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Social media can tell you who’s winning and losing wars

Social media can tell you who’s winning and losing wars

It’s no secret that the Russians have many thousands of fake accounts on social media. Most are under women’s names. The people running the accounts work for the Internet Research Agency, generally called the Agency. In my youth, I was a sucker for the sort of women who the Agency hires.

Now, they’re as attractive to me as a crucifix is to a vampire. It took me my entire life to learn that Damaged But Bravely Forging Ahead is sadistic manipulation. These women are incapable of emotional connection. It’s all a game. Add it to the list of reasons that I’m a hermit. Because of imprinting, I unconsciously search out such people. I’m like a flower turning its face toward a dirty sun.

Correction: I’d search out such people if I weren’t solitary. But I am solitary, so these people now search me out. Today I met one.

Social media is like TV

Imagine the squandered promise of television! Social media is the same. I can now talk to people in Russia, instantaneously, but generally it’s a huge waste of time.

I had a Russian friend for seven years.

He’s a colonel in the army. We met when I contacted him to ask if he could help me find information about Russian flamethrowers of World War I. He was extremely cooperative, resulting in the only book of its kind.

After he sent me the information, he hesitantly asked if we could have a pen-pal relationship. I was the first non-Russian with whom he’d ever communicated. He wrote to me in Russian, and I replied in English. This was to preserve his dignity, he told me. He reads and speaks fluent English, but it was a matter of pride that he not make mistakes that would embarrass him.

Within a year, I considered him a friend. He’s very funny, literate, quirky, and a lover of art. I haven’t come across a finer landscape photographer.

Everything was jake until Russia invaded the Crimea on February 20, 2014. I didn’t say anything, but my Russian pal went insane. This is because Putin poisons his people with utterly depraved propaganda. My friend said that the Ukrainians had set up death camps to exterminate ethnic Russians. These camps were run by NATO, Nazis, Jews, and homosexuals.

I watched the Crimean invasion. It was carried out by Russia’s best unit, the 76th Guards Air Assault Division. They were panicky clowns who nearly opened fire on unarmed, singing Ukrainians. A depressed, embarrassed officer had to restrain multiple man-pigs.


Despite my disgust at how my friend was debasing himself, I didn’t criticize him or his pathetic soldiers. Finally my friend gave me an ultimatum: Either I support Russia, or he’d end the friendship.

With sadness and a lot of anger, I told him to end the friendship, which he did. He occasionally sends me abusive messages, but for the most part, he’s gone. Seven years of correspondence meant nothing to him.

Add it to the list of reasons why I’m a hermit.

Social media and Syria

Last night I wrote a post describing how I’d found the patent for the new weapons that the Arab League and its allies are using to defeat everyone in Syria who needs to be defeated. They’re munitions that combine a thermobaric or fuel-air explosive (FAE) with a warhead for producing nonnuclear electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Therefore I call these weapons EMPFAE munitions.

The only nation on earth capable of turning the patent into actual weapons is Israel. However, funding was needed. This had to have been provided by the Gulf Cooperation Council. As the new weapons were being developed, the Israelis and Arab League began training soldiers to use them. These are strategic special forces, called “C6ISR units.” There can be no doubt that Israel and the Arab League are now full-fledged allies.

Today, Vladimir Putin’s slaves came after me. It’s easy to see why.

The Russians think that crude propaganda will change the course of the war in Syria. George W. Bush said that talking with Putin was like debating an eighth grader who has all the facts wrong. Therein lies the weakness of the west. You don’t debate people like that; you simply force them to stop what they’re doing.

Putin is now deliberately making the refugee crisis worse in order to destabilize Turkey and Europe. He’s bombing cities, aid routes, and humanitarian convoys. Therefore Arab, African, Asian, and Central Asian C6ISR units in Syria have begun killing Russian military advisers. The Arab League and her allies are killing Russian generals by the dozen. And now the Arab League has armed its operators with surface-to-air missiles so that they can shoot down Russian bombers and helicopters.

This is the first time since 1945 that the Russians have fought a First World army. As luck would have it, the Russians are facing the most highly trained, skilled, and heavily armed professional warriors in human history. There’s no danger that attacking the Russians will lead to a wider conflict. Putin won’t risk the catastrophic humiliation that the Arab League would inflict on him.

The architect of everything that’s happening in the Middle East apparently arrived here by time machine from 300,000 years in the future.


Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman began The Great Revision when he was twenty-five years old. There’s no explanation for him, except maybe that he was needed, and therefore he was provided.

I’m guessing that he isn’t much interested in social media.

Below is my exchange with an Agency employee who saw my post on EMPFAE munitions and went all the way back to May of 2015 to argue with me. The woman who the Russian defended—Joanne Stowell—is a British photographer, white supremacist, and one of the most implacable Jew-haters on social media.

I didn’t know this, but there’s a cabal of lunatics who claim that Ashkenazim—European Jews—are actually Turkic Khazars. For some reason that makes them “mongrels” who are forbidden from calling themselves Jews or white. At any rate, behold social media from the Russian perspective.

Maria is the social media equivalent of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division. I provided a link to the refutation of the quote; Maria panicked and blocked me after a Lavish Flouncing Exit with a Pithy Parting Comment™.

Look at her Twitter account backdrop. The Russian glory days of seventy-one years ago!

In World War II, the Soviets had to put political commissars with machine guns behind Red Army soldiers. Without the commissars there to kill them, the soldiers wouldn’t have advanced.

Fast forward to Syria in 2016. The Arab, African, Asian, and Central Asian C6ISR units are all volunteers. They’re young men far from home, surrounded by savages who butcher their captives. The names of these secret warriors will probably never be made public.

Vladimir Putin has a net worth of over $70 billion.

He isn’t fit to shine the shoes of this man.


Or these men.

Or these men.


Or these men.


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