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Blueprint for defeating terrorism was created in 2004

Blueprint for defeating terrorism was created in 2004

By now you know that a terrorist killed at least 84 people in Nice, France. He injured more than 100. The reason he was able to do this is that the French aren’t serious about fighting terrorism. However, there is a deadly serious blueprint for completely defeating terrorism. Saudi Arabia created it in 2004.

Blueprint for disaster

The terrorist in Nice used a large truck to run over his victims on the Promenade des Anglais. Even though it was Bastille Day, the French authorities took no special precautions. Here is the Promenade des Anglais, marked with a red X.


Because nobody blocked traffic, the terrorist drove up onto the Promenade and ran over people for almost a mile (two kilometers) until either his truck broke down or police shot him. He apparently had a firearm himself. Eyewitnesses say that the police simply shouted at everyone to run. Photos show that police marksmanship was terrible.


The red arrow is the steering wheel. Not one round struck in the vicinity of the driver’s chest or head.

Even after the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015, that killed 130 people, the French government did nothing.


The French Ministry of the Interior has rejected the idea of reform. Therefore French civilians will continue dying in horrible, violent ways.

Blueprint for success

Al-Qaeda began a series of violent attacks on Saudi Arabia in 2003. By May of 2004, the Saudis were radically transforming their ability to engage in counterterrorism. What follows is MY OWN analysis, based on information and photographs.

Saudi Arabia has multiple institutions that carry out military and paramilitary duties. The Royal Saudi Armed Forces defend the country, while the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) traditionally defended the House of Saud. The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for internal security. After 2004, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the National Guard, and the Ministry of the Interior began quietly merging their forces.

Saudis don’t talk about this very much. I think that’s smart. However, if you look hard enough, you’ll see that the kingdom’s various armed units are coordinated in multiple ways.

Traditionally, the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment protected the king. This was three battalions of light infantry that maintained a communications network separate from that of the regular army. Men of the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment wear a green beret.


Well, soldiers of the Saudi Special Forces are now guarding the king as well. They wear a black beret.


Saudi troops wear qualification badges that tell the whole story.

Unique blueprint

Nobody does things the way the Saudis do. Here’s a soldier of the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment.


He wears paratrooper wings and badges for courses in counterterrorism and personal protection. Most noteworthy, he has the Saudi Special Forces Pursuit and Assault badge on his lower right chest.

Men of the Special Security Forces (also called the Special Emergency Forces) are under the command of the Ministry of the Interior. Though not soldiers, they earn army paratrooper, marksmanship, and Special Forces Pursuit and Assault badges.


This is because the Saudis opened the Center and School of Paratroopers and Special Security Forces. All of the ministries responsible for protecting Saudi Arabia inside and out are cooperating.

That idea is so crazy that it just might work!

This captain of the Special Security Forces wears a US Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) qualification badge.


Again, he’s not a soldier. He’s a police special operator.

The Saudis have eliminated internecine rivalry. Even members of the SANG are attending Royal Land Forces schools. This major below has Saudi army paratrooper wings, a Saudi army EOD badge, and the Special Forces Pursuit and Assault badge.


This level of unity is not found in any western country.

Is it effective?

Universal blueprint

The results speak for themselves.



Furthermore, the Saudis closely monitor those with suspected ties to terrorism.

They control what is said in…mosques. It’s called a “public education campaign,” but the reality is that nobody is allowed to preach terrorism.

Finally, there’s also a government media campaign that bluntly exposes the savagery of the Islamic State and other terrorist groups. The government is indifferent to the notion of “Islamophobia.”

Westerners lack the backbone to implement Saudi-style measures. You can see it for yourself. This is from the Reuters report above.


Twitter is full of terrorists who use this approach. The accusations below are lies.


Those are images of Sunni Muslims fleeing Fallujah with their belongings. The fire is from the battle.

While it’s stomach-turning to read such evil, we can be thankful that social media doesn’t actually have the impact that people thought. Twitter and Facebook won’t crack down on terrorist-supporting accounts, but the lack of sectarian conflict in Iraq shows that nobody’s listening to the liars.

Blueprint for war

Westerners can’t defeat Islamist terrorism. Why? Because we’re defeatists.

“The enemy gets a vote.” I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that. It means that the enemy makes you reactive instead of proactive.

The Saudis don’t give the enemy a vote. The enemy doesn’t have time to vote, because he’s too busy trying to figure out what the hell is happening to him.

Another defeatist sentiment: “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

Tell that to the Saudis. If your plan is good enough, it absolutely demolishes the enemy. France was in a “state of emergency” for eight months. When a terrorist attacked, this is how the police responded.


On June 16, 2016, someone killed Brazilian-Syrian drug kingpin and arms smuggler Jorge “Sadaam” Rafaat Toumani in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay. Rafaat was a Hezbollah financier, and he was under the protection of the Brazilian, Paraguayan, and Argentinian governments. The federal police and armed forces of those nations guarded him.

This is what his car looked like after the ambush.



Every single bullet hit Rafaat, who was the driver. A squad of highly trained special forces infiltrated Paraguay, created a deception, killed Rafaat, and escaped. The entire operation lasted twenty-six seconds. We know that they were special operators because of the way they fired their rifles.

That’s called the “double tap.” Three entire nations were no match for about fifteen men. My guess is that most of those men have “al-” in their family names, and they don’t drink alcohol.

I don’t expect the Europeans to ask Israel for help. And frankly, Israel is under no obligation to help people who hate her and want her destroyed.

Europe, you’re completely incompetent. Pick up the phone and call the Saudis. Enough is enough.

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