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Acceptance is the first step

Acceptance is the first step

I get many messages from Israelis and Jews who are deeply hurt by the deliberate falsehoods spread by such gargoyles as Mads Gilbert. Having experienced a lot of trauma in my life, I’m an expert on overcoming it. The key is acceptance.

My book Ghosts and Ballyhoo: Memoirs of a Failed L.A. Music Journalist is about transforming anger over loss into gratitude for what once was. The memoir itself failed because both my parents committed suicide during the one-year window that a book can be marketed, and my publicists were the professional con artists Mike Albee and Lura Dold.



Mike and Lura used the trauma of my parents’ terrible deaths to get more money out of me. They bankrupted me. And in a final bit of trauma, the person who alerted me to Mike and Lura’s criminality is no longer a friend, due to politics. I’m apolitical, so the falling out was not my doing.

If I wanted to, could be the most bitter person on the planet. The reason I’m not is that I now accept that people are cruel, dishonest, petty, bigoted, and destructive. I no longer try to reach such people. Instead, I put them here.


Oops! Sorry. Wishful thinking. I actually put them here.



Israelis and Jews still expect that the United Nations, “human rights” organizations, many gentiles, and even many Jews are reachable. They’re not. It’s traumatic to accept that, but your choice is binary: Either you throw these people in the garbage, or you continue to suffer. And there’s nothing more they want than to make you suffer.

I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as obliviousness. Everything is deliberate. When it comes to Israel and Jews, the venom is entirely deliberate. It’s not that your friends once thought of you in one way, but then the dastardly actions of the IDF opened their eyes to the brutality and criminality of the Jewish state. They don’t even think that Israel is brutal and criminal. It’s all phony.

The criticism of Israeli military actions is the rationale, but those making the accusations have no idea what they’re talking about. They admit it to me. I ask, “Why would the IDF kill indiscriminately when that plays right into the hands of Hamas and serves no military purpose?”

No answer. Because there is no answer. The IDF operates under rules of engagement that no other military force on the planet would accept. Norway is endlessly critical of the IDF. Watch how Norwegian soldiers of a mechanized infantry company fought in Afghanistan. By clicking the “cc” on the right, between the little clock and the gear, you’ll get English subtitles.

They fired on “probables,” meaning individuals they suspected of being combatants, and they used indirect fire, shooting at people without even being able to see them. By their own admission, they didn’t know who or how many they killed. That’s war.

Except for war fought by Israel, which Norway demands conduct in a way that Norwegian soldiers don’t.

“It’s different when we do it, because we’re morally superior!

It’s time for Israelis and Jews to accept that your opponents are arguing in bad faith. You can’t reach them. But you can shut them up. Here are a few things to remember.

1. Palestinian casualty figures are a fantasy. They can’t be used in any serious discussion. The UN, “human rights” organizations, the press, and even Israel rely on the Palestinian Ministry of Death Health for the names of the dead. The Palestinians count people twice and include those killed accidentally by Hamas, those murdered by Hamas, those killed in domestic violence, those who die of natural causes, and those who don’t even die. Terrorists are transformed into civilian children.

2. All reports of atrocities and war crimes come from Palestinians. There hasn’t been a single independently corroborated account of Israeli war crimes. Instead, “human rights” organizations use investigators who are completely untrained in military matters.

3. Damage attributed to Israel doesn’t match Israeli munitions. For example, these men outside the Rafah Preparatory Boys “A” School were said to have been hit with an Israeli Spike missile, which killed twelve others and injured thirty five.


However, there’s no fragmentation damage anywhere. A Spike fired at terrorists would use a fragmentation warhead; there should be small holes all over the place.

This damage at the UN school in Jabalia was said to have been caused by Israel artillery.


No Israeli artillery shell could create that hole without leaving massive evidence of fragmentation. Hamas caused that damage with an RPG or an antitank guided missile.

4. Faked photos have been used extensively by the global media. This is said to be an Israeli air strike on the airport in Gaza, but no such airport exists.


A Lebanese or Palestinian woman and her son faked her death for the cameras and then snickered about it.


While the street explodes behind him, a man stands on his balcony, his hands in his jacket pockets, daydreaming. The explosion is computer graphics.


5. Israel uses state-of-the-art technology to prevent civilian casualties. One is the Digital Army Program (DAP), which allows the IDF to assign GPS coordinates to all their troops and to enemy targets. It also incorporates real-time video feeds.

Much was made about the Artillery Corps firing 600 high-explosive shells into Shijaiyah to save IDF troops who had been ambushed. The fire was so accurate, however, that the buildings on the right—adjacent to the targets—still have the glass in their windows.


6. If the Israelis used “indiscriminate force,”ordered their soldiers to “shoot everything that moved,” and “committed genocide,” where are all the bodies? The wildly inflated Palestinian death toll for seven weeks of combat is 2100. In twenty-six days Hafez al-Assad killed up to 40,000 Syrians in Hama. As many as 40,000 Chinese were killed by the Kuomintang on February 28, 1947, in the 228 Incident. The Battle of the Marshes, fought from February 24 to 29, 1984, cost the lives of 20,000 Iranians and 4000 Iraqis.

The anti-Israel crowd is debasing the English language. Israel committed no genocide or war crimes and did not collectively punish or use indiscriminate force. The same accusations are always made, but somehow Israelis never end up in the International Criminal Court. Why is that?

Because the charges are bogus.

7. Hamas breaks international humanitarian law as a matter of course.



Those more than 1000 IEDs and 875 rockets could account for all the Palestinian deaths. This building was destroyed by an IED.


These people were killed by a Hamas rocket.


There’s no need for Israelis and Jews to be hurt by liars and degenerates. That’s giving them power over you.

Besides, imagine what it’s like inside their heads…

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