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Proof that the Arab League uses weapons designed to not kill

Proof that the Arab League uses weapons designed to not kill

For the first time, we can make a side-by-side comparison between weapons that kill and those that destroy only military objects. I’ve theorized that the Arab League uses new munitions. However, now I can erase all doubt. By the end of this post, you’ll agree with me that the Arab League has pioneered a new form of warfare. We have the proof.

The goal of the new warfare is to defeat without killing.

Proof of intent

Different munitions do different things. The nastiest munitions are antipersonnel. They kill humans. Every antipersonnel munition shatters into razor-sharp pieces.


As a result, fragmentation munitions have an unmistakable signature.

Use of a fragmentation munition indicates intent to kill.

Proof of new munition

I posted this video before. It shows “Faylaq al-Sham” firing a Russian 9M133 Kornet antitank guided missile (ATGM) at Russian officers installing electronic jamming equipment.

There were eight Russians on the roof. At least seven survived. They were able to quickly run down stairs and climb down ladders, indicating that they were almost completely uninjured.

The standard Kornet warhead has 15.5 pounds (7 kilos) of TNT. This high-explosive antitank (HEAT) munition isn’t effective against personnel. For one thing, the HEAT warhead has an impact fuse, which means it must hit the target in order to explode. In addition, the HEAT warhead is a shaped charge. The Russian 9M113 Konkurs below has a shaped-charge HEAT warhead.

It creates a jet of molten metal that cuts through armor plate. This is not the right weapon for personnel. A jet of molten metal is simply too narrow.

The antipersonnel version of the Kornet is the 9M133F-1, which has a fuel-air explosive (FAE) warhead. However, it’s the equivalent of 22 pounds (10 kilos) of TNT. It creates a massive explosion and shock wave.

I didn’t look closely enough at the “Faylaq al-Sham” video the first time. They didn’t actually fire a missile with the launcher pictured.


This is what we should’ve seen.

No proof of death

The missile that hit the Russians in Aleppo created no lethal fragmentation.

In a moment, I’ll show you fragmentation happening in real time.

Also, the shock wave did not severely injure the Russians on the roof. Since seven of the eight ran down the stairs and ladders with no sign of being wounded, I conclude that the men who fired the missile did not want to kill the Russians.

This is an entirely new approach to warfare. In the past, the goal was to make weapons so deadly that nobody dared engage in war. It never worked. Only five years after the end of World War II, two nuclear powers fought each other in Korea. Soviet pilots and antiaircraft units directly engaged the Americans in combat.

The US was aware that Russians were flying the jets; the pilots spoke to each other in Russian over their radios.

Rather than create super killing-machines, Israel and the Arab League developed weapons that easily destroy military objects without taking lives. This denies the enemy both martyrs and a desire for revenge.

I think it’s one of the most important steps forward in human evolution. The Israelis and the Arab League have rendered nefarious wars futile. As a result of not making any tangible gains, the Russians have been reduced to playacting, such as awarding medals to fake Syrian commanders.

Proof of destruction

Now let’s watch the first-ever clear video of an American AGM-114 Hellfire missile striking its target. It took over thirty years for cameras to catch this.

The Hellfire was originally an antitank missile fitted with a shaped charge. However, the AGM-114M Hellfire II has a blast fragmentation warhead that creates the razor-sharp metal storm that shreds human beings.

Also, a “fragmentation sleeve” is available for the standard Hellfire.

A laser beam is used to score this metal tube so that it will break into diamond-shaped pieces.

The video below has no gore. It shows a Hellfire missile hitting an Islamic State truck.

We know it’s a Hellfire because of the length: 64 inches (163 centimeters).


It went right for the cab of the truck.

Thus the goal of the operation was to kill the men in the vehicle. An Islamic State emir was the target.

Look at the enormous amount of fragmentation.

Each puff of dust is from a shard of steel.

The missile blew out the top of the truck cab, creating a metal death-tulip.

There were no survivors.

The video above is the first clear documentation of the fragmentation damage that a Hellfire missile causes during combat. In contrast, multiple videos show that the majority of the missiles fired in Syria produce no fragmentation.

No puffs of dust on the ground, and no tiny holes in the fabric of the tent.

Like the Russians in the video above, this soldier did not die.


The men who fired the missile consciously spared the soldier’s life.

Proof of superior awareness

I’m not an Arab. Much of Arab culture is alien to me.


The Arab-invented warfare is far superior to anything the west has ever accomplished in the field of the military arts. Why do I say that?

Because westerners have weapons that are so powerful that we dare not use them, ever. They may as well not exist.

The Arab League has weapons that are functionally as powerful as our hydrogen bombs. Yet the Arab League is actually using them in combat. The Arab League has the will, the intelligence, the skill, the confidence, and the discipline to unleash controlled earthquakes and hurricanes.


Where are all the corpses?

There are almost none. The Arab League storms-in-bottles are meant as dissuasion, nothing more. I don’t think the readers of this blog fully appreciate the technological edge that Arab armed forces now have. That’s a testimony to the trustworthiness of the Arab League. Keeping everything secret means that they have no intention of intimidating anyone into bowing down to them.

Nations advertise their military capabilities as a deterrent. The Arab League keeps its capabilities secret. Do you know what that means?

It means that the Arab League fears nobody. There’s no need for deterrence because no nation on earth poses a real threat.

And here’s yet another layer to the strategy.

Proof can be deadly

A great, horrifying western is The Fastest Gun Alive. Glenn Ford is a shopkeeper, but he’s also the fastest pistol-shooter who ever lived.

So what happens when you get a reputation for being good with weapons? The answer is that every violent psychopath in the world wants to challenge you.

Wherever Glenn Ford goes, crazy men look for him. But his vanity prevents him from hiding his capabilities.

“They have to know who I am,” he tells his long-suffering wife.

Because he hates being thought of as just a shopkeeper, he compulsively shows off. His life is then turned upside down—again and again and again.

The Arab League doesn’t care if you underestimate them. In fact, they use that to their advantage. Mercilessly.

Ask the Russians and the Iranians.

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