Thomas Wictor

Stop glorifying inbred, moron terrorists

Stop glorifying inbred, moron terrorists

Ever since I can remember, the press has been deeply in love with Muslim terrorists. Inadequate, angry, regimented losers identify with the alleged courage of those who murder the defenseless. Today I’ve been sickened by the portrayal of the moron terrorists who killed twelve at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. These are not “highly trained military professionals.” They’re clowns.

The most egregious example of giving a tongue bath to mass murders is that of Sky News’s Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley. He can barely contain his admiration.

Absolutely everything he says is incorrect. What he’s trying to do is impress you with his knowledge, but he’s simply pulling enormous slabs of fiction from his rear end.

The terrorists faced no armed opposition. They knew that. I didn’t know it until today.


Those stringent gun laws did their job, huh? No high-powered semiautomatic rifles got into the hands of deranged, evil bastards who murdered twelve people over CARTOONS.

Explain to me, lovers of Muslim terrorists, why non-Muslims must be bound by the rules of Islam. I hear plenty of sneering about “Bible thumpers,” but when it comes to Islam, we’re supposed to accept that they get to MURDER us over CARTOONS.

Where’s the morality in that?

Back to jackass Sam Kiley.

The terrorists are clowns, not highly trained military professionals.


The one on the left has lost his shoe (red arrow) and his combat vest is coming undone (green arrow.) The terrorist on the right is leaning back to fire his rifle, which means he’s afraid of the muzzle blast. When you fire a high-powered rifle while leaning back, the barrel will rise, and you’ll miss.

I’ll prove that to you in a moment.

Jackass Sam Kiley says that the terrorists are moving in mutual support of one another. Nothing could be further from the truth. The uninterrupted video of this scene shows that they very nearly shot each other.

First, let me say this: Although Officer Ahmed Merabet of the 11th Precinct Brigade did die, THE LAST SHOT MISSED HIM. You won’t see a man being shot in the head. I promise. The press lied to you.

The two clowns get out of their car, and the back-leaner fires three times. His weapon produces gigantic explosive sounds. Then the idiot who lost his shoe fires five rounds. His weapon is of a smaller caliber, so it makes a softer report.

So the back-leaner had to fire three rounds because he couldn’t hit the officer.


The one-shoed inbred fires five. But look where the two idiots emerged.


It’s clear that the back-leaner almost ran right into the line of fire of the one-shoed inbred. And where’s this “mutual support” that jackass Sam Kiley was gushing about? These guys are getting in each other’s way. Neither is protecting the other. They have no situational awareness whatsoever.

Now, this frame shows that the back-leaner missed Merabet even though he fired at him from point-blank range.


The red line is the trajectory, and the green arrow shows the puff of concrete dust where the bullet hit the sidewalk behind Merabet. A breeze blew the dust to the right. As you can clearly see, the officer has no injury to his head. This is a grotesque thing to say, so I apologize: If the officer had been shot at that range, his head would’ve exploded.

The terrorist missed because he’s a poseur, a humanoid who thought he was a real badass by murdering defenseless people. Officer Merabet was killed with one bullet. The terrorists fired at him NINE TIMES.

After the two inbreds shoot the unarmed police officer, they run around like chimps, completely at a loss.


There’s no tactical reason in the world for them to run past the fallen officer, placing themselves even further from their getaway car. They did this because they’re aping stuff they’ve seen in movies and on TV.

When they run back to their car, the back-leaner makes stupid hand gestures that he thinks are hip, and the other inbred picks up his shoe.


The pathetic jackass Sam Kiley says that in the next clip, the two inbreds are “leapfrogging” each other as they shoot at a police car. First is the the back-leaner, with his worthless firing stance.


He’s joined by the other inbred, who stands beside him.


Nobody leapfrogged anyone. All they did was make themselves into a bigger target by standing shoulder to shoulder in the open. And guess how many officers they hit when they fired at the police car?


They’re buffoons.


A microcephalic on the left, and his brother the frog on the right. And the western press is in love. “Military precision.”

Why is military precision a good thing when terrorists allegedly use it, but it’s bad when western democracies defend themselves with it?

Here’s real leapfrogging, also called “fire and maneuver,” performed by two genuine military professionals.

Note their forward-leaning stance and the number of time they kneel, which allows them greater accuracy. Do you see them racing around like children playing war? They way they advance is called the “Groucho walk,” named after Groucho Marx.

A slight squat stabilizes the firearm, since the flexed knees act as shock absorbers. Every single person who’s undergone military training uses the Groucho walk when advancing quickly and firing.

What the two inbred terrorists did was some cargo-cult version of fire and maneuver, and now the press is fanning itself because it’s about to swoon with passion.

I’ve had enough. The moral compass of the press has been turned inside out. What happened at Charlie Hebdo today was an obscenity. Where’s the condemnation?

On September 13, 2011, American and Macedonian troops fought off an attack in Kabul by suicide bombers armed with heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The Macedonians are the soldiers with the dark-green helmet covers and vests.

Do you see anybody skipping, the way the inbred terrorists did? The Americans and Macedonians were UNDER FIRE, not murdering helpless, unarmed civilians and police. Why won’t the press commend Macedonia for expending lives and treasure to help people they don’t even know? Look how calm the soldiers are. Doesn’t their heroism deserve mention somewhere?

Journalism has become an industry that promulgates infinite, infantile pathologies. I can barely stand to keep up with the news anymore.