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Sorrow for what they do and what must be done to them

Sorrow for what they do and what must be done to them

The last thing I ever expected was to feel sorrow for terrorists. It doesn’t change my opinion that they have to be killed, but now I find it harder to expose myself to the deaths of the incompetent ones. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that Hamas “Nukhbah” infiltrators are being killed in their collapsing attack tunnels.


These are murderers who want to kill as many Jewish civilians as possible. In their Gaza tunnels, they’re suddenly coming face to face with Arab League commandos.

The commandos shoot them with silenced weapons and then explode the tunnels. Everyone who becomes a member of the Hamas “Nukhbah” is going after soft targets. Therefore I like the idea that the last people they see are the hardest men who ever walked this earth.

Sorrow at the stupidity

According to the Pentagon, the Islamic State is increasingly using poorly trained conscripts. We have a video that proves this is true. The men below have no military training whatsoever. They’re cannon fodder. This video has no gore, but it’s depressing to see fellow humans so degraded.

Don’t get me wrong: I feel no sorrow for the smug suicide bomber at the beginning of the video. The idiots in the armored vehicles, however, are a circus act that ends with the deaths of all the performers. They attacked the wrong people, a lesson they learned too late.

This man has a German Rheinmetall MG3 general-purpose machine gun.

The MG3 has an incredibly high rate of fire, and you can change the barrel within seconds to prevent overheating. One well-trained gunner armed with an MG3 could defend an entire village.

But nobody in the Islamic State assault force has any training. Their vehicles advance close together. Here’s how Arab League mechanized special forces advance.

Why? Two reasons.


When you’re all bunched up, you accidentally shoot your own people.

And two.

Bunching up makes it easier for the enemy to take you all out at the same time. The vehicle was just hit with a guided missile. Everyone on board was killed or wounded.

These men don’t know the names of their weapons.

As they blunder through their operation, their vehicles are picked off one by one.

Laughter and sorrow

It’s like a cruel parody.

A rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) has what’s called a “backblast.” The jet of burning propellant comes out the back of the launcher. In this case it hit the wall of the armored vehicle and bounced around inside, burning everyone.

Another knocked-out armored vehicle.

I blame the western press, western academia, and western punditry for this. People who know nothing about military matters have spent years slobbering over the Islamic State. That made the uninformed buy into the myth of Islamic State fighting prowess. Now, pitiful dupes in Syria and Iraq are being slaughtered by the most skilled warriors in human history.

To this day, I have yet to see a single “expert” write anything of value about the wars in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.

Abu Hajaar is terrified. That’s what’s wrong with him. Nobody prepared him for what he’s experiencing. In a moment, I’ll show you fearless Arab professional soldiers in combat. First, we have to finish off the Islamic State.

Sorrow and disbelief

All day on social media, people claim that the Saudis, Turks, and Qataris are arming the Islamic State. If so, why does the Islamic State have to improvise a caveman’s version of a rifle grenade?

It’s a worthless munition that didn’t even explode.

Then the inevitable happens.

They get out of the vehicle and come under heavy fire, of course. So they decide to…roll home.

I’m truly stunned. They’ve actually been told to roll away from enemy fire. This video should make every Islamic State fighter kill his commanders and then put down his weapon. Look how far these hapless failures plan on rolling.

All the way to the horizon. Every armored vehicle has been destroyed. The Islamic State refuses to believe that Arab League strategic special operators have joined the fight in Iraq, a deadly misapprehension.

The cameraman rolls until he dies like an animal in the dirt.

Although I feel sorrow for this incredibly foolish man, he had to be killed. He gave the Kurds and their Arab League allies no choice.

No sorrow for THIS

Watch how professional Arab soldiers fight. These are men of the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG), known as the White Army. First a short clip.

That’s not what you probably think it is. The SANG was traditionally responsible for internal security, while the Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Forces (RSAAF) defended the country. You could call the SANG the king’s private army, dedicated to protecting him from military coups.

Well, without fanfare, the SANG and the RSAAF are merging. Now members of the Special Forces protect the king.


The SANG were mostly Wahhabists recruited from tribes personally loyal to the king. They were heavily armed conventional troops. However, the video shows SANG special forces. The civilian clothing and different weapons leave no doubt. I can’t tell you when the SANG began training in unconventional warfare. It was done secretly.

What you’re seeing is a quick-reaction force (QRF) locating and neutralizing a member of the Yemeni Republican Guard who was shooting at the SANG inside Saudi Arabia. The QRF first did “reconnaissance by exposure.” By drawing fire, the QRF got the sniper to reveal his position.

Then the QRF surrounded the sniper and killed him. There’s no gore in the footage showing the aftermath of the operation; it’s pink cloth, not flesh. I can’t embed the video because the uploader wants his “likes.” He took the video from someone else but then requested that his version be seen only on YouTube.

You can watch it here.

These men of the SANG QRF are allowed to dress however they want, and they had only weapons and ammunition. They’re nimble hunter-killers.

The dead Islamic State terrorists in Iraq got all “jocked up” in uniforms, helmets, and vests, but the SANG special forces didn’t even have ammunition pouches.

This operation lasted only minutes, and each man fired only a few rounds. One guy had three magazines taped together “jungle style.”

The others were content with just thirty-odd rounds apiece.

Counter-sniping is incredibly dangerous, especially if your opponent is as highly trained as the Yemeni Republican Guard.

But the SANG QRF are better soldiers, despite their scruffy appearance.

And when they came under fire, they calmly withdrew back into Saudi Arabia.

I don’t feel sorrow for the Yemeni sniper. He was an experienced soldier who thought that the SANG were easy targets. Like apparently everyone on earth, he was unaware of Saudi military skills. That SANG QRF undertook a massively risky operation: It advanced on the sniper and killed him at close range. Most armed forces would’ve used an air strike or artillery, but I realized something recently.

Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners always say, “Americans fight from the sky like cowards. If they came down here and met us man to man, we’d win.”

I used to laugh at that as the bitterness of ninth-century time travelers. Well, I was dead wrong. What happened was that because of our advanced technology, the enemy never considered himself legitimately defeated. The west “cheated.” That’s why the enemy never stopped fighting.

The Arab League now has the most advanced weapons in the world. Even so, the Saudis deploy men such as that SANG QRF so that the enemy can’t delude himself into continuing his fruitless wars.

Saudi Arabia is sending a message: “On the battlefield, all we need are our rifles and our brains.”

It’s such a potent warning that far fewer people are having to be killed. It never would’ve occurred to me to fight a war this way.

But then again, I’m not Mr. Everything, the man who wins by making his own rules.

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