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Why Pallywood must be debunked

Why Pallywood must be debunked

Although my main motivation for debunking the lies of Pallywood is to arm Israelis and Jews with weapons of self-defense, there’s another reason: The more the press runs with bogus stories, the easier it becomes for journalists to rationalize faking all the news. What I’d feared is now happening. Fraudulent stories are popping up everywhere, and they’re based on the Palestinian model.

We’ll begin with a relatively benign piece of fakery.

Russia Starts Building Military Bases in the Arctic.

Set on restoring the once formidable Soviet military presence in the highly contested and resource-rich Arctic, the Russian military has begun building new military bases in the region, a Defense Ministry spokesperson said Monday.

“On Wrangel Island and Cape Schmidt, block-modules have been unloaded for the construction of military camps. The complex is being erected in the form of a star,” Colonel Alexander Gordeyev, a spokesperson for the Eastern Military District, was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

Here’s the photo it uses.


The problem is that the helicopter is an AMERICAN Sikorsky SH-60 Sea Hawk. It’s the US Navy’s version of the UH-60 Black Hawk.

So, is a US Navy helicopter unloading cargo from a Russian ship?

No. Both ships are American.

USS_Enterprise_USNS Arctic

On the left is the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, and on the right is the fast combat support ship USNS Arctic, seen below.



If the Russians really are unloading block-modules for the construction of military camps on Wrangel Island and Cape Schmidt, why are they using photos of American ships? Also, why are people claiming that Wrangel Island is an American possession? The USRC Corwin landing party came ashore on WRANGELL Island in Alaska on August 12, 1881, and claimed it for the US.

“Experts” cite John Muir’s The Cruise of the Corwin as evidence that Wrangel Island is an American possession. They’ve obviously not read the book, which is online.


The Wikipedia article on Wrangel Island is wrong.

A party from the USRC Corwin landed on Wrangel Island on 12 August 2023 and claimed the island for the United States and named it “New Columbia.” The expedition, under the command of Calvin L. Hooper, was seeking the Jeannette and two missing whalers in addition to conducting general exploration. It included naturalist John Muir, who published the first description of Wrangel Island.

No. It was Wrangell Island.

In the above example, Russians are fraudulently using American ships in their photos, and Americans are fraudulently claiming that the Russians are building military bases on American possessions while the president plays golf.

Now to a more serious fake story.

On January 24, 2015, somebody shelled the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, killing thirty and wounding 102. The shells allegedly came from the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher. It fires the 122mm M21OF rocket.


Here’s what a Grad barrage looks and sounds like from the firing end.

The warheads are fragmentation high-explosive; the rockets are twenty-four feet (7.35 meters) long.

This is a real attack by Grad M21OF rockets in Syria.

The cameraman caught one of the rockets in mid flight.


This next video is fake. It shows another Grad rocket attack in Syria.

Compare it to the other Syrian video. In the fake video, the cameraman is standing ready for the rockets to fall; in the real video, the cameraman began filming after the attack began. In the fake video, the cameraman doesn’t take cover; in the real video the cameraman runs for his life. In the fake video the fireballs last less than a second, and the rockets produce wispy smoke; in the real video the rockets create thick, dirty-gray smoke.

The fake Syrian video is computer graphics.

So is this fraudulent Ukrainian video of the January 24 attack on Mariupol.

The explosions all take place behind buildings, the fireballs are flamingo-pink flashes, the smoke is pixelated, and at 0:36 a dark cloud descends right in front of the parked car filming the the “bombardment” but then goes behind the apartment buildings.

I know that video is phony. There’s no doubt whatsoever. The date of January 1, 2011, is another clue.

Because of all the fakery that’s now passed off as genuine, I can’t tell you if this next video is real or not.

My gut tells me it’s fake. For one thing, it’s too blurry, a sign that it’s been heavily edited. And the man’s scream doesn’t sound like it’s coming from inside the car. It’s too muffled.

The first rocket hits.


It creates almost no smoke, and no debris goes flying.


Even after he sees that explosion, the man keeps driving forward. Wouldn’t you slam on the brakes? Instinctively?

Out of nowhere, a horizontal gray plume of smoke appears across the road.


It doesn’t roll out to the left; it winks into existence, the entire length of it, fully formed.


Another rocket hits right in front of the truck.


There are no fragments from this high-explosive warhead, and no column of smoke.


The smoke stays low to the ground instead of climbing to the sky.


Then sparks appear, again out of nowhere. In one frame they’re not there, and in the next they are.


These aren’t fragments, because they do no damage to the car. They’re all over the road, though.


They change dramatically in less than a second.


And then they’re gone. Every one of them. And the car wasn’t even scratched by the over 8000 steel fragments propelled by the eighty pounds (thirty-six kilos) of high explosive.


The world has gone Pallywood. What’s real and what isn’t? The press doesn’t care anymore. There’s no such thing as journalistic integrity.

Is this what we want? The inability to tell what’s actually happening and what was concocted on a computer? The people who manufacture these lies ALWAYS have a nefarious agenda, and the people who spread them are either followers or con artists looking for a fast buck.

Where does that leave those of us who value truth?

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