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Supporting mass murder in the name of social justice

Supporting mass murder in the name of social justice

An especially foul depravity is supporting murderous governments or groups as an act of adolescent rebellion. I’ll admit this: When “social justice warriors” went to Iraq to help the insurgency and ended up getting decapitated, I thought it was funny.

I have many flaws, the worst being that I never forgive. But I’m getting better. I have Israel and the Arab League to thank.

Supporting Hezbollah and Hamas

One of the most destructive people to emerge from the madhouse of Europe is the Norwegian Mads Gilbert.


A medical doctor, he chooses to lie in order that terrorist organizations prevail over a nation that has done more than any other on earth to spare civilian lives during warfare. I now have inarguable evidence that Israel has been able to make major wars almost bloodless.

Gilbert claims that the Israelis use dense inert metal explosive (DIME) weapons. These weapons don’t exist. However, if they did, they’d create less collateral damage, not more. DIME is the experimental use of tungsten particulate in the warheads of munitions. When the warhead explodes, metal powder destroys the target at close range.


If the Israelis were using DIME weapons, there would be X-rays of metallic dust in victims’ bodies. It would look like this.


Mads Gilbert began making his accusations in 2006. In the ensuing decade, not a single X-ray of a victim of DIME weapons has been produced. This is because DIME weapons are fictional.

Israel has developed something much better than DIME, and I can prove it. The new weapons make their users invincible, and they spare virtually all civilians in the area. I can prove that too.

In a moment.

Supporting Assad because I hate Daddy

Today I learned of a new mental patient: “journalist and activist” Eva Bartlett.


A Canadian, she sounds exactly the way she looks. There’s a certain spoiled, put-upon, nattering, pedantic female way of speaking that’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Bartlett is far more insane than Mads Gilbert. She gave a long interview to some Irish lunatic; it’s here, if you want to waste your time.

Bartlett loves Hamas and Bashar al-Assad. She speaks of “so-called Israel,” a nation that she says doesn’t exist. There was no Syrian uprising in 2011, and Assad is not a dictator; he was democratically elected. So what happened in Syria, then?

Well, the JEWS, of course.

The “Rothschild-Zionist” cabal turned on Assad, sending in Saudi-Jewish terrorists who did all the killing. Assad never harmed a single Syrian. He hasn’t used chemical weapons or barrel bombs. The US supplies the Islamic State with weapons, and the biggest warmongers on earth are Human Rights Watch and Doctors Without Borders.

I’ve exposed the lies of Human Rights Watch and Doctors Without Borders. However, the one thing these organizations are NOT is warmongers. They never—under any circumstances—agitate for war. Eva Bartlett belongs here.


But she’s still evil.

Supporting murderers because…?

I never understood why the deranged codger Robert Fisk had a career.


To “fisk” a story is to methodically expose its multitude of lies one by one. Fisk claims that Assad’s Syrian Arab Army is now winning.

The Syrians themselves like to emphasise that their enemies are all foreigners – Turkmen from Turkey and Turkmenistan, Uigurs from China, civilians from Kyrgyzstan, although they know that Syrians, too, are out there across the valleys. “The Turks are spectacularly unhappy,” another officer said – he knew how clever his expression was in English – and expressed the view that “the Turks never expected the Syrian army would reach this point. They never guessed our strength and they know that their project here in Syria [the destruction of the regime] is collapsing.

Let’s fisk!

These are dead Hezbollah fighters.


Lebanese Arabs, right?

This is what the Iranian opposition says.

The Syrian army has had no participation in the battles of the past 10 days in northern Aleppo and all the fighting is being carried out by the IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] and their Afghan and Iraqi mercenaries. Currently, a portion of the IRGC Ground Forces are stationed in the Iran-linked Jame’at al-Mostafa University in the city of Nabal.

Hundreds of IRGC and foreign mercenaries have been killed or wounded in the battles of the past 10 days in Aleppo. Three IRGC brigadier generals by the names of Reza Farzaneh, former commander of the so-called 27th Mohammad Rasoulollah Division; Hossein Rezaie, a commander of the so-called 14th Imam Hossein Division from Isfahan; and Sattar Orang, an IRGC commander from Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad Province were seen amongst those killed in the past few days.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran says that the current offensives involve 8000 men of the IRGC and 52,000 Iranian Basij, Hezbollah, Syrian Defense Forces paramilitaries, Afghan militias, Iraqi militias, Pakistani militias, and Asian militias.

They haven’t been trained in the slightest. Watch a guy throw a hand grenade that almost kills everyone there.

And why is this tank named “Ivana” in Roman letters?


It should be “Ивана.”

The tank is a Russian T-55, which is almost seventy years old. There’s no heavy machine gun for the commander. It’s a prop for the international media, hence the name “Ivana.”

Supporting the right people

Until June of 2014, I supported Israel and didn’t worry about others’ viewpoints. They changed my mind by assaulting me and threatening to kill me. Israel is a touchstone: Those who don’t support her are crazy and evil.

Israeli arms sales show that Israel and the Arab League made peace in late 2008. Funded by the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Israelis began to create new weapons. At the same time, the Arab League and other Muslim Asian, Central Asian, and African nations organized new special-operations units that Israel calls “C6ISR forces”: strategic special forces.

All of these units have been trained by the US Marines, based on the United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) regimen. That means that Arab, Asian, Central Asian, and African C6ISR forces have been training for four years.

The combination of skill, new weapons, and new tactics makes these units impossible to defeat. Here you see a BGM-71 TOW missile fired at an Iranian communications tent. The man shown with the launcher is an actor. In reality, a professional special operator shot the missile.

After taking a direct hit by an antitank missile, the Iranian soldier gets up and walks away.


This is because the new Israeli weapons use thermobaric or fuel-air warheads, the force of which can be directed. Whoever fired that missile set it so that the shock wave would go upward, not forward. Therefore the Iranian soldier was not killed, even though the missile exploded right in his face.

The video below shows Jaysh al-Thuwar fighting against the Levant Front and the al-Nusra Front in Aleppo.

The men are professional strategic special operators armed with new weapons. They called in an air strike closer than I’ve ever seen in my life.


It wasn’t a US strike. Each C6ISR unit has its own air power: helicopters, UAVs, jet fighters, or counterinsurgency (COIN) turboprops converted from crop dusters.


There’s now no such thing as “danger close.” The munition exploding in the video has no deadly fragmentation, and the force of the blast can be directed. It was created to spare lives in urban combat.

And that’s how Israel and the Arab League are helping me cope with people who get off on supporting mass murderers.

In this hard, hard world, there are those who never gave up trying to find the ultimate life-saving weapons, and there are those who are fighting their co-religionists so that you and I will no longer be threatened. They volunteered to go into hell for us.

Here’s what one of them wrote to me.

Tell your Israeli and Jewish friends that we as proud Muslims will die for them. They’re our family.

Now they’re proving it. We’re going to win.

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