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Blather, symbolism, weakness, denial, and irresponsibility

Blather, symbolism, weakness, denial, and irresponsibility

What’s the main response to the Islamic State bombings in Brussels, Belgium, that killed 31? Blather. Some of it is astonishing.


This neatly illustrates the collapse of western culture. A hashtag—#StopIslam—is worse than this.


A steel bolt embedded in a person’s body. The terrorists at Zaventem International Airport put bolts in their suitcase bombs.


Someone asked if Jitte Maes would feel differently if she’d lost a loved one in these attacks.

Here’s your answer.

Selin Gören, member of the “Linksjugend Solid,” a far-left German youth organization, was reportedly sexually assaulted by a refugee on January 27. After an initial false report that she had been assaulted by “foreigners and Germans alike,” she revised her story before taking to Facebook to apologise for any “racism” that might be caused by the revelation that her alleged assailant was a migrant.

In her post, Gören wrote:

But what truly makes me feel sorry, are the circumstances by which the sexist and boundary-crossing acts that were inflicted on me, make it so that you [the refugee] are beset by increasing and more aggressive racism.

Blather. Drivel. For some non-Muslims, there’s no such thing as a Muslim criminal. The “sexist and boundary-crossing acts” were actually sexual assault, a violent crime in any civilized society.

They don’t need your blather

You’re doing Muslims no favors by infantilizing them. In a moment I’ll get to why “protectors of Muslims” are idiotic bigots.

But first, I have to say this: The Belgian security forces utterly failed. This may be the craziest thing you’ve heard, but it’s true.

Belgian secret services located Europe’s most wanted man to a Brussels flat two days after the Paris attacks but bungled his capture because they were not allowed to raid the premises between 9pm and 5am, according to reports.

In Belgium, night raids on private homes are illegal. They’re considered…mean. Take a wild guess: Do terrorists know that and use it to their advantage?

Redwane_Hajaoui_Tarik Jadaoun

Above are Redwane Hajaoui (Abu Khalid Al Maghribi) and Tarik Jadaoun (Abu Hamza Belgiki), killed by special forces on January 16, 2015, in the Belgian city of Verviers.

After the raid, police found four Kalashnikov AK47 rifles, four handguns, ammunition and explosives. The terrorist cell was also equipped with police uniforms, radio, false documentation and an import sum of cash.

“The investigation has determined that the group was on the point of a terrorist attack to kill police officers on the street or in police stations,” said Eric Van der Sypt, spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutors.

The Belgian cops were tipped off by the US and knew nothing of this plot until after the raid.

Politically correct blather

And yes, Muslim “no-go zones” have been allowed to flourish in Belgian cities.

Belgium’s home affairs minister said that the government does not “have control of the situation in Molenbeek,” a working-class neighborhood of Brussels that has been linked to several terrorism plots in recent years.

Speaking on the VRT television channel on Sunday, the minister, Jan Jambon, said that the government would “step up efforts” to bring order to the area of the Belgian capital.

Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium said he was also concerned about jihadist networks in Molenbeek.

Brussels has six police zones. They create a bureaucratic nightmare that prevents efficient law enforcement. Terrorists flock to Brussels because they can easily acquire illegal firearms there.

Belgian authorities are terrified of being called “Islamophobic,” so they don’t subject suspicious Muslims to scrutiny. Two of the suicide bombers at Zaventem International Airport wore black leather gloves on their left hands.


Any cop with experience would find that very ominous. Those are clearly a form of automatic detonating device that would set off the bombs even if the terrorists were shot. Since the airport was crawling with police, the Islamic State figured that their bombers would be spotted. They were wrong.

My guess is that this is a bomber who changed his mind and didn’t kill himself.


Who casually strolls right past a bleeding man on the floor, not even looking at him? It was 41º F (5º C) when the bombs went off. He’s the only person in the whole airport with such heavy winter clothing. That entire scene is completely off.

The horrific paralysis of law enforcement will continue. Europeans simply lack the will to do the hard work necessary to stop jihadist terrorism.

Do you know who has no qualms whatsoever about killing Muslim terrorists?


Pointless blather

I study the Middle East daily. The world seems to not know this, but the Arab League and its allies have created the most skilled and lethal unconventional-warfare units on earth. These men are currently fighting in Syria, using new weapons designed in Israel. I’ve found the patents for everything that I guessed must exist, so don’t waste my time telling me that I’m wrong.

Besides, you can use your own eyes. What you’re about to see should not be possible.

A soldier got up and walked away after being hit by an American BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile.


He should’ve been ripped into many ragged chunks. The only explanation is a fuel-air explosive (FAE) or thermobaric warhead, the force of which can be directed. By gum, here’s a patent for such a weapon! What happened above is that the force was directed upward and outward, not forward. The goal was to destroy the equipment in the tent; the soldier wasn’t the target.

We can see the force of an FAE being directed downward after the cloud of vapor is projected up into the air and detonated.





Terrorists in a trench were hit. I’m sure that they didn’t survive.

I’m inundated with blather. For some reason people with no knowledge of munitions are expressing hostile opinions about this.

Recently the Saudis began revealing their capabilities. They can armor up and run into a maelstrom of fire.


Or they can strip down to just weapon and ammunition.

This guy is a Saudi professional strategic special operator. He’s exceptionally well trained.


That man alone could take a small village, which is why Muslims don’t need you to defend them. They’ve revolutionized warfare. The students have surpassed the teachers.

You blather, they take action

It’s clear that the Saudis and their allies have mastered the art of infiltration. As of two days ago, these are all the places in Syria that I know they’re fighting.


They kill Islamic State commanders in the centers of cities, without being seen. They’ve killed every major Iranian and Hezbollah commander. And they did much more than that.

Dozens of Russian generals at a military base near the eastern Syrian city of Latakia were killed Sunday afternoon in a deadly car bomb attack committed by two opposition factions, Ahrar al-Sham and Bayan movement, Syrian opposition groups reported on Wednesday.

The military base that was hit by the car bomb is considered one of the most important military centers of the Russian forces on the Syrian coast, located some 15 kilometers from Latakia.

The Russian generals were at Kheimim Air Base. Only Russians are allowed on it.


Tell me how a bunch of hysterical Islamist rebels got a car bomb onto that base, wiping out Russia’s entire Syrian command in one attack. The real story is that professionals did it to persuade Putin to leave Syria. That took skill and audacity.

As long as we’re talking about infiltration, here’s something else Muslim men are doing.

At least three Hamas fighters were injured and five were missing after a tunnel collapsed east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday evening.

A local Palestinian news site, however, reported that seven members of Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, were hurt, one seriously and the rest moderately, after the terror tunnel caved in.

The collapsed tunnel was the eleventh reported incident of its kind since the beginning of the year.

I had this all wrong. The tunnels are being collapsed in Palestinian territory, before they even get into Israel. Hamas tunnelers operate in cells of about eight. Nobody else in the organization knows about them. The tunnels are so secret that Hamas murders tunnelers to keep them from revealing the locations.

It’s not the IDF collapsing the tunnels. Arab commandos are infiltrating Gaza with their new FAE weapons. They’re using Hamas’ obsessive secrecy against it. The tunnels are sitting ducks, since Hamas hides them from the entire organization. If Arab commandos could kill Qassem Suleimani, Hamas tunnels would pose no challenge at all.


Blather doesn’t hurt

A message to Muslims who are not professional strategic special operators: #StopIslam is just venting. Sure, it’s not pleasant for you to read, but it doesn’t mean anything. How will people “stop Islam”? With social media?

Grow up.

A message to Muslim professional strategic special operators: You’re the best in the world. Stay safe, I look forward to your inevitable victory, and thank you.


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