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Military deception (MILDEC)

Military deception (MILDEC)

Military deception (MILDEC) is actions executed to deliberately mislead adversary military, paramilitary, or violent extremist organization decision makers, thereby causing the adversary to take specific actions (or inactions) that will contribute to the accomplishment of the friendly mission.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
United States Department of Defense

Daily I get messages from angry people telling me that they don’t believe my “conspiracy theory” that Hamas murdered Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr in order to make the world believe that the Israeli Defense Forces killed the boys on July 16, 2014.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a theoretical military deception (MILDEC) operation.

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas are trained military units. Their instructors are the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.


These men carry out all of Iran’s extraterritorial operations.

Training Hamas terrorists in MILDEC would be one of the Quds Force’s main duties. Hamas is far outclassed militarily by the IDF, so the terrorist organization must adopt unconventional means to try and even out the playing field.

This is why Hamas uses ambulances to transport terrorists and weaponry, and why the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades are headquartered in al-Shifa Hospital.

An Arab man on Twitter told me that he wouldn’t bother to read my timeline of the Hamas deception operation because “Hamas doesn’t kill children.”

He doesn’t even believe that himself. The reason he won’t read my “hasbara propaganda,” as he called it, is because he’s afraid of what he’ll see. Hating Israel requires a willing suspension of disbelief. This is what’s so pernicious about the global mental illness of Jew-hate. The end result is hundreds of millions of people who are functionally insane. They believe campfire tales instead of demonstrable reality.

I can prove to you that Hamas carried out a deception operation on the beach at Gaza, July 16, 2014. It’s not necessary that you agree with me, but the difference between my theory and those of, say, Dr. Mads Gilbert is that I can provide evidence.


Gilbert has been saying since 2006 that Israel is using experimental weapons called DIME (dense inert-metal explosives). He provides no evidence whatsoever of this accusation. The purpose of DIME is to reduce collateral damage by using smaller warheads filled with tungsten particles.


If the IDF were using DIME, an X-ray of a victim would look like this.


Neither Gilbert nor the Palestinians have ever provided X-rays or recovered tungsten particles. Instead, Gilbert makes infantile claims that fly in the face of what DIME is intended to do.

As for the injuries, there are all types of war injuries, from shrapnel injuries to these very extreme damages from the DIME weapons, the DIME explosives, the dense inert metal explosives, that they are using, carried by Hellfire rockets connected to the drones of Israeli, and they are extremely destructive. So people are torn apart. I mean, they’re split at their midlevel. They lose their arms and legs, and they’re killed. They’re charcoaled by the burns, if they are hit by these DIME explosives. We have had gruesome, absolutely gruesome injuries, which people cannot actually watch. But the most important injuries are those who maim without killing.

How would smaller warheads filled with less explosive and smaller fragments create more catastrophically severe wounds? Nobody ever explains. They just parrot this stupidity.


Okay, so not everybody is parroting this stupidity (red arrow).

What about my evidence that July 16, 2014, was Hamas MILDEC?

1. The wounds of the four dead boys didn’t bleed.


Ismail, Ahed, and Zakaria (above) were dismembered, yet there’s virtually no blood on their clothes or in the sand. Their injuries were clearly inflicted postmortem.

2. The bodies of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr were not present when the journalists ran to the beach two minutes after the second explosion.




3. The photos released by 24 Media Production Company are fake.



The shipping container is not burning; every piece of video and every photo taken on July 16, 2014, shows that the container burned for hours.

Palestinian man carries the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City

Also, the 24 Media Production Company photos depict the impact of an Israeli munition behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop. However, there was no crater anywhere on the beach, nor were any missile fragments recovered.

Finally, not a single eyewitness reported that four boys ran down the beach, three were killed by a projectile, and one survived.


Those are only three pieces of my evidence that July 16, 2014, was Hamas MILDEC. I have much, much more. Not one person has been able to rebut the three examples I cite above.

“The sand soaked up the blood.”

But why aren’t the boys’ clothes bloody?

“You’ve got the sequence of events wrong.”

No. If I’m wrong, it means that all of this happened in two minutes:

A missile hit the shipping container, four boys ran 328 yards (300 meters) to the al-Deira Hotel, the staff and reporters bandaged two boys, Mohammed al-Watfa was carried to a taxi and driven away, an ambulance arrived and parked in front of the Roots Hotel and Orient House, the paramedics got out and ran to the beach, the paramedics turned around and came back to their ambulance, the ambulance drove down the street and parked by the corner of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, a second ambulance arrived, the two ambulances sat there and drove away from the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, the two ambulances turned around and went back to the corner of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop and parked again, the two ambulances drove away from the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop again, Mohammed Bakr’s body was taken from the beach and carried the length of a vacant lot to the ambulance, an injured man was taken from the beach and carried the length of a vacant lot to the same ambulance, an ambulance arrived at the al-Deira Hotel, a third ambulance parked near the beach, Muntaser and Hamad Bakr were loaded into the ambulance at the al-Deira Hotel, paramedics ran to the beach, the paramedics and Hamas operatives collected Ahed and Zakaria Bakr on a stretcher, the crowd of shouting men ran the boys the length of a vacant lot and put them into an ambulance, that ambulance drove to the al-Deira, and two ambulances went from the al-Deira Hotel to al-Shifa Hospital.

Now that’s a conspiracy theory, because it means that the Palestinians have the ability to stop time, just like in The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything.


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