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The western press loves Muslim terrorists

The western press loves Muslim terrorists

The latest celebration of Islamic terrorism comes from the Washington Post. Titled “Arab Leaders Announce Joint Force to Intervene in Region’s Wars,” it’s a love note to the Houthis, the Iranian-backed militias that have overthrown the Yemeni government. It would be harder to find a more gushing and eyelash-fluttering glorification of Muslim terrorists.

The Arab League chief, Nabil al-Araby, said Sunday that the joint force would be deployed at the request of any Arab nation facing a security threat, including from terrorist groups. A panel of regional security officials will meet in the coming months to draw up the size, structure and budget of the effort, he said. Member states have proposed a 40,000-strong force backed by fighter jets, warships and light armor, the Associated Press reported, citing Egyptian security officials…

Yet even as Saudi officials said they had not ruled out invading Yemen with ground troops, analysts warned of the perils of sending inexperienced armed forces into a country with rugged mountain peaks and severe water shortages. Such a ground force would also struggle against battle-hardened Houthis who are now the most competent fighters in Yemen.

What It wasn’t the Saudis who unilaterally announced a ceasefire and withdrew. The guys who begged for mercy were the Houthis.

Journalism has become nothing but amorality and disinformation.

Here are “battle-hardened” Houthi rebels.


Their cheeks bulge with khat, a leaf that has the same effects as methamphetamine. It’s a stimulant that produces excitement and euphoria. The Houthis are high when they fight, and 20 percent of the combatants are children.

Now, here’s a soldier of the Saudi Airborne Brigade (right), carrying out joint exercises in Corsica with French Special Operations Command (COS).

TIGRE 2 : Fin d’exercice.

In 2009-2010, Jordanian special forces fought the Houthis in Yemen.


Next are men of the Moroccan 1er Brigade d’intervention Parachutiste (BIP), a unit that also fought the Houthis in Yemen.


Morocco—like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—has undertaken a massive modernization of its military. One thing they did was cross train their regular army with United States Marines.


African Lion 07

What that means is that the regular Moroccan army is now as skilled as the US Marines.

The Washington Post doesn’t mention the United Arab Emirates by name, but the UAE army and special forces have ten years’ combat experience in mountainous Afghanistan.


All of the Arab military units that will make up the rapid-reaction force are experienced in mountain warfare. They’ve also been trained by the best warriors on earth.

The Houthis are backed by Iran. In Iraq, the Iranian-led forces failed to retake Tikrit from the Islamic State. Therefore the Quds Force commander General Qassem Suleimani and his men were withdrawn from the battlefield, and the Iraqis asked the US for air support.

The Quds Force is an “elite” group within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Here’s one of the stupidest things you’ll ever read about it.

At most, the force numbers 2,000, said Mahan Abedin, director of research at the Center for the Study of Terrorism, a London think tank.

“It’s a remarkably efficient organization, quite possibly one of the best special forces units in the world,” he said.

No. There’s no evidence whatsoever that the Quds Force is one of the best special-operations units in the world. They just screwed up the Tikrit offensive! Iraqi police are now doing the fighting. This is because the IRGC and Quds Force are terrorists, not soldiers. When they’re engaged by armed opponents, they lose.

Remember how on March 18, the press went into a paroxysm of admiration for the two murderers who attacked the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, Tunesia? Well, nobody showed you the video that the Tunisian National Police Brigade Antiterrorisme (BAT)—the Black Tigers (Tigres Noirs)—took of the rescues and gun battles.

The press wants you to think that the two murderers were insurgents deluxe, like the Houthis. Watch that video of the Tunisian Black Tigers again. It’s spectacular. They calmly and efficiently entered a gigantic building and saved the lives of hundreds, using their own bodies to shield the defenseless. That’s evidence of Tunisian competence.

Why won’t the press focus on such heroism?

Because too many journalists are envious and filled with rage, and they admire those who want to tear down everything that’s good and decent. Journalists interview billionaires and the famous, and they get angry. It’s why book and movie reviewers launch such savagely personal attacks. They’re angry that they aren’t receiving the accolades showered on actors, directors, and authors.

What journalists refuse to accept is that we can lose everything. If enough of us become vacuous, amoral malcontents, progress will cease. We’ll devolve.

The proposed Arab League rapid-reaction force will perform perfectly well against the Iranians. In 2010 Saudi Arabia offered to attack and defeat Hezbollah. An Arab coalition would’ve done the fighting on the ground. All they wanted from the US was logistical, naval, and air support. President Obama vetoed the idea, so now the Sunni Arab states have taken the lead against the Houthis. They didn’t even bother informing the Obama administration.

On Twitter, a man who poses as a former US Army intelligence officer was angry at me for saying that the Iranian Quds Force is garbage.

“Let me ask you one question,” he wrote with the subtlety of a charging elephant. “Have you fought them in Iraq, the way I did?”

No, I didn’t fight them in Iraq. I also didn’t fight in World War I, but I can tell you what this photo depicts.


It’s French infantry training how to carry out assaults in conjunction with light tanks. The French had a two-man tank called the Renault FT.


That’s a diorama of a World War I French infantry assault I built back when I could still see. The figurines are plastic, their uniforms sculpted with epoxy putty. Even though I have no combat experience, I can tell you all about the strengths and weaknesses of the units that fought from 1914 to 1918.

I asked the fake army intelligence officer on Twitter to name one battle that the Iranian Quds Force won. He ignored the question, even though I asked it ten times. His silence is the answer.

You heard it here first: The Arab League will smash the Iranians flat. Then the Sunnis will make peace with Israel, and we can all start talking about things that make life worth living.

Like this.


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