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The press sure loves Muslim terrorists

The press sure loves Muslim terrorists

If you relied on the mainstream press for your news, you’d think that Muslim terrorists are invincible. This is because journalists are deeply in love with Muslim terrorists. You can’t ask for any more evidence than this vomitous piece.

Why I Joined ISIS. As told to Maya Gebeily.

We are friendly! Unless you are an enemy, of course, I mean, just because people are in ISIS doesn’t mean that they go around on a killing rampage. They are humans, they laugh they joke, they goof with each other. The beheading, execution in public are messages to ISIS enemies, but also part of Sharia law and shows that they implement it fully. — Abu Bakr al-Janabi

Mainly my main inspiration to come to Syria was George Bush, Tony Blair, and the presidents of the West and their foreign policy towards Islam — Egypt, Kashmir, Sinai, Yemen, Afghanistan. Guantanamo Bay. Abu Ghraib. —Abu Sumayyah

It took time for ISIS until they implemented the law, but after having lectures about it and so on, there is no objection — with exception to those who smoke. It’s a little hard for them to suddenly quit smoking. But ISIS have been very good at helping them quit. —Abu Bakr al-Janabi

And so on.

Actually, Maya Gebeily and Abu Bakr al-Janabi, ISIS does indeed go around on a killing rampage. They behead, rape, crucify, disembowel, and torture in ways that normal people can’t imagine. So no, ISIS are not humans. They consider this little Yazidi girl an enemy.


As for the Islamic State helping people quit smoking, that’s true. The Islamic States helps them quit doing everything.

Beheadings have become commonplace in the territories held by the militant Islamic State, but the severed head reportedly found last month in the eastern Syrian city of Al-Mayadeen was nevertheless unusual.

It had a cigarette placed between its lips.

“This is not permissible, Sheikh,” someone had scrawled in Arabic on the decapitated corpse lying nearby, according to an account from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a pro-opposition monitoring group. The body and head belonged to an Islamic State official, a deputy police chief…

Although smoking is allowed under Islam, some ultraconservative variations of Sharia law condemn the practice as a slow form of suicide, and therefore haram — forbidden.

Ideally, becoming a terrorist should be a really fast form of suicide. I’m glad to see that some nations are helping terrorists take that big final step. The press does not approve of their darlings being treated so badly, so they tell us that no matter what we do, we can’t win.

Boko Haram Are Finally Losing. And That Makes Them Extra Dangerous.

The good news: the terror group is getting its butt kicked by a coalition of African forces. The bad: Boko looks like its responding by being extra evil.

African troops have recaptured a record swath of territory from the world’s fastest growing jihadist group, Boko Haram for the first time[sic]. But ironically, that means the danger from the group’s terror arm has never been higher, U.S. officials and experts warn…

In other words, the territorial loss for Boko Haram portends of[sic] a fragile peace. In a briefing with reporters last month, one U.S. intelligence official warned that “yes, if they lost territory, I think they would resort to violence,” suggesting the group would seek to maintain its grip of fear on the population with bombings and the like…

With[sic] each town, Boko Haram confronted a Nigerian Army unable to sustain an offensive against them, as the forces were often too ill equipped, trained and numbered on its own[sic]

In the last few months, U.S. intelligence officials had repeatedly said they did not believe Boko Haram could fend off a sustained military offensive, which it confronted for the first time this year, when Niger, Chad and Cameroon formed a regional alliance against the group. Benin also is a member of the alliance but is not operating in the restive northeastern border area.

Each force brought skills and equipment sorely lacking from[sic] the Nigerian military.

The Chadian military has decades of hardened[sic] battlefield experience. Cameroon deployed its Israeli trained and equipped rapid reaction force, considered one of the best military units in the region. And Niger’s forces has[sic] been a beneficiary of U.S. military assistance and Special Forces training.

So, fighting them will make them resort to violence? What, exactly, do you call the years of butchery they inflicted on Nigeria before Niger, Chad, Cameroon, and Benin began their offensive? And I wouldn’t be too sure about Boko Haram surviving this war.

This is the Cameroonian Bataillon d’Intervention Rapide (BIR).

Battalion d'Intervention Rapide

They’re trained by Israel. Who do you place your money on, them or these guys?


The press loves Muslim terrorists for two reasons:

1. Muslim terrorists are nihilistic rebels who do whatever they want, appealing to the many journalists who have no morals.

2. If Muslim terrorists win, journalists expect to be among the ruling class.

That’s why the press tells us stories full of breathless admiration, like this one.

ISIS’s latest killing machine: The 10-foot sniper rifle that can fire bullets three times the size of a normal gun


It’s so big that it has to be supported on two tripods and fires ammunition that’s three times the size of standard rifle ammo.

An Isis terrorist has been photographed aiming a 10-foot long sniper rifle out of a flat window in Kobane.

The fearsome weapon fires 23mm calibre bullets, far larger than the standard size.

No. Writer Ted Thornhill is an idiot. The tripod in the background isn’t supporting the “gun,” which is some kind of fantasy prop. That’s why the Islamic State didn’t show a video of it in action. Here are several 23mm rounds linked together, ready to be fed into an automatic cannon.


The Islamic State weapon is supposed to be a single shot bolt-action rifle. You’d place the cartridge into the breech (red arrow) and use the bolt handle (green arrow) to push the cartridge forward into the firing chamber.


However, this rifle has no ability to lock the bolt in place. When you pulled the trigger to make the firing pin hit the primer in the base of the cartridge, the bolt would fly back and impale you in the mouth. Having a single-shot 23mm rifle is ridiculous. I suppose you could fire at personnel over very long ranges, but the terrorists haven’t put a telescopic sight on it.

The jihadist branch of the Free Syran Army (FSA) had a 23mm sniper rifle. The complex boxlike device on the end of the weapon is a muzzle brake, used to vent propellant gasses sideways and prevent the barrel of the weapon from rising. Putting one on this thing is pure stupidity, since it’s a single-shot weapon. It doesn’t matter if the barrel rises, because the gunner walks away after each shot.

He’s firing at an empty building, and since he has no telescopic sight, he may as well be shooting with his eyes closed. This guy appeared in lots of videos.

It’s fake. He just casually walks away, not at all worried about return fire. That’s because he didn’t shoot at anybody. The armored vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED), a roadside bomb.


A 23mm round wouldn’t make an explosion that big.

This FSA sniper rifle was more dangerous to its user than the enemy.

Look at the fireball coming out of the chamber, right in front of the gunner’s face.



That means most of the energy from the round went to the side, not forward. My guess is that this thing either exploded and killed the handsome young jihadist, or the FSA stopped using it. This is one of the most impractical guns I’ve ever seen. The noise and giant flashes would immediately identify the sniper’s position, and he’d be countersniped or hit with artillery.

This is from the first video.


Flame spurting from every single orifice except the muzzle (red arrow), indicating that the round didn’t leave the weapon. Instead, the cartridge just blew up like a stick of dynamite. I’m sure neither the Islamic State 23mm rifle nor the FSA version were ever used in combat.

Don’t tell the press. In their fragile emotional state, they might do something drastic to themselves.

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