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Total defeat is a hard pill to swallow, but the alternative…?

Total defeat is a hard pill to swallow, but the alternative…?

I’ve been studying the Israel Defense Forces since I was about seven years old. The reason was their tanks, which I’ll get to in a moment. Seeing what Israel did with tanks made me certain that the IDF would figure out how to protect the Jewish state against Iran. And I knew that the answer would be something that nobody expected. I was right; Israel’s enemies have already been handed their total defeat. We’re now in the mopping-up stage.

It may take a while yet. And it won’t be easy. But Israel has ensured the total defeat of jihadist terrorism, a movement that requires state sponsors. The Islamic State was indirectly sponsored by Iraq, whose troops fled the battlefield on multiple occasions, leaving behind thousands of armored vehicles, artillery pieces, and weapons depots. Here’s how utterly dysfunctional the Iraqis are.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Powerful Iraqi Shi’ite Muslim armed groups on Tuesday pledged to fight any U.S. forces deployed in the country after the United States said it was sending an elite special unit to help combat Islamic State…

“We will chase and fight any American force deployed in Iraq,” said Jafaar Hussaini, a spokesman for one of the Shi’ite armed groups, Kata’ib Hezbollah. “Any such American force will become a primary target for our group. We fought them before and we are ready to resume fighting.”

Spokesmen for the Iranian-backed Badr Organisation and Asaib Ahl al-Haq made similar statements to Reuters, expressing their distrust of American forces since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein and the subsequent occupation.

Don’t worry, Shi’ites. We won’t set foot in your precious wastelands. You’re hopeless losers. In Ramadi, over 6000 Iraqis armed with main battle tanks fled from 150 Islamic State terrorists. This was the second time that Iraqis hiked up their skirts and ran from minuscule attacking forces. In June of 2014, over 30,000 Iraqi troops hightailed it from 800 Islamic State terrorists.

This pathological cowardice can’t be fixed. We’ve written off the entire Shi’ite population of Iraq and consigned them to their fate, whatever that may be. All our help is going to the Kurds. And we aren’t the only ones assisting them.

Those men marked with red arrows are foreign special operators attached to a Kurdish unit. The man on the left wears an Egyptian uniform, while the man on the right is outfitted in regulation Israeli military clothing and has a blue-and-white keffiyeh. They’re the only two soldiers in the entire video wearing ear protection and microphones, and they carry their rifles on single-point slings.

It may sound callous to say that it’s necessary to write off the Shi’ite Iraqis, but they have no excuses. On May 2, 2015, the Saudi-led Coalition landed about fifty special operators in Little Aden, Yemen. They were Yemenis and a small detachment of United Arab Emirates Presidential Guardsmen. Beginning on May 4, the Emiratis engaged in combat with the Houthi besiegers of Aden.

The UAE Presidential Guard is modeled on the United States Marine Corps. In the USMC Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), the basic unit is the fourteen-man Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT). Therefore the Emiratis would’ve had a maximum of one MSOT and one joint terminal attack controller (JTAC), an airman who would direct bombing and strafing runs by Coalition aircraft.

These fifteen Emiratis took on about 40,000 enemy, keeping them at bay from May 4, 2015, to July 14, 2015, when Yemeni special forces trained in Saudi Arabia and equipped with armored vehicles broke out of Little Aden and Crater and recaptured the airport.

In the US military, the UAE is called “Little Sparta” because its citizens are such fierce, resolute, and skillful warriors. The Presidential Guardsmen in Aden were equipped with endless supplies of Javelin antitank guided missiles, airdropped by the Coalition.

So on the one hand 30,000 Iraqis ran screaming from 800 Islamic State terrorists, and on the other hand, fifteen Emiratis fought 40,000 Houthis and their allies for two months.

And the Emiratis suffered no casualties. They are indeed Spartans. By all accounts the Presidential Guard are among the best warriors on earth.

Now they’re allies of Israel. The sky is the limit in terms of the utter havoc they can wreak on the enemies of civilization.

A prescribed dose of total defeat

The Israelis recently announced a new capability.

Senior official: Israel’s air force can topple a country

A senior official in the technical division of the IAF explained that the force’s abilities have grown to the point that it currently is able to rapidly unleash 3,000 missiles weighing one ton each - “very smart missiles” according to his definition.

He explained that within four days of fighting, a barrage of that sort would be enough to topple a state.

There’s no known one-ton aerial munition that can topple a state. Therefore the Israelis have just confirmed the existence of the high velocity penetrating weapon (HVPW), a hypersonic bunker buster that creates a gigantic shock wave.

They tested it in Faj Attan, Yemen, on April 20, 2015.

Hitler’s birthday.

If the weapon is powered by a scramjet (supersonic combusting ramjet), then the speed it can achieve is between Mach 12 (8,400 mph; 14,000 km/h) and Mach 24 (16,000 mph; 25,000 km/h). I thought that it would be used mainly on hardened Iranian nuclear facilities deep underground, but it just occurred to me yesterday that there are other equally valuable targets.

Every terrorist group in the Middle East has massive tunnel and bunker systems. The Israelis say that they can fire 3000 HVPWs in four days, using multirole fighter jets.

Well, I knew that the UAE had converted a specific model of aircraft into a strategic bomber, because I saw photos of it and recognized by the extra antennas and electronics bulge that it was not what it seemed. The Emiratis are hiding it in plain sight. A few days ago an employee of Bombardier confirmed that an Israeli-owned company is having a fleet of these bombers built for the UAE. Nobody on the entire Internet has identified the aircraft, so I’m not going to reveal it.


This fleet of bombers will give the UAE the capability of toppling a state in about six hours, because the HVPW is a joint Arab-Israeli development. The Gulf Cooperation Council paid for it, and the Israelis built it. Now the new allies share it.

I knew from studying tanks that the Israelis would do something unexpected in order to inflict total defeat on her enemies. In the early 1950s, the IDF had American World War II vintage M4 Sherman tanks. In the US Army, these were called “Zippos” after the cigarette lighter because they went up in flames if a German tank merely drove past it.

So what the Israelis did was put a massively powerful French 105mm cannon on the tank.

All of Israel’s enemies had much better tanks. They could’ve blown the absolute hell out of the ancient Sherman.

But they couldn’t get close enough to do it. The huge cannon of the M-51 allowed the Israelis to destroy any enemy tank before it could get within the firing range of its own main gun. The Israelis trained fanatically in marksmanship: one shot, one kill. And it worked.

I thought that Israel and the Arab League would launch enormously violent sneak attacks on Hezbollah and Iran in order to quickly destroy the huge stockpiles of missiles that pose an existential threat. Now? I don’t know. Someone is brilliantly playing the Iranians, Hezbollah, the Islamic State, and al-Qaeda. The military deception (MILDEC) operations are incredible.

The Russians entered the war in Syria.

The rebel groups said, “We are doomed! Nobody’s supporting us!”

Bashar al-Assad launched a huge offensive, and guess what happened?

The Russian- and Iranian-backed offensive in Syria has stalled and is facing failure, according to Israeli assessments.

The offensive was launched in October as part of an Iranian-Russian agreement to intervene to prevent the President Bashar al-Assad’s regime losing more territory. It has involved the Syrian Arab Army’s newly created 4th Corps, 2,000 Iranian soldiers and Russian aircraft providing air support by carrying out 50-60 strikes a day, according to the Israeli assessments.

The plan was to advance on two main fronts, but both are turning into failures, with rebel forces armed with anti-tank guided missiles destroying large numbers of armoured vehicles and infantry units sustaining heavy casualties.

Rebels groups then announced, “Oh, we have tons of antitank guided missiles. More than enough. We’re good.”

And every single top-ranking Iranian and Lebanese commander sent to Syria has been killed. It’s not possible that the rebels have gotten lucky so many times. This is a clandestine war to cripple Iran and Hezbollah’s offensive capabilities. Even Qassem Suleimani—the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force and Iran’s most important military leader—was taken out.

Nobody’s saying if he’s dead or alive.

Now it’s clear that the Europeans have entered the war. Germany is sending 1200 troops to Syria, but they won’t fight, even though Panzergrenadiers (mechanized infantry) of the 1st Panzer Division were just trained in Israel how to engage in tunnel warfare and fight an enemy who uses human shields.

It was the biggest joint military exercise that Germany and Israel ever had. Germans are frugal. They hate wasting money. And that was one heck of an expensive exercise. I think you can pretty much bank on the participation of Panzergrenadiers in underground battles in very near future.

Where does this all lead?

I don’t know.

Well, I know where it ultimately leads: to the total defeat of the enemies of civilization. Before that happens, I believe that several HVPWs will be used on terrorist tunnel and bunker systems, and then we’ll be shown the unbelievable results.


Francis Bacon portraits.

Crooked Rot.

It still doesn’t have to happen. Even though the Israelis built the means to wipe out their enemies to a man, they’re waiting to see if they have to.

But when the Emiratis have their fleet of bombers ready, I don’t know know if they’ll be as reluctant.

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