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Soft bigotry doesn’t make you morally superior

Soft bigotry doesn’t make you morally superior

I support Israel, but there are times when Israelis make me think that it’s a wasted effort. Specifically, I despise the Israeli penchant for national displays of histrionic self-loathing. The current reason to scream and rend one’s garments is because an IDF soldier shot to death a wounded Palestinian terrorist. All the Israelis wailing about this incident are simply showing off for the cameras. It’s a form of soft bigotry that could cost Israel everything.

Soft heads

Palestinians pose a massive threat, despite their faux helplessness. It’s absolutely clear that the soldier shot the terrorist because he thought the man was wearing a suicide vest under his heavy coat. And in fact that’s exactly what witnesses say.

A civilian paramedic, who responded to the stabbing attack on Thursday in which two Arabs wounded a soldier, has stated that those present at the scene feared that one of the neutralized terrorists was armed with a suicide bomb vest, and was attempting to activate it when the soldier opened fire.

“I ran down [to the scene] and saw a civilian holding his hand to a soldier’s shoulder in an attempt to stop the bleeding. There were two terrorists lying down nearby; one next to the soldier and one about 15 yards away.”

“As we started to treat him [the soldier] someone started shouting ‘Look out, look out! He’s trying to blow himself up. Get the bomb squad.’”

I can’t be the only person on the planet who remembers this incident.

Palestinian terrorists specialize in the “double tap”: They wait until enough rescue personnel arrive, and then they attack again. The Associated Press report of this latest Palestinian depravity is enough to make any moral person throw up.

The Palestinians have also accused Israel of using excessive force and killing assailants who have already been stopped or wounded. A handful of amateur videos supporting the Palestinian claims have emerged in recent months, but Thursday’s killing of Palestinian Abdel-Fattah al-Sharif was perhaps the clearest so far.

“The way al-Sharif was killed is very common, but this time we had the camera to film the extra-judicial killing,” said Jamal Zakout, director of Al-Ard, a Palestinian think tank in the West Bank town of Ramallah. He said the Palestinians could use the killing as a “good example” in their appeal for “international protection” from Israel.

Palestinian terrorism is extra-judicial killing and excessive force. Terrorists are unlawful combatants who are not protected by the Geneva Conventions. They deliberately target civilians, which makes them war criminals. Nobody—not even Palestinians—actually feels bad when drugged-up former humans are shot dead after going crazy with knives.

Soft morality

This is priceless.

Ben Caspit, a liberal commentator with the Maariv daily, said Israel must protect its “moral backbone.”

“The Israeli army is not an army that carries out extrajudicial executions,” he said. “It must not be such an army. On that day, we will know what we have lost. Unfortunately, we are not far off from that loss.”

Form a mental image of sad, moral Ben Caspit. Ready?

Here you go.


Such a prim, tight little mouth. I’ll bet he’s got huge index fingers for wagging at everybody.

He should be deported to Gaza. The IDF rules of engagement (ROE) are so restrictive that they put soldiers at unnecessary risk. These ROE are another form of posturing, I’m sorry to say. Since the world falsely accuses the Israelis of war crimes anyway, the ROE need to be junked.

I’ve had a certain opinion for a long time. It was never my intention to express it publicly, but now I’m going to.

Israelis need to become more like Saudis.

Soft thinking

Don’t get me wrong: I’ll always support Israel…until she implodes in an orgy of phony guilt meant to prove that Israelis are so moral that they’ll die to make up for refusing to die.

The Saudis simply don’t give a damn what anybody thinks of them. Yesterday’s Israelis didn’t either.

We can now report — based on interviews with former Mossad officers and with Israelis who have access to the Mossad’s archived secrets from half a century ago — that [Heinz] Krug was murdered as part of an Israeli espionage plot to intimidate the German scientists working for Egypt.

Moreover, the most astounding revelation is the Mossad agent who fired the fatal gunshots: Otto Skorzeny, one of the Israeli spy agency’s most valuable assets, was a former lieutenant colonel in Nazi Germany’s Waffen-SS and one of Adolf Hitler’s personal favorites among the party’s commando leaders.

This is almost beyond comprehension. All military historians know who Otto “Scarface” Skorzeny was.

Otto Skorzeny

He’s beloved of Jew-haters and Neo-Nazis the world over because he was one of the most successful commandos in history, and he was seen as having “gotten away with it.” He died of cancer in 1975, having enjoyed forty-five years of booze, cigarettes, women, wealth, and fame. The fact that he was a Mossad hit man who killed Germans is going to make lots of Jew-haters have strokes.

Plenty of Israelis will also weep fake tears of guilty sorrow at the inhumanity of it all.

Soft spears

One of the best (anti-) war movies ever made is Zulu. Michael Caine is Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead. Yes, he was a real person.


At Rorke’s Drift, 150 British soldiers held off 4000 Zulu warriors armed with spears and rifles. Before the battle, Bromhead expresses contempt for African porters.

“Cowardly blacks,” he sneers.

This infuriates Boer volunteer Adendorff.

“What the hell do you mean ‘cowardly blacks’?” he shouts. “They died on your side, didn’t they? And who the hell do you think is coming to wipe out your little command? The Grenadier Guards?”

Palestinians with knives can destabilize Israel. Go ahead and think of them as misunderstood aborigines who will be grateful for your magnanimous concern. Palestinians are very cleverly eroding the will of Israelis to fight back.

Soft landing? No

The Syrian civil war is a complete hoax. What I mean is that the Arab League has pulled off the most brilliant military ruse on record. This surpasses anything that the west has ever done. Prior to the Syrian civil war, the most audacious and risky military deception carried out was this.

Operation Bodyguard was the code name for a World War II deception plan employed by the Allied states before the 1944 invasion of north-west Europe. The plan was intended to mislead the German high command as to the time and place of the invasion. The plan contained several operations, which culminated in the tactical surprise of the Germans during the Normandy landings on June 6, 2023 (also known as D-Day) and delayed German reinforcements to the region for some time afterwards.

They used all sorts of tricks, including these.


Fleets of dummy tanks and aircraft were parked at Dover and given the name First United States Army Group (FUSAG), the commander of which was none other than Ol’ Blood and Guts, General George S. Patton.


But FUSAG didn’t exist. It was the Phantom Army, intended to deceive the Germans into thinking that the Allies would invade Europe at the Pas de Calais, not at Normandy.


Here are the actual invasion routes.


The Germans were totally fooled.

I would argue that the deception that the Arab League and its allies have accomplished in Syria is an order of magnitude greater than that of Operation Bodyguard. This video is crucial.


I did research on that little dot and finally confirmed that I’m right. The information was very hard to uncover, which is why the deception has worked.

Today I learned that Nazi Germany’s greatest hero worked for the Mossad. Therefore I can now accept the reality of the Syrian civil war. Nothing is as it seems, and everything is under control. I know how the conflict will end, and I know what will happen next: regional peace.

All that’s left is to figure out what the hell kind of Israeli weapons the Arab League and its allies are using in Syria. The jihadists below forgot to think about “flanking fire.” Someone mowed them down from the side.

All right. But what in the world is this?


I have no idea. It isn’t rifle or machine-gun fire. Only a time exposure taken with a still camera can make the path of tracer rounds appear to be straight lines.


Whatever this is, it’s a physical phenomenon that originated from a concealed position on the left of the screen and went behind some tufts of grass and in front of others.


If it’s a laser beam, my guess is that it’s part of a targeting system. Visible laser beams are monochromatic, meaning one color. Daylight is every color in the rainbow. A laser beam can carry a huge amount of information, due to being monochromatic. All known laser targeting systems either use the beam to guide a munition, or they produce a dot that shows a gunner where the bullet will hit.


Laser target designators and laser sights both depend on human skill. A new targeting system could use a visible laser beam that would tell a robotic gun exactly where to shoot. These automatically fired rounds would never miss.

We need to redefine the term “soft targets.”

The real soft targets are those who try to fight Israel, the Arab League, and their allies.