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Copenhagen terrorist: another amateur

Copenhagen terrorist: another amateur

There were two terrorist attacks in Copenhagen, Denmark today. My gut tells me that the same man carried them out. He’s an amateur, his incompetence a testament to the horrendously low caliber of people attracted to the jihadist cause.

The first attack was on the cafe in the Krudttønden cultural center, shortly before 4:00 p.m. Swedish political cartoonist Lars Vilks had organized an event titled “Art, Blasphemy, and the Freedom of Expression,” which made someone angry enough to commit murder.

The murderer was caught on CCTV.


This is an audio recording of the attack. The shooting begins at 0:17.

Documentary film maker Finn Norgaard, 55, was killed in the cafe, and three police officers outside were wounded.

Here’s a short video of the middle of the attack.

This is the description of the weapon used.

He had a black machine gun/machine rifle. Witnesses described it as 90-100cm long, completely black and plastic-looking.

It appears to be an AK-47, a rifle with much emotional resonance for a certain type of Muslim.



From both the audio recording and the video above, I think the weapon had a noise suppressor, also known as a silencer. This is an unsuppressed AK-47.

Now an AK-47 with a suppressor.

A suppressor would make it harder at first to tell where the terrorist was, allowing him time to shoot and then get away. That means he didn’t want to die. He carjacked a VW Polo and fled. Witnesses say that the police in front of the cafe returned fire; the audio recording above seems to corroborate that. Some of the later shots are louder and more percussive than the initial gunfire.

At around midnight someone shot two police officers outside the Great Synagogue in Krystalgade. A Jewish guard named Dan Uzan, 37, was also killed. Again, the terrorist escaped. This photo was taken from inside a building next to the synagogue.


I believe that’s a soldier standing above a body. Though not officially confirmed, reports are that the Danish army has joined in the search for the terrorist.


These would almost certainly be men of the Jaegerkorpset, the Danish special forces.


They’re tasked with counterterrorist operations. In 2004 they attended a private ceremony in the Rose Garden, in which George W. Bush decorated them with a Presidential Unit Citation for their work in Afghanistan. The Jaegerkorpset cleared the caves of Tora Bora. Imagine fighting al Qaeda in caves.

The Danish terrorist doesn’t have a chance. He’ll be dead or in custody soon after I post this.

Despite his suppressed rifle and the element of surprise, he—thankfully—botched the first attack by firing at waist and head level, even though everyone in the cafe had hit the floor.


Eight hours later, he or another terrorist had to make the attack on the synagogue. The two injured police officers were shot in the arms and legs. Do you know how hard it is to shoot someone in the arms and legs? The terrorist was using the “pray and spray” technique. He murdered a Jewish guard, but his goal was to shoot holes in a building. Symbolism is important to the medieval mindset.

As I write, there are unconfirmed reports that the terrorist has been shot and killed. That doesn’t surprise me. This was an attempt to imitate the Charlie Hebdo massacre, itself carried out by three untrained cretins. One of them didn’t even know how to reload his rifle, so he had to give it to his big brother.

The brother stopped barking about how they’d avenged the Prophet Mohammed—who suffered a near-fatal injury from being cartooned—and fixed up his little brother’s weapon.

Cartoonist Lars Vilks is on the terrorist hit list for depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog in 2007. I’ve never understood why Muslims expect non-Muslims to abide by the Islamic prohibition against depicting or insulting Mohammed. We’re not Muslims! Why would you care what non-Muslims do or say? And what gives you the right to impose your restrictions on me?

I’m allowed to write the word “Mohammed,” right? And I’m also allowed to draw happy stick figures.



But what would happen if I erased that barrier, moved the name over to the right so that it was over the figure’s head, and drew an arrow from the name to the happy little man?

You’d murder me, wouldn’t you?

I don’t expect you to ever understand how insane that is, because you’re the ones committing murder over cartoons. But you need to accept something: This is a war you can’t win.

Your jackass terrorist fired blindly into a room in which everyone was lying on the floor. Now he’s running for his life. All he did was make the ambivalent Danes want to kill you. Little by little, you’re encouraging people give up on making peace with you. The Danes aren’t alone; I had a conversation the other night with someone who has opposed every war the US had fought, including World War II.

“The only thing we can do is kill them all,” he said very firmly and without a trace of guilt.

By “them,” he meant the terrorists. I was stunned. It was like hearing my mother use four-letter words. Which she did about once every ten years. The first time I heard her drop an f-bomb, I thought I was going crazy.


But when circumstances are right, nice Catholic girls like Cecilia Elizabeth Lower Wictor will drop an f-bomb, and fanatical pacifists will demand that the US military kill tens of thousands of terrorists. We all have our breaking point.

If a group thinks it’s permissible for them to murder over cartoons, they need to be killed. What’s happened in the past fifty years is that we’ve let standards slide, so now murder in the name of one particular religion is considered a kind of dialog. They’re sending us a message to which we must pay attention.


We need to ignore what they want and instead announce that every attempted mass murder over cartoons in our countries will be met with a twenty-four-hour barrage of cruise missiles and aerial bombs. Savages who can’t function in our century need to be either held in check through fear of us, or they need to be exterminated.

Don’t kid yourself. We can make them fear us. Easily. It’ll require some backbone and the willingness to remove many thousands of barbarians from this earth. When they complain, just tell them we’re sending them to their beloved paradise. We can become the Martyr Travel Agency, specializing in one-way trips.

The Danish Jaegerkorpset doesn’t fool around. Just unleash these guys for a few years, with NO rules of engagement.


It’s time.


As I figured, one man carried out both attacks, and he’s been killed by the police.

With the city locked down, the final exchange of shots came between police and a suspect who arrived at an inner-city address they had under surveillance.

“A person who could be interesting in relation to the investigation arrived at the site,” police said in a statement in the early hours of Sunday. After police called out to him “he opened fire against the police and was thereafter shot,” the statement added. The scene was near a train station in the multicultural inner-city neighbourhood of Noerrebro. Later, police said they believed the suspect was responsible for both attacks and, while investigations were continuing, they had no initial indications that more than one person was involved.

As in the Charlie Hebdo attack, they identified him immediately, because he was a moron. Probably dropped his wallet. Also, the Danish National Police have the Politiets Aktionsstyrke or AKS, called the Special Intervention Unit in English. These are police officers trained by the Jaegerkorpset.


Nearly all information about the AKS is classified. The unit is under the jurisdiction of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), making it the rough equivalent of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team.

Update two

The dead terrorist is twenty-two-year-old Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, a petty criminal with a record of “past violence, gang-related activities, and possession of weapons[.]” Born and raised in Denmark, he was released from prison two weeks ago.

He arrived at his house in a black minivan, began to get out, was ordered to stop by police, and ran to the building, firing.


From the blood smear on the ground in front of the doorway and the number of shell casings marked by yellow plastic triangles, he seems to have been shot in the thigh, fallen forward, gotten up, continued firing, and was then killed, falling back to land in his final position.