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Anger would prevent me from wielding power responsibly

Anger would prevent me from wielding power responsibly

Because of my anger, it’s impossible for me to tolerate liars and the stupid. If I became the American president, this is how conversations would go.

Prime Minister X: Mr. President, we need your help in fighting these terrorists.

Me: I’m sorry. Military action is out of the question. We might accidentally harm civilians. The world says that there’s no crime worse than America accidentally harming civilians, so I have to refuse your request. Good luck and goodbye.

See? I’d make a terrible president.

My anger is indestructible

The only thing that would cure my anger would be if politicians and military leaders began calling out journalists and “human rights” advocates as the liars they are. My own personal view is that when people behave in a certain way, they prove themselves unworthy of engagement. As a result, after the first time a journalist or “human rights” activist lied about me, I’d cut off all contact with that person forever.

Western journalists deeply love jihadist terrorists. There are multiple reasons.

a) Jihadist terrorists are “aboriginal freedom fighters.”
b) Jihadist terrorists are rebels.
c) Jihadists terrorists give the impression of hyper-masculinity
d) Jihadist terrorists are anti-American.
e) Jihadist terrorists hate Jews.

Western journalists don’t care in the least about the suffering that jihadist terrorists cause. Recently the Islamic State released video of what it said was the aftermath of an American air strike near Manbij, Syria. The footage shows nothing but blast damage. Clearly the terrorists detonated a car bomb, which dismembered several children. There’s no need to post the video.

This is without question the signature of a car bomb.



No crater, no fragmentation. Consequently, no aerial munition.

The video shows men cursing the US.

As president, I’d say, “Fine. We’re leaving. Enjoy life under the Islamic State.”

No anger

My impression is that the Middle Easterners leading the fight against terrorism don’t react with anger when journalists and pundits lie about them. For one thing, the Arab League and its allies know the real story. This is a great Arab proverb.

“The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”

What I lack is serenity. Even though I know that all will be well, I hate dishonesty and the ingrained human urge to prevent improvement. Almost everybody has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. If you think about it, just about every organization and institution thrives on human suffering. Politicians, journalists, pundits, and “human rights” activists all need the misery to continue in order for the paychecks to keep coming.

My anger always flares at the western characteristic of attributing superhuman prowess to evil forces. Below is one of the most egregious examples I’ve ever seen, from the BBC, of course: Iraq violence: Did IS use new type of bomb for deadliest attack?



After twenty-six paragraphs of slobbering admiration for the Islamic State, writer Lyse Doucet gets to the truth.

The car bomb trapped people in burning buildings that had no fire escapes. Guards at the security checkpoints used toy “explosive-detection” wands that they knew were worthless. Finally, terrorists bribed their way past some guards onto the pedestrian mall.

This car bomb would’ve killed 20 to 30 people. Since the Iraqis are still incompetent and corrupt, 292 died. Needlessly.

Is this a face that radiates empathy?


Lyse Doucet wrote a piece that will prolong the war against the Islamic State. More people will die because she has a fetish for jihadist terrorists.

Anger at pre-appeasement

In France, there was going to be a parade to memorialize the 84 people killed on July 14, 2016, in Nice, France, when a jihadist terrorist ran them over with a large truck. More than 10,000 marchers had signed up for the July 31 parade.

Well, the Alpes-Maritimes authorities and the Mayor of Nice revoked the permission they gave for the parade.


This is being misreported.


No. Here is the strangely worded rationale.

Concerning the very strong mobilization of law enforcement and emergency forces and the threat, the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture decided not to allow the white march that was to be held Sunday, July 31 on the Promenade des Anglais.

They’re saying that the parade would require too much work to protect. There’s no specific threat. The French simply think that memorializing the 84 dead is more trouble than it’s worth. They’ve completely surrendered to the terrorists.

Weakness attracts predators. If I were the French president, I’d announce that these people were going to join the parade in memory of their fellow citizens.

I’d put them in the parade, not around it. Very few terrorists are interested in facing off against parade-goers like this.


Yesterday on Twitter, there was a sudden flurry of westerners preemptively capitulating to jihadist terrorism. Some kind of collectivist message from the queen must’ve gone out, because all of these little bees said the same thing: Defending yourself is a sign of fear, and it means that the terrorists have won.

Therefore, the logical conclusion is that the way to defeat terrorism is to die.

Amused disgust more than anger

Today I had an epiphany: Do you know what’s behind the western aversion to self-defense?


One of the Twitter bees said that Britain must never become a “militarized society like Israel.” I thought he was just a random idiot, but then I found this.


That’s why Europe and other collectivists won’t defend themselves. To defend yourself is JEWISH.

It’s impossible to overstate the craziness of this position. Never mind the fact that one should value his LIFE more than the opinions of others; these lunatics have forgotten that the Jewish people have an extremely long history of not defending themselves.

The popular view of Israel as the new Nazi Germany is an unprecedented level of raving insanity. But you hear it all the time, mostly from Europeans. The cartoon below is from a British newspaper.


They’ve reverted to the mindset they had in the Dark Ages. It’s another reason that I admire the Saudis, who made peace with Israel, co-developed weapons with Israel, and trained their men with Israel. The Saudis care about results, nothing more.

Europeans would rather die than be thought of as Jews.

So be it. Geopolitical Darwinism: That which has no will to survive, won’t. Cultures willing to put aside ancient animosities will thrive and succeed.

The sea change in the Middle East helps me cope with my anger.

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