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Stop telling me what to write

Stop telling me what to write

I’m being flooded with messages from people telling me what to write. You need to stop it. The main reason you have to knock this off is that you’re living in a fantasy world. I deal only with reality. In fact I have no patience whatsoever for people who delude themselves. Both my parents refused to face the fact that they were dying. As a result they unwittingly put Tim and me through a hell that I can’t convey to you. I’ve paid my dues when it comes to indulging those who can’t accept the truth.

So let’s go through it again, for the very last time.

1. The investigators of the Israeli Military Advocate General (MAG) Corps was tasked with determining whether or not members of the Israeli Defense Forces acted criminally on July 16, 2014, in the case of Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr, four Palestinian boys between the ages of nine and eleven who were killed.

2. The MAG Corps determined that no crime was committed. I agree, but I knew that from the beginning.

3. The MAG Corps determined that members of the IDF erroneously identified children as adult terrorists. I disagree, but SO WHAT?

I’m a blogger, not a professional military investigator. The MAG Corps has access to classified videos that I didn’t see. I would be allowed to see those videos only if I were given a Top Secret clearance. Do you think the Israeli Defense Forces are going to give me a Top Secret clearance?


They’d be insane to do that.

But let’s say for argument’s sake that I was a reputable blogger like Elder of Ziyon or Israellycool. Guess what? The MAG Corps wouldn’t have referred to my posts anyway. I’M A BLOGGER. The MAG Corps can’t give ammunition to the enemies of Israel by getting its information from bloggers. The mainstream press HATES bloggers. Since the mainstream press hates Israel as well, we would now have two reasons for journalists to smear and distort the efforts of those trying to find out what happened to the Bakr boys.

The MAG Corps actually cares about Ismail, Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr. Nobody in the press cares about them except as clubs—dead clubs—for bashing Israel over the head.

Israel uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveillance. These craft have several types of cameras, including forward-looking infrared (FLIR). A FLIR camera captures body heat.

There’s white-hot FLIR.


And there’s black-hot FLIR.


A FLIR camera can switch back and forth between the two.

On July 16, 2014, Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera photographed four boys running from the Hamas naval compound after the first missile strike.


My THEORY is that the boys hid beneath and behind slabs of concrete along the base of the Hamas naval compound.


Motasem-Muntaser Bakr had gray concrete dust on his right hand and left lower leg.


It’s a very specific color. Concrete dust that thick could come only from the underside of a slab, the surface not exposed to wind and rain.

The concrete would prevent the UAV operators from seeing the boys’ heat signatures before the strike. When the missile hit the shipping container in the Hamas naval compound, the FLIR cameras would’ve been momentarily blinded.

The UAV operators in the video above are blinded for up to seven seconds. On black-hot FLIR, the entire screen is blank.


I’m guessing that the four decoys under and behind the concrete slabs emerged and began running within three seconds. To the Israeli UAV operators, those boys would’ve appeared out of nowhere. If the cameras had been in a tight closeup on the shipping container, the UAV operators may not have seen the four decoys at all.

It’s absolutely possible that the video seen by the Military Police investigators didn’t show the four decoys running down the beach.

This is why I will not dispute the findings of the MAG Corps. I don’t know what the investigators saw, so I can’t say that they’re wrong. We simply disagree that the UAV operators mistook children for adult terrorists. That’s all. There are no hard feelings. Israelis should be proud that their investigators worked for months to get to the bottom of this.

Here’s another point that you need to understand.

If the MAG Corps had agreed with me, who would they tell?

The very people reporting on the MAG Corps decision are the ones who I BELIEVE are deeply involved in the Hamas deception. This is MY opinion. I haven’t spoken about this to any member of the Israeli government or armed forces. This is my own THEORY. People can sue me if they want; I’ll have only about 100,000 JEWISH lawyers willing to defend me for free.

And all of you involved in this atrocity know it.

What was the MAG Corps supposed to do with this?


That’s Liseron Boudoul of TF1 News running to the second ambulance alongside the Hamas commander of the deception operation. There’s video of her (red arrow) approaching him (green arrow) as Ismail Bakr’s body was removed from the Hamas naval compound earlier.


That means she was with him for most of the operation.

What was the MAG Corps supposed to do with this?


The red arrow shows the ambulance that Liseron Boudoul ran to, along with the Hamas commander. It’s just sitting there in this video by NBC News, taken from the al-Ghifari Tower. The green arrow points to the body of Zakaria Bakr, the small boy in the gray shirt.

We can’t tell if Ahed Bakr—the boy in the red shirt—is there yet, but it’s absolutely clear that green-shirted Mohammed Bakr is not on the beach. NBC News filmed the entire charade, including the placing of the corpses in the sand.

What was the MAG Corps supposed to do with this?


Tyler Hicks of the New York Times (red arrow) photographs the removal of Mohammed Bakr’s body while not even looking at the corpse of Ahed Bakr, which lies at his feet. Hicks witnessed the fraudulence but lied about it, badly. In one interview he told two different stories, neither of which match the video taken by NBC News.

What was the Mag Corps supposed to do with this?

When Ahed Bakr was first loaded onto the stretcher, his feet were pointing upward, and they were not on Zakaria’s head.


However, in the ambulance, his feet were pointing downward, and they were on Zakaria’s head.


His legs were in totally different positions.

My THEORY is that Hamas carried the two dead boys to the ambulance multiple times, and they did that in order to transport the body parts of an exploded bomber. The corpses of the two boys were used to camouflage what was left of the man who accidentally blew himself up.


This is why Tyler Hicks didn’t photograph Ahed Bakr until later.


First the exploded bomber had to be removed from the immediate scene by dragging him away from Ahed. They got rid of the terrorist permanently by loading the two dead boys onto the stretcher over and over, adding other body parts bit by bit, and transporting the mess to the ambulance multiple times, where they put the bomber into buckets or a box. This resulted in video that shows Ahed’s feet pointing up and then down.

Bolstering this notion is the FACT that there’s no unedited video of the paramedics and Tyler Hicks’ driver (nudge-nudge, wink wink) Hamood Abu Kwaik putting both boys on the stretcher and taking them to the ambulance. Every single video has several edits, which Pierre Rehov says is a classic way of concealing something: You simply cut it out of the film.

Can you imagine what the media would do if the Israeli MAG Corps put forth such an outlandish theory? That the terrorists carried a blown-up man to the ambulance by mixing chunks of him in with the mangled bodies of two children? The world is insane with Jew-hate, so even if the MAG Corps agreed with me, it couldn’t have said so publicly unless it had crystal-clear film showing every single second of this almost unspeakable nightmare that just keeps getting more and more horrific.

I can’t prove a damn thing, but I’m going ahead with Operation Four Little Martyrs: A Hamas Deception that Fooled the World. My film will address all the issues that the Israeli MAG Corps was not tasked with investigating.

And the film is not being made to prove anyone wrong. I’m making it because there are unmatched advantages to being a total failure living on the margins of society.


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