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What about Officer Franck Brinsolaro?

What about Officer Franck Brinsolaro?

I hate when life-and-death issues become trendy fads. The world is lauding Officer Ahmed Merabet, who was killed by two inbred, moron terrorists as he lay helpless on the sidewalk. Why is nobody talking about Officer Franck Brinsolaro, a policeman assigned to protect Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier?

Look at the Google search results.



There are 1,450,000 results for Ahmed Merabet, while Franck Brinsolaro gets only 313,000.

It won’t be a popular thing for me to say, but there’s only one reason Officer Merabet is being honored so much more than Officer Brinsolaro: Officer Merabet was a Muslim. The public and press have decided that in this case, Muslim lives are more precious than non-Muslim.

There’s a reason for that too. “See?” we’re being told. “Not all Muslims are bad!”

Two types of people emphasize Officer Merabet’s religion. The first is those who are cynically trying to downplay the fact that Muslim terrorists murdered seventeen people in Paris, and they did it in the name of Islam. These are the majority. The second is those who unconsciously believe that all Muslims are terrorists. Why else would they heap so much praise on Muslims for doing the things we expect of civilized people?

Both Officer Merabet and Officer Brinsolaro are pawns in a political struggle fought by imbeciles. Currently the declaration “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) has become a defiant battle cry, a raised middle finger to all the world’s terrorists. However, others are saying this.


Even this atrocity must be exploited for political gain. Tribalism trumps humanity. A man is murdered in cold blood, and people scramble to figure out how to use his terror and agony in order to advance an agenda.

Well, here’s the indisputable truth: Officer Merabet most emphatically did not choose to give up his life in order to uphold the rights of others to ridicule his religion. He became a police officer to “improve his community.” The state of journalism is so awful that we don’t even know if he was armed or not. Some reports say he drove to the scene, drew his weapon, and fired at the terrorists.

Other stories say he was on foot and armed.

And many more say he was an unarmed bicycle cop.

In the clearest image I can find, Officer Merabet does not appear to have a holster.


This may be a handgun, but I can’t tell.


Police officers generally don’t drop their weapons, even after the officer has been shot. If the press were functional, we’d know if Officer Merabet were armed.

This screen grab show the moment that the inbred, moron terrorist fired at Officer Merabet.


The red trajectory shows that the rifle was aimed several inches behind Merabet’s head; on the right is a puff of concrete dust (green arrow), evidence that the bullet struck the sidewalk beneath the officer’s raised head. A breeze immediately blew the dust away.

This next crystal-clear screen grab confirms that Officer Merabet had no wound after the rifle was fired, and his head was still raised off the sidewalk, indicating that he was alive.


Therefore the inbred, moron terrorist did not shoot Officer Merabet in the head, despite what’s being reported.

Please forgive what I have to say next, but if Officer Merabet had been shot in the head with an AK-47 from that range, his skull would’ve exploded, and all his limbs would’ve jerked violently. Officer Merabet probably fainted from pain, fear, and the shock of having an assault rifle fired so close to him, and then he died from the wound caused by the first bullet that struck him.

Officer Merabet was a police officer. He was doing his job. It’s not honest to elevate him to the status of a saint simply because he was Muslim. Officer Merabet was murdered; he didn’t “die.” He begged for his life, the way most of us would do in a similar situation. Making political hay of his murder is an obscenity.

And isn’t it a bit grotesque that so many Muslims are claiming Officer Merabet as one of their own—riding on his coattails—while emphatically rejecting his murderers as “real Muslims”? The reality is that both Officer Merabet and his murderers were real Muslims. Like all groups, Muslims are a continuum. Some are good, some are insensate blocks of wood, and some are deeply evil.

People will claim that this post shows how I hate Muslims.

Screw them.

I proved that Mustafa Tamimi was killed by a rock, not by an Israeli tear-gas canister.


His death haunts me, because NOBODY views him as a human being with a soul. Like Officer Merabet, Tamimi instantly became a pawn in a political struggle, and his own friends denied him justice. So did every “human rights” organization. Mine is the only voice demanding that his killer be identified and made to answer for his act.

Tamimi was not only Muslim, he was a Palestinian and a violent activist.


So what? He was still a person, an individual unique among billions.


His family and friends found him more useful as a corpse than as a living man, and that pains me greatly. Nobody deserves that. Nobody. It’s a desecration.

So spare me your accusations of “Islamophobia.” The point of this post is to expose preening self-satisfaction, posturing, and the exploitation of suffering in the name of politics. Everything is politicized now. Politics has replaced humanity.

Honor Officer Ahmed Merabet, but also honor Officer Franck Brinsolaro. He knew the risk of being bodyguard to Stephane Charbonnier; ultimately his assignment was so dangerous that he was killed before he could draw his weapon.

If you’re religious, say a prayer for him. His life was just as precious as that of Officer Merabet.


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