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No, the Paris terrorism wasn’t a false flag

No, the Paris terrorism wasn’t a false flag

I’ve gotten several messages asking me if the January 7-9 terrorist attacks in Paris were a “false flag” operation intended to inflame the public against Muslims and rally support for more government control. The Israeli Mossad is said to be the real culprit.

Less than a second of thought will debunk this monumentally insipid claim: If the intention was to inflame public opinion against Muslims, why murder Officer Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim?


His murder has become a shield for those who refuse to address the question of why there are so many Muslim terrorists active today. I’ve been inundated with the same old deflection that I’ve heard almost daily since September 11, 2001: “Terrorists aren’t real Muslims.”

Yes they are. They’re evil Muslims, but they’re followers of the religion of Islam. For some reason people think that I therefore believe that all Muslims are evil. Officer Ahmed Merabet wasn’t evil. The Muslim Kurds fighting the Islamic State aren’t evil.

Major Mariam al-Mansouri of the United Arab Emirates Air Force isn’t evil.


Can we please raise the bar in these discussions? It’s boring to hear from people who sound like they’re in elementary school. If you think I hate all Muslims, you lack the intelligence to engage me, so don’t try.

I hate conspiracy theorists. They tend to buy into outlandishly dumb ideas so that they can lord their superior knowledge over the “sheeple.” Conspiracy theorists see themselves as part of the in-crowd, a special club of the enlightened. I get called a conspiracy theorist, but strangely enough, the people who make that accusation all believe in the most moronic blather ever formulated.


The bomb dropped on Hiroshima was “Little Boy,” which had a blast yield of 15 kilotons. One kiloton equals 1000 metric tons of TNT. So the Hiroshima bomb was equal to 15,000 tons of high-explosive.

150 x 15,000 = 2,250,000 tons of high explosive.

In reality the IDF dropped less than 1000 tons of high explosive on Gaza. Much of that landed in open areas where tunnels and rocket launchers were located.

The people accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist are believers of conspiracy theories made of cobwebs. All it takes to demolish them is a gentle puff of air.

A real false flag

Before I prove to you that the Paris attacks were not a false flag, I’ll describe an actual false flag, Operation Himmler. Adolf Hitler needed a pretext to invade Poland, so he asked Heinrich Himmler to work out a false flag. Himmler’s plan called for Waffen SS troops and men of the SS Security Service (SD) to wear Polish army uniforms and carry out a series of attacks inside Germany along the Polish border. Prisoners from concentration camps were ordered to dress in Polish army uniforms, and then they were murdered by lethal injection and shot full of holes. Their bodies would be dumped at the scenes for the press to photograph.

Several attacks were launched on August 31, 1939. German citizens were killed by their own troops. At Gleiwitz the radio station was commandeered, and a Polish-speaking German soldier broadcast a message calling on all Poles to rise up against the Germans. The corpses of a Polish-Silesian political prisoner and inmates from Dachau were left behind, wearing Polish army uniforms.

The next day—September 1, 1939—Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

That’s a false flag. What happened in Paris was jihadist Islamic terrorism.

Someone sent me a link to a video that I won’t bother posting because it’s probably going to be taken down soon. It’s attributed to the BBC, but that’s not true. Since the BBC will demand that YouTube remove it, there’s no point in linking to it.

This video makes three claims:

1. The footage of Officer Ahmed Merabet on the sidewalk is actually two clips.

2. The car in which the terrorists rode stopped at a prearranged marking on the street.

3. The terrorists fired blanks.

All three claims are easily disproved. For one thing, there’s no edit in the video, and there’s no marking on the street at which the car stopped.

Ask yourself this: If this were a Mossad false flag, would they put a big “spike”—as it’s called in stagecraft—on the street to show where to stop the car, or would they just figure out ahead of time where to do it?

Conspiracy theorists always find blatantly amateurish “evidence” in photos or video. If the Mossad pulled off a false flag, you wouldn’t know about it. Cretins on social media wouldn’t be able to spot big signs that said, “STOP CAR HERE.”

Now we come to the claim that the terrorists were firing blanks.

Why would they do that? If this were a false flag to inflame public opinion against Muslims, they’d want as many dead as possible. And if they were firing blanks, that means the whole scene was staged, and everyone was an actor, so again, why choose a Muslim police officer? It defeats the purpose of the entire exercise.

The reality is that the terrorists were inbred morons who fired eight times at Officer Merabet before they hit him, and then one murderer shot at him at point-blank range but missed.

This is the moment that the bullet was fired.


The bullet struck the sidewalk beneath Officer Merabet’s raised head. You can see the trajectory of the round; the green arrow shows the cloud of concrete dust blown to the right by a breeze.

Right after the round was fired, Officer Merabet still had his head raised from the sidewalk.


That means he was still alive. He probably thought he was dead; On December 28, 1995, this man came out of the darkness in my bookstore parking lot.


He was bobbing and weaving like a boxer, smiling behind his balaclava, and squealing, “Don’t f**k with me, man!” His weapon was an Intratec TEC-9 semiautomatic pistol.


He shoved it in my face; the muzzle opening was about two feet from my right eye. It looked like this.


As clearly as an announcement over a PA system, I heard a voice say, “Time to die.”

I instantly turned and ran. My brother Tim said the gunman ran after me, pointing the pistol. I think what saved us is the fact that the TEC-9 is known as the “Jam-o-matic.” If you don’t clean it scrupulously, it’ll jam. The guy who tried to kill us was a dirtbag, just like the three inbred, moron terrorists in Paris. He bought what he figured was the baddest of all handguns, and it jammed on him.

Officer Merabet turned away and closed his eyes when he realized that he was about to be shot. He heard the deafening report, and he likely believed he’d been killed, so he fainted from the pain, shock, and fear. That may have been God’s mercy, allowing him to slip away while unconscious. I’m sure he was welcomed to Fiddler’s Green by the other warriors who’ve gone before him. Despite what the video seems to show, his final moments were peaceful, and now he’s among his peers.

Calling his murder a false flag is a terrible insult. Don’t entertain that notion for even a second.


The stupidest conspiracy theory yet.

“We have 100% proof of the Paris Kosher Supermarket being a hoax. We see a cop standing 10 metres away from a pile of cops apparently shooting through all of them into the Supermarket lol”

Peekay22 wins the award for the dumbest person on the Internet. He’s unaware that telephoto lenses compress scenes, so he thinks that the RAID officer with the assault rifle is shooting into the backs of the men in front.

(I had to find a replacement video because of this.)


(Did he jump or was he pushed? I hope my post had something to do with it.)

Anybody who watched the other video knows that the RAID officers at the door of the supermarket parted into two groups as Coulibaly made his break for freedom and life.



This allowed the officer with the assault rifle to take his shots.

RAID uses—believe it or not—trench-clearing tactics that the French created during World War I.

Trenches had barricades that had to be attacked, exactly the way the supermarket was assaulted. In World War I the men in the front of the assault squad were armed with pistols and grenades, while the support behind them carried rifles.


The two men on the right have body armor, while the rifleman doesn’t. If you think about it for two seconds, a rifle would be useless in close-quarters combat. Such a weapon is used to protect the men who have only short-range firearms.

In World War I the French carried ballistic shields too.


What you’re seeing is not the use of blanks but century-old tactics that worked so well when they were created that they’re still used today. While idiots babble on the Internet, French professional warriors save lives, in the tradition of their great-grandfathers.

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