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The lie that Israel uses “banned weapons”

The lie that Israel uses “banned weapons”

What I like best about the Internet is that you can use it to discover the truth. I can now say that virtually every accusation made against Israel is a lie. Most of these lies can be debunked in less than a minute, which demonstrates the caliber of the people who repeat such falsehoods. This post is about the lie that Israel uses “banned weapons” in its periodic wars with Islamic terrorists.

The current fiction making the rounds is this.

Israel has used three internationally banned weapons in its recent attacks on the Gaza Strip, a military expert said.

Safwat Al-Zayat, a retired Brigadier General in the Egyptian Army and an expert in military affairs, told the Anadolu news agency that “Israel’s use of such internationally banned weapons is a continuation of the approach it adopted in Operation Cast Lead in 2008/2009.”

Al-Zayat added that Israel used Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME), which had already been used in Operation Cast Lead. DIME weapons spread inert metal atoms that penetrate the human body and are difficult to get out of human tissue.

He added that DIME munitions are used in the form of bombs that are propelled by droned[sic]…

The second internationally banned weapon used by Israel in its current war is armour piercing bombs. According to Al-Zayat, they cause big explosions and result in a large number of civilian deaths…

Al-Zayat said the third internationally prohibited weapon used by Israel in Gaza is white phosphorous, which mixes with oxygen to form a transparent wax and causes fires and thick, white smoke.

We’ll take these charges one a a time, beginning with the last.

White phosphorus

Israel never once used weaponized white phosphorus in urban combat. The world decided in 2009 to accept the transparent lie that the M825A1 smoke shell is an incendiary weapon, but that just means that much of the world is corrupt, insane, and poisoned with Jew-hate. Israel didn’t even use the M825A1 smoke shell over Gaza in Operation Protective Edge. This is what the explosion of the shell looks like. It’s called the “Medusa.”


If you can find me a photo of a Medusa over an urban setting in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, I’ll pay you $1000.

Also, white phosphorus is not internationally banned.

While the use of the material is not specifically banned, it is covered by Protocol III of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons, which prohibits use of the substance as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations and in air attacks against military forces in civilian areas.

The Israelis don’t use weaponized white phosphorus against civilians, and firing M825A1 smoke shells does not constitute a white-phosphorus air attack. Nevertheless, the IDF no longer uses the M825A1 shell over populated areas. So retired Brigadier General Safwat Al-Zayat is lying on two counts.

Armor-piercing bombs

I have no idea where Al-Zayat got the idea that “armor-piercing bombs” are internationally banned. Here’s the full text of the 1980 Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May be Deemed to be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects. Find “armor-piercing bombs” in it.

Besides, the Israelis often drop inert concrete bombs instead of explosive aerial munitions. You can tell because there’s very little fragmentation damage to Gaza.


The Israelis used a new bomb in the war, the MPR-500 Multi-Purpose Rigid Bomb.


It was designed for operations that might not fit the American MK-82 500-lb (227-kg) bomb, the MK-83 1000-lb (460-kg) bomb, and the MK-84 2000-lb (907-kg) bomb. The MPR-500 can cut through 3.3 feet (1 meter) of concrete or four floors. This is how it reduces collateral damage; it explodes deep inside the target.

However, it produces 26,000 metal fragments. That’s why Israel makes such extensive use of inert cement bombs. No fragments means far fewer civilian casualties.

It’s simply a lie that armor-piercing bombs are banned. Also, why would the Israelis drop specialized, hardened, much more expensive munitions when a cheaper cement bomb would do?

And now the Big Lie.

Dense inert-metal explosives (DIME)

There’s a Norwegian doctor running around, making utterly false claims that Israel uses experimental dense inert-metal explosives (DIME) on civilians. Dr. Mads Gilbert has been making this accusation since the 2006 Lebanon war. The best thing to do is to let him debunk himself with his own words.

We’ll begin with the obvious: The guy in the bed is uninjured. He has two casts on his arms, and he lost both legs due to an aerial bombing, but he doesn’t have a single scratch on his chest, neck, or face. Absolutely impossible.


And he’s grown no stubble. Do they shave him and trim his stylish little beard, as he lies there WITH NO LEGS?

The red arrow shows that the IV line isn’t hooked up to the patient, and the green arrow marks the huge gap between the man’s arm and the cast. It’s a slip-on cast, a prop. The guy got into bed right before they began filming. Hoo-ray for Pally-wood!

Now the blather from the video.

The bombing of Gaza was by no means “collective punishment.” The Israelis used precision-guided and inert munitions. If they wanted to collectively punish Gaza, they could’ve carpet bombed with the Israeli Air Force 210th Squadron, a unit equipped with the world’s only unmanned strategic bomber.

The Eitan UAV can carry up to 2000 pounds (907 kg) of bombs. Mads Gilbert is a buffoon. His claims about Israeli intentions and actions are the exact opposite of reality. And we can never forget that Palestinian casualty figures are complete fabrications.

In the Press TV video, the reporter says that Israel is using DIME weapons and that they’re internationally banned. Well, they’re not internationally banned. That’s a lie. And it’s absolutely certain that Israel isn’t using them, because nobody is. They’re still in the developmental stage. Finally, this Wikipedia article is full of misinformation that I’ll explain, but it gets this part right.

It is intended to limit the distance at which the explosion causes damage, to avoid collateral damage in warfare.

So now using a weapon intended to minimize civilian deaths is a war crime? This is what Jew-hate does to your brain. You end up unable to think.


Mads Gilbert admits that he knows nothing about munitions. So why is he offering his opinion? He says that DIME weapons intended for use in densely populated areas cause terrible injuries. Do you understand how insane that is? The point of the weapon is to reduce injuries.

Dr. Gilbert has been jabbering about DIME weapons for a while.

“Large chunks of flesh, of muscles were cut away. We didn’t find any shrapnel and [the wounds] were delivering a strange fume. Gradually we came to understand these must have been the new DIME weapons developed by the US Air Force together with the Israelis,” he said…

“We had a large number of patients who came in with these horrendous injuries where arms and legs were cut off as though a huge axe had chopped off their limbs with a direct immense force, cutting through skin, muscles and bones. Bones would be shattered and completely cut off,” Gilbert recounted. “In addition we saw very, very destructive burns coming from some extreme temperature that turned skin, muscle and even bones into charcoal.”

Pure madness. The DIME warhead isn’t some kind of super-weapon that does things never before seen by medical science.

Upon detonation, the carbon-fiber warhead case disintegrates into small non-lethal fibers with little or no metallic fragments, thus significantly reducing collateral damage to people and structures. The warhead explosive fill is a dense inert metal explosive containing fine tungsten particles to provide a ballasted payload with sufficient penetration mass. The tungsten displaces energetic material so as to reduce the total energetic used. The net results are higher dynamic energy impulse all within a small lethal footprint.

Read that again. Less energy is expended. The tungsten particles are physically incapable of causing the wounds Gilbert claims. Here’s a photo of a DIME weapon exploding.


The explosion has a smaller blast radius, and the fragments are particles. They can’t chop off limbs or strip lower bodies of their flesh. You can Google “DIME weapon wounds” if you want. Be prepared for the gruesome results. None of those photos are consistent with injury by particle. Those people were killed or wounded by fragments from bombs, mortar shells, and artillery. Many have burns.

It’s also clear from the photos that Palestinian “doctors” make wounds on corpses worse by enlarging them. They partially dissect the dead and then present them to the media. Having seen how ghoulish Palestinian culture is, I have no doubt that they do this.

Finally, the DIME monomaniacs claim that these weapons cause cancer. That’s a lie. They’re conflating tungsten with heavy-metal tungsten alloy (HMTA). Try and find out how many weapons have HMTA in them. As far as I can tell, HMTA is used only in tank rounds, most of them produced by Germany and China. Have either of those two countries fired off any tank rounds lately? What, then, is the real danger of HMTA?

DIME warheads are filled with tungsten, not HMTA. Here’s what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says about the cancer risk of tungsten.


Don’t bother looking for this information in all the babble about DIME. It’s concealed because of the agendas, none of which have our best interests at heart.

Like all Israel haters, Dr. Mads Gilbert is deeply confused. He blubbers that the Palestinians have no early-warning systems, civil defense, or shelters. Whose fault is that? Do they have a government or not? Maybe if Hamas hadn’t spent all its money on attack tunnels and weapons depots that are now destroyed, the Gazans would be in better shape.

Gilbert also says he’s seen injuries in which people are cut apart but there’s no shrapnel. He blames that on DIME weapons. That means he’s an idiot. A person wounded or killed with a DIME weapon would be riddled with tungsten particles. Tungsten is a hard, heavy metal that doesn’t dissolve in human flesh. An X-ray would determine immediately if a DIME weapon had been used.


But this is Gilbert’s attitude.

Every time there is an Israeli attack, everybody suspects that they are testing out some new weapons. I’m a medical doctor and a scientist, and I don’t have the proof. But I think it is a reasonable suspicion that the Israeli army is testing new weaponry on the population in Gaza.

He has no proof, but he makes the charge anyway. When you’re Israeli, you’re guilty until proven innocent.

Not to me. The Israelis are innocent of deliberately targeting civilians, innocent of indiscriminate attacks, innocent of collective punishment, and innocent of treating the Palestinians as lab rats. There’s no evidence whatsoever for these accusations. Munitions don’t lie.

But Norwegian doctors do.


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