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Movies and television are entertainment, not manuals

Movies and television are entertainment, not manuals

My favorite art form is film. Movies. When I watch movies, I get lost in them. And yet I’ve never once thought that a film or TV character was someone to emulate. Unfortunately much—most?—of the world behaves as though it’s starring in a blockbuster film.

Political movies

I hate politics. My involvement in politics began at this moment.


In around 2004, I became apolitical again, when the Iraq insurgency was killing Coalition troops and Iraqis by the tens of thousands. Bashar al-Assad supported Sunni terrorists, and Iran supported Shi’ite. This was well known at the time, but the US did nothing.

American politicians take their cues from movies. There was no script for President Bush, so he became paralyzed. What we should’ve done is silently attack all the facilities used to train terrorists. We’ve should’ve sent in commandos and killed every single person we could find. If confronted by the press, we should’ve lied or said, “No comment.”

This is how the Arab League and its allies are fighting in Yemen and Syria. We don’t know who the commanders are, because they almost never give interviews or appear on television. I can identify Saudi Brigadier General Ahmed Assiri, but only because he’s the spokesman for the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen.


The Arab League war effort in Syria is exponentially more complex than you realize. It took me over a year to put all the pieces together.

Amend that: It took me over a year to put together the pieces that I could identify. All I have is a vague outline that I could explain in one sentence. The specifics of Operation Thaumaturgy are almost completely hidden. This is because none of the people making the decisions and carrying out the missions are under the delusion that they’re in a movie.

Military movies

I love war movies. The problem for us in the west is that too many—most?—of us think that these films are the real thing. The antiwar crowd thinks that soldiers are sadistic butchers or robots, and plenty of people who claim they support the troops are just paying lip service. Someone said in 2008 that people weren’t excited about voting for President Obama; they were excited by the thought of themselves voting for President Obama.

Personally I think that the overwhelming majority of people who voted for President Obama did so in good faith, in hopes of a better society. However, there was definitely an air of Hollywood about the election.

What I mean is that Senator Obama seemed to be playing a part.

I know many members of the US military. A large percentage of them seem to be playing the part of soldier, sailor, airman, marine, or coast guardsman. My father was a Petty Officer Second Class (PO2) in the US Coast Guard from 1948 to 1951.


He was a radio operator. When I was a teenager, he told me unprompted that he joined the Coast Guard because he thought there was going to be another war, and he wanted to be in the branch of service that would have the least chance of engaging in combat. By late middle age, however, he referred to himself as an “ex-GI,” and he frequently commented on the fact that none of his sons had “done their bit.”

Well, I knew that I’d make a terrible member of the military. Here’s my secret: I don’t like men.

Hold on; hold on. Let’s not go crazy here. I’m just not a guy’s guy who tells homoerotic jokes and likes hazing, sports, picking up chicks, and so on. Below is a clip that represents my experience from elementary school until I graduated from high school. LANGUAGE WARNING.

I almost committed suicide in fifth grade, but a giant kid named Thurman Biscoe saved my life by beating all my tormentors into the ground until they left me alone.


Thurman’s altruism wasn’t like in the movies. He never made me feel ashamed. His intervention was very matter of fact, like shooing away flies. But he used his fists, and the flies were nominally human.

A Neo-Nazi tried to force me to join the army when I was eighteen. He was one of the most terrifying entities I’ve ever encountered, so I nearly did what he wanted. It would’ve killed me.

I could join the army now, but when I was eighteen, I was a physical coward and a target for every psycho on the planet. It made me dislike men.

As messed up and confused as I was, I knew that the military shtick was right out of the movies. It didn’t have to be that way. You could make people into good soldiers without forcing them to become cartoon characters. As a student of military history, I knew that the most effective warriors were quiet, calm, and invisible.

That’s who’s fighting in Syria. They avoid being filmed. Believe me: Everyone you see on camera is in the second rank. The men leading the assaults are shadows. It’s only through their weapons and the battle damage assessment that I can tell you that thousands of extremely well-trained unconventional warriors are in Syria. Things sometimes get through the veil of secrecy.





Nanodrones. They have wings that propel them the way bees fly.


You know how to differentiate me from a conspiracy theorist?

All conspiracy theories are nefarious: False flags. Secret experiments. Plans to put us in death camps.

Everything I talk about is good news. Not one conspiracy theorist will ever “expose” something good. What I’m telling you is real, not self-aggrandizing, melodramatic fiction.

Movies about morality

You’re probably aware that an American presidential candidate has been accused of having multiple affairs, despite his overt religiosity. If the accusations are true, I won’t be surprised. To me, a massive red flag pops up when people tell me how moral they are. Today I was sent an “open letter” that in the movies would be devastatingly effective.

An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector

I respect Trump’s fans. That’s why I can no longer support the man himself.

Stephanie Cegielski

Last summer, I signed on as the Communications Director of the Make America Great Again Super PAC.

Well, communications director of a political action committee isn’t “Trump’s top strategist.” We’re already in the fantasy land of movies.

I don’t think even Trump thought he would get this far. And I don’t even know that he wanted to, which is perhaps the scariest prospect of all.

He certainly was never prepared or equipped to go all the way to the White House, but his ego has now taken over the driver’s seat, and nothing else matters. The Donald does not fail. The Donald does not have any weakness. The Donald is his own biggest enemy.

And…that’s it. Except she goes on for many, many paragraphs, repeating herself over and over. Like a PR agent in the movies. So who’s Stephanie Cegielski?


I think this is probably all you need to know about her.

Stephanie Cegielski, who joined PR Society of America as associate director of PR in August 2012, rising to VP-PR after the sudden death of Arthur Yann in 2013, has left the Society, sources say.

The current Society battle with the O’Dwyer Co., which has been conducted by Cegielski since no other Society staffers, officers or board members take part in it, involves blocking an O’Dwyer exhibit at the Society’s annual conference for the fifth year in a row.

So what did the O’Dwyer Company do to make Stephanie Cegielski block them from exhibiting at the PR Society of America’s annual conference?

Jack O’Dwyer, who publishes a newsletter that follows the public relations industry, reports that he and his staffers were blocked from entering an assembly of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

O’Dwyer also reports other harassment while attempting to attend the conference, like getting an anonymous letter in which the writer threatened to beat him “to a pulp,” and being set upon by a flash-mob while he was conducting an interview.

O’Dwyer has also exposed techniques now in wide use by big PR firms that violate PR ethics, like working through front groups and creating and disseminating fake news.

How is it possible that this person could be involved in creating and disseminating fake news?


I simply don’t believe it.

But it could happen in the movies.