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Terrorism always becomes an end in itself. Murder is the goal

Terrorism always becomes an end in itself. Murder is the goal

“Experts” don’t know a thing about terrorism. The conventional wisdom is that poor, angry people take up arms in desperation. Nothing can be further from the truth. In reality, most terrorists simply enjoy exerting power over others. The longer a terrorist organization exists, the more savage it becomes. This proves that the members get jaded. It takes more and more brutality to give them the same thrill that they experienced before.

Survivor of terrorism

On July 20, 1982, my brother Paul and I missed the Regent’s Park bombing by about two minutes.


The Provisional Irish Republican Army remotely detonated a nail bomb under the bandstand, killing these bandsmen of the Royal Green Jackets.

Being so close to a terrorist bomb gave me a lifetime of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I can still hear and feel the explosion, as though it happened five seconds ago. Loud noises fill me with instant homicidal rage.

In June of 1993, I lived in San Francisco. My life was a complete shambles. I shared an apartment with a woman who hated me and let me know several times a day.


San Francisco is a collectivist pigsty full of insane homeless people and wealthy, belligerent authoritarians. Living there was absolute hell. The city reeked of urine and smugness.

I had the worst job imaginable: document retrieval. You go to government institutions and copy legal documents. The Custodians of Records are deranged, incomprehensibly rude bureaucrats who deliberately sabotage your job. They give you the wrong records and tell you that it was your fault.

“Come back tomorrow.”

Then you have to beg them to give you another chance, even though you both know that you did nothing wrong.

I was a time bomb.

Terrorism repeated

One afternoon in June of 1993, I was running late. When I came to an intersection in the financial district, a pickup truck stopped in front of me to turn left, even though there was a big sign that said “NO LEFT TURN.”

I honked my horn.

The truck sat there.

So I honked my horn again, for a long time.

The truck pulled forward, the driver giving me a message out of the open window.

I snapped. After we got through the intersection, I pulled in front of the pickup and stopped, blocking the vehicle. Then I got out my car and walked back. The pickup driver was a young woman.

“You really should be careful about who you shoot the finger at,” I said.

Without warning she screamed in my face, “GET BACK IN YOUR F*CKING CAR, YOU A**HOLE, BEFORE I BEAT THE SH*T OUT OF YOU!”

It was the loudest that anybody had ever screamed at me. She was close enough that I could smell the cigarettes on her breath. I suddenly saw my fist flying toward her face. Her scream gave me a PTSD flashback, and I was about to murder her. It was the hardest punch I’d ever thrown. It would’ve made her face into this.

Somehow I managed to stop my fist. I got back in my car and went home. The incident made me realize that I’m a danger to the public. I can’t go out among my fellow humans.

Because of terrorism, I’m basically a terrorist-in-waiting myself.

Terrorism for its own sake

Europe is experiencing daily terrorist attacks. This is the standard European response after every horrendous murder.

The region is no longer rational.

Although the terrorists nominally support the Islamic State, their real motivation is a desire to inflict pain. This happens in every terrorist movement. For example, the Provisional Irish Republican Army invented something called “kneecapping.” Initially the terrorists shot a bullet into the kneecap. Then they began using electric drills on the kneecap. Finally, they made large holes with drills and poured in quick-drying cement that expanded, destroying the leg joint forever.

Only dedicated sadists could do something like that.

There’s no terrorist in the world who thinks, “It’s a shame that I have to cut off this person’s genitals and stuff them in his mouth.”

Terrorists engage in terrorism because they enjoy it. That’s the “root cause.”

The cure for terrorism

Some nascent, idealistic terrorists can be talked out of committing crimes. I personally want them killed, but it’s not a real solution. That’s just my emotions speaking. As for terrorist leaders and the ones who commit the atrocities? They have to die. Clandestinely.

Western powers are unable to fight jihadist terrorism for three reasons.

a) Our leaders are afraid that someone will call them “Islamophobic.”
b) Our leaders are afraid that someone will call them “warmongering.”
c) Our law enforcement and armed forces are not unified.

As for the first point, how is fighting jihadist terrorism “Islamophobic”? Those making that accusation must believe that all Muslims are terrorists.

The people actually defeating jihadist terrorism are Muslims. In fact the only way the west can defeat jihadist terrorism is to ask for help from Muslim nations. We need fearless, ruthless professionals willing to infiltrate the terrorist networks in our countries.

The fight must be secret, in the sense that the west never admits to importing specialists who take care of the problem. All agreements must be verbal—not written—and only a handful of western leaders must know that this is happening.

We’re facing demonic, sexually sadistic, nihilist psychopaths who revel in slaughter. There’s no chance that the Islamic State will prevail; the only question is how much damage will it do before it’s defeated?

Where’s the morality in allowing this to continue, when we already know that the enemy will not succeed? The solution in this case is to allow Muslim professionals into our countries to infiltrate the networks and dispose of the terrorists.

Terrorism is losing

The models for how to defeat the Islamic State are Syria and Iraq. It’s absolutely clear that Arab League and allied commandos are fighting exceptionally well in both countries. Iraq is the better example, because the government agreed to let these commandos enter.

It’s exactly the sort of secret agreement that we in the west need to make with Muslim countries. There’s no danger that the commandos would betray us; the very existence of their own nations depends on peace and stability.

Syria is a giant theater. This video is not real.

I made two gif animations using consecutive frames. In both cases, I marked the second frame with a red X.

Video-editing software will duplicate frames.


Duplicated frames means that the explosion is computer-generated imagery (CGI).

What’s actually happening in Aleppo? No idea, but the “tunnel bomb” video is part of the deception. And the Syrian Arab Army is not about to take the city. Other people noticed what I did.

Two completely different men have played “Colonel Suheil al-Hassan” of the “Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces.”

Actually the Syrians identify at least five men as the “legendary, beloved” soldier.

Sean Penn auditioned for the part at some point.

Bashar al-Assad turned him down for being too vicious.

Terrorism leads to self-delusion

Now “Major General” Suheil al-Hassan is in command of the operation to liberate Aleppo.

Therefore, the Syrian Arab Army is not about to liberate Aleppo. Real operations have real commanders.

And I should mention something else. The Russians awarded a medal to the actor above.

The pathetic spectacle of broken-down old drunks giving a fake medal to an actor in front of a garishly turquoise Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback proves that the Arab League has utterly demolished Assad and the Russians.

A look of total admiration for the great hero.

Yet the Arab League leadership is keeping all of this secret. They’re discreet men who want only to solve problems, not garner personal attention.

Our way forward is clear: We must ask the Arab League to send us commandos. We must do it for Father Jacques Hamel and everyone else murdered due to the weakness, paralysis, and immorality that prevent us from even defending ourselves.

The eighty-six-year-old priest tried to fight.

This man would’ve saved him without hesitation.


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