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Miniature missiles are being used to kill terrorists

Miniature missiles are being used to kill terrorists

If you follow the Yemen and Syria wars, you’re aware that a gigantic number of Syrian, Iranian, Hezbollah, Houthi, al-Qaeda, Islamic State, jihadist, and Russian commanders have been killed. It was a mystery to me, since all of these men were heavily guarded. Now we have a video that shows one weapon that Arab and allied strategic special operators employ. The world should know that miniature guided missiles are a reality. No terrorist is safe.

Miniature missiles versus flowers

Before I get to the video, I want to talk about this.


While Belgians sway in unison, singing John Lennon’s “Imagine,” here’s a little cold reality for them.

On the arrest in Belgium last week of a key figure in the November 13 attacks in which 130 people died in Paris, his lawyer made a very specific statement to reporters: “Salah Abdeslam is cooperating fully” with investigators.

So no, the twin attacks in the Belgian capital on Tuesday were not revenge for the arrest of Abdeslam. But a statement that he was cooperating with the authorities was likely either a pre-arranged signal to confreres or just part of their common-sense understanding that they should activate attack plans already in the pipeline.

Salah Abdeslam’s lawyer gave the “go” signal for the rest of the terrorist cell. He knowingly told them to mass-murder innocent civilians. Isn’t that just wonderful?

The Molenbeek quarter in Brussels is a hotbed of jihadist activity, running a not-so-underground shuttle of fighters to the war in Syria and, before that, to other conflict zones. But by various accounts, Belgian security forces are reluctant to enter Molenbeek.

Yeah, we wouldn’t want the police to do their job. What were we thinking?

If as seems likely, the cell behind Tuesday’s attacks is a remnant of the cell that planned the Paris ones, why had Belgian forces not rooted them out?

If it was a new group, how could it have outsmarted the authorities when all of Europe, and Belgium in particular, was on such a high alert? But in the wake of the capture of Abdeslam, why was Belgium not on its highest alert?

How could the far more sophisticated November attacks in Paris have been planned and resourced from Molenbeek, without the Belgians having stumbled on a clue? Why did it take 125 days to find Abdeslam, when it was known he was lurking in Molenbeek? It must have taken dozens of associates to cover for him – again, why no arrests?


More particularly, on Sunday, Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said that Abdeslam had told investigators that he had been planning fresh attacks in Brussels – so why no investigative follow-through? And how was it that the Paris attackers were able to survive a Belgian security dragnet that, early last year, was supposed to have cleared Molenbeek of its worst jihadist elements?

There are accounts of agencies not working together, of failing to make the best use of technology. The government as a whole is accused of dragging its heels – in a country with an estimated 800-plus known suspected jihadists, there are only 1000 civilian and military intelligence officers attempting to counter and corral them.

On a more structural social level, critics charge that Belgium can’t get it together because it has never met the challenge of reconciling its national and cultural fractures – tension between its French, Dutch and German-speaking communities which lead to political instability.

Guess who are better world citizens than the Belgians?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced one of the Brussels suicide bombers was deported from Turkey in July 2015.

Ibrahim el-Bakraoui was detained in June 2015, Ankara said. Upon deportation, Turkish authorities warned their Belgian counterparts that he was a militant, according to Erdogan. However, el-Bakraoui was later released by Belgium, with “no links with terrorism found,” the Turkish presidency reported. Erdogan says Belgium ignored Turkey’s warnings.

It’s time to write off Belgium. Here’s the national sentiment.


You’re not allowed to hate even those who murdered your loved ones. Hate is worse than murder. And the guy who wrote that sign totally loves American Republican Southern Baptists, right? Right!

Bye-bye, Belgium. Thanks for all the waffles. I’m on the side of the guys who did what you’ll see below. While Belgian “security forces” are too afraid to enter neighborhoods of their own cities, other men infiltrate deep into hostile nations, far from their families and risking unimaginably horrible death.

Miniature missiles don’t make a mess

There is no gore, but a terrorist was killed in Yemen. NOT BY A HAND GRENADE. And the woman filming was obviously tipped off that something interesting would take place outside her window, which means that the Arab League wants this footage seen.

He was killed with a miniature guided missile that uses a fuel-air explosive (FAE) or thermobaric warhead. The force of the explosion was directed so that only one person was killed. The others were not so much as scratched.

A hand grenade uses blast and/or fragmentation to cause death and injury. Razor-sharp fragments of metal fly great distances. I have to show you videos of a hand-grenade attack so that you can see that the terrorist in Yemen did not accidentally blow himself up. He was hit with a miniature guided missile.

So: a real hand-grenade explosion.

All hand grenades have fuses that produce smoke.


There was no smoke visible the millisecond before the terrorist in Yemen exploded.


The hand grenade in the Ukraine killed one and injured 120.

If the terrorist in Yemen had accidentally exploded a hand grenade, everyone around him would’ve died.

It was a miniature guided missile created by Israel and fired by professional Arab strategic special operators.

Miniature fuel-air explosive

Now for the proof.

Here’s the terrorist right before he explodes.


The missile hits his upper back, just behind his head. It came straight down.


I made a gif so you can see that I’m right.


But wait! There’s more!

Since the terrorist was hit at exactly the moment he was furthest from both groups, that means the Arab League commandos were nearby, watching, and the missile delivery system has a loitering capability. Or the missile itself has a loitering capability. That shot took split-second timing. Don’t be surprised if the Arab League has unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) disguised as…other things.

And you can’t comprehend the skill it took to fire that missile. The operator was under cover, waiting, still as a stone, his eyes on a screen, and he fired at the perfect moment. I keep telling you this, because it’s true: Like the IDF, the Arab League is invincible.

The miniature missile explodes. Note the black blob. It’s cavitation.


That tiny missile created such a massive shock wave that a bubble of empty space formed in the air. There’s smoke inside that cavity, but no atmosphere.

Then the bubble collapses, and smokes goes straight up and down, but not to the sides. The force of the explosion has been directed inward and downward. Where the bubble was, the image is completely distorted, as though we’re looking through wavy glass.



The effect on digital cameras and the downward thrust of the smoke cloud are signatures of EMPFAE ordnance.






Back to Yemen.

Miniature death from above

The hapless terrorist is now visible inside the explosion.


It appears that the force of the explosion both surrounded him and bounced off the pavement up into his face. He was battered to death.



As the camera begins to spin away, we’re shown that not a single hair on another person’s head was disturbed.


The future is here, my friends. It belongs to Israelis and Arabs.

If we let them, they’ll save us from our blithering, suicidal weakness and fatuity.


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