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Alone? I’m anything but. The right people are on my side

Alone? I’m anything but. The right people are on my side

In 2014, an Iranian-American journalist named Ali Gharib lied to me in order to get an interview. His goal was to discredit me because I was debunking Palestinian propaganda. A clinical psychologist named Michael Shaw violated all the rules of his profession by insinuating that I hallucinate. Both Gharib and Shaw succeeded in destroying my reputation. Politics and tribalism mean more to them than human lives. But even though Gharib and Shaw discredited me, I’m not alone. Far from it.

The reason so many people are now reading my Web site is because I tell them the truth, with proof.

Middle Easterners took control of their own destinies, they’re decades ahead of the west in terms of technology, and they’re solving problems that seemed to have no solution.

Alone except for these guys

Yesterday I finally confirmed what I’d thought: Israel and the Arab League invented weapons that destroy military objects without killing people. This new approach to warfare has incalculable ramifications. The only thing we can say for sure is that Israel and the Arab League are now global superpowers. My guess is that Arab nations will improve their standard of living in record time.

So I’m not only not alone, I’m with these men.




I’m in great company.

Alone in some ways

A physicist began reading my posts about hypersonic weapons. He was shocked that I’d tracked down research that he knew nothing about.

“Why aren’t you writing for major news outlets?” he asked.

Because of Ali Gharib and Michael Shaw. That’s the short answer.

But now I actually prefer it this way. When you have unconventional ideas, it makes people angry. They cross examine you aggressively. Also, they mock you. I was told that the man on the right below is a reporter for the Iraqi Badr Organization.

Never in the history of journalism has a reporter been so suicidal as to enter a combat zone fully outfitted as a special operator, without the word “PRESS” on his helmet, chest, and back. The man above even has fingerless gloves and a balaclava. People mocked me for not knowing that he’s a reporter.

Well, here’s an identically dressed man giving orders to the drivers of armored vehicles in Fallujah.

The ones deserving of mockery are those who think that these men are journalists.

I’m not interested in wasting my time on people who can’t or won’t see what I do. Therefore it’s not a tragedy that no “reputable” publication wants me as a writer. It’s tedious to have to explain things over and over. I lack the patience.

Blogging is what’s best for me.

Alone in perceiving

Bashar al-Assad has lost the war. He’s putting out moronic propaganda that only cretins believe. Look at the video below, for example.

Those are the hapless, untrained Afghans of the Fatemiyoun Brigades. They’re cannon fodder. In actual combat, the Afghan mortar squads would be worse than useless. By firing only one round, you attract snipers and counter-battery fire. Technology allows the enemy to pinpoint your location and kill you if you shoot one mortar round and then just stand there.

Below is how real soldiers use a mortar WHEN UNDER DIRECT FIRE.

It’s clear that the Afghan mortars were firing at empty buildings.

Nobody has ever seen the spectacle below. It’s never been done, because it’s so stupid and dangerous.

They’re facing forward and shooting blindly to the left. If they fell, they could easily kill their comrades.

Jaysh al-Thuwar is comprised mainly of Arab League professional strategic special operators. Below is how you cross an open space while firing. The short man in the brown shirt is an operator.

Ten rounds, all on target.

He carefully aimed even though he was running. That soldier and his weapon are a single unit. You can’t tell where the human ends and the rifle begins.

Alone in laughing?

I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by the character of Syrian Colonel Major General Suheil “the Tiger” al-Hassan of the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces. At least five men have played him. Below are two actors giving their interpretations.

Did you know that ears are what facial-recognition experts always look at first?

Personality cults are something I’ve never understood. Only failed states foster personality cults. Turkey is now officially a failed state. Turks are going to Incirlik Air Base by the thousands and screaming “Death to America! Death to Israel!” in the time-honored Iranian fashion.

I find it funny. Like the words “racism,” “Nazi,” and “Islamophobia,” the chants of “Death to America! Death to Israel!” have lost all meaning. They’re the mating calls of brainless zombies.

This is even funnier.

On July 15, 2016, somebody waged a limited war on Turkey. It took 25 minutes to utterly demolish the nation’s entire armed forces and security services. The Turkish public has no idea the danger it faces—and not from the US. We Americans lack the will to defend ourselves effectively. All it takes is social-media posts to make us back off.

I’m alone…with them

Out there in the night are men and women who fear nobody. They have weapons of almost incomprehensibly destructive power, and their goal is to prevent imperialists from inflicting themselves on others. These clandestine warriors come from cultures with long histories of being oppressed. Because they’re the most original thinkers who ever lived, they’ve figured out how to easily defeat their enemies. Every time.

They matter. This doesn’t.

The leader of Syria’s Nusra Front said in a recording aired Thursday that his group is changing its name, claiming it will have no more ties with al Qaeda in an attempt to undermine a potential U.S. and Russian air campaign against its fighters.

He’s the most pleasant-looking terrorist I’ve ever seen.

But like the Turks, he still doesn’t understand.

It’s not the US and Russia that “extremists” should be worrying about. The Associated Press didn’t even think to ask a Middle Eastern analyst what this means. Instead, they went to Ludovico Carlino of IHS Markit, a British firm. Predictably, he said something dumb.

The name change is “a smart public relations exercise” that will allow the newly designated Levant Conquest Front “to embed itself more deeply in the Syrian insurgency and to indoctrinate local Syrians to its jihadist ideology, while retaining its long-term goal of establishing Islamic governance in Syria.”

Ludovico Carlino thinks that the Arab League is helplessly watching Syria, waiting for mighty westerners to take charge. Here’s what the Arab League did to the al-Nusra Front.

The Arab League will offer a very warm welcome to the Levant Conquest Front.

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