the safe and coddled

The smug inhumanity of the safe and coddled

You probably know that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) is on the move in Iraq, taking over entire cities without facing any meaningful opposition. ISIL has declared the return of an Islamic Caliphate. In response, I’m hearing a lot of smug inhumanity expressed by the safe and coddled.

There have been several caliphates throughout history. The last one was the Ottoman Empire, which Kemal Attatürk abolished on March 3, 1924. In any caliphate Islamic law is the rule. However, the letter of the law is often meaningless. For example the most hardline Muslim countries in the world are the most corrupt, even though corruption is strictly forbidden under sharia law.

As ISIL continues its conquest of Iraq and Syria, a Senior Fellow of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council isn’t worried. His name is Mohammed Elibiary.


In 2011 Elibiary founded Lone Star Intelligence, a consulting firm. I wish I could tell you more about it, but it has no Website and puts out no articles. This is all I could find about Lone Star.

Here’s part of what Charity and Security Network says about Elibiary.

Prior to founding Lone Star, Mr. Elibiary co-founded the Freedom and Justice Foundation (F&J) in November 2002 to promote a Centrist Public Policy environment in Texas by coordinating the state level government and interfaith community relations for the organized Texas Muslim community. As a National Security Policy Analyst, has been advising Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies (FBI, DHS, NCTC, ODNI, etc.) on various Counter-Terrorism issues ( Domestic Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Information Sharing and Radicalization) since 2005.

Elibiary is well off, well connected, and prosperous. He lives in the United States, where he has security, and he benefits from the rule of law. At one point he had access to the Homeland Security State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest (HS SLIC) database, a collection of classified intelligence reports used by law enforcement. Elibiary was accused by the Texas Department of Public Safety of illegally downloading documents and trying to sell them to media to show a pattern of American “Islamophobia.” In 2011 Elibiary’s security clearance for the (HS SLIC) database was revoked.

Now, Elbiary says the events in Iraq are nothing to worry about.


This is the “They’re just kidding!” school of thought. Even though ISIL itself has said, We are soldiers of Islam and took on our responsibility to bring back the glory of the Islamic Caliphate,” Elibiary tells us we shouldn’t “freak out” because that’s “comical.”

Yet he also believes that another caliphate is going to be established.


The only question he has is whether or not we’ll support it the way we support the European Union.

My answer? “Fuck no, we’d shouldn’t support it.”

Declare it the Joint US Armed Forces Caliphate Ordnance Proving Ground. Test every new weapon on them. These are the worst, most sadistic, psychopathic serial killers on the loose today. They behead, crucify, torture, rape, and butcher for the sheer pleasure of it. Their religion is the rationale, but their real motivation is power and murder.

If you want, you can find photos and video of the unbelievable crimes they’re committing. Just search “ISIS atrocities” or “ISIL atrocities.” In the thirteen years that we’ve been fighting Wahabbist terrorism, I’ve never watched a beheading video. I’m not going to post any atrocity photos here because I don’t think they actually serve a purpose.

Instead, look at the faces of the Iraqi men who are about to die.


They know their fate. I can’t understand why they surrendered. But they did, and they’re fully aware of what’s coming next.


The subhumans who commit mass murder dress in black, like ninjas.


They think they’re the baddest of all badasses, but they excel only at attacking the helpless. In a face-to-face confrontation with well-trained First World armies, they have no chance whatsoever. ISIL was once named al-Qaeda in Iraq (AIQ). They loved to do drive-by shootings. Sometimes they picked the wrong people, such as a squad from a U.S. Marine Mobile Assault Platoon (MAP). These are men who run TOWARD the gunfire. The result was always the same.

The terrorists returned fire; at :45 you can hear a bullet hit the armored Humvee. When the marines caught up with the terrorists, they killed them all.

War is cruelty. There’s no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over… Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster.

—General William Tecumseh Sherman

And yet the same US Marines who annihilated the savages of al-Qaeda also showed them mercy when they surrendered.

From the 2:00 mark in the above video, you can hear explosions as the ammunition in the bus goes off from the heat. And the dead man in the kiosk is wearing ammunition pouches. Those were terrorists, but the marines saved their lives after they gave up.

Mohammed Elibiary wants us to recognize and give legitimacy to a new “nation” that exists only to wage war, to enslave, and to commit murder.

Some people live to inflict suffering, and others support them from the comfort and safety of their expensive homes. A third type of person uses his or her own body to protect the defenseless.



I know which side I’m on.

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