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Ali Gharib will be eating his words fairly soon

Ali Gharib will be eating his words fairly soon

When Israel began defending herself against Hamas in June of 2014, I decided to debunk Pallywood video and photos. Almost immediately a man named Ali Gharib contacted me. He misrepresented himself in order to get the interview.

It didn’t bother me that a man with a Muslim name wanted to talk to me. I wasn’t suspicious. Well, I was naive. Ali Gharib is the reason I now give interviews only to Israelis. In correspondence and the phone call, Gharib clearly implied that he was speaking to me as a writer for the Nation Institute. Instead, my interview went on something called the Lobe Log, which still raves about “neocons” and calls Saudi leaders “Bedouins.”

Ali Gharib did a hatchet job on me, presenting me as insane. A clinical psychologist named Michael Shaw violated all the ethics of his field by also presenting me as insane, even though he knows full well that post-traumatic stress disorder with secondary psychotic features (PTSD-SP) and Meniere’s disease don’t make a person hallucinate.

But even if I were insane, it isn’t relevant. You yourselves have eyes and brains. You can see what I point out. There was no dead father in this Palestinian ambulance.


Since the vehicle held three passengers and at least one paramedic, there was no room for a dead father. Ali Gharib and Michael Shaw accused me of saying that photographers doctored and staged photos. Of course I never said that. I said that Hamas stages scenes that photographers obligingly capture without asking questions.


Ali Ali in come free

Here’s what I didn’t know about Ali Gharib when I spoke to him.

He’s a fanboy of the Iranian mullahs. Their propaganda appeals to Ali’s tribalism. If the mullahs are big and strong, that makes Ali Gharib feel big and strong too. It’s a seventh-century mindset.

Ali Gharib says that the mullahs are the only people not a threat to peace.

Imagine that two Iranian naval vessels drifted into waters controlled by and near a United States naval base. Would the Americans salute the Iranians, thank them for stopping by, then send them on their way? Perhaps offer them a cup of hot chocolate? Apparently American hawks think that kid-glove treatment is the norm in such situations, and that anything less is a bona fide outrage, perhaps even a reason to rip up international agreements.

Just before President Obama was set to deliver his final State of the Union address Tuesday, news came down that 10 American Navy crew members aboard two small boats somehow (we don’t yet know the technical details) ended up in Iranian waters. The Iranians seized the boats and detained the sailors. Then, Wednesday morning, the Iranians released their “hostages.”

Although that can’t have been a pleasant experience for anyone involved, the truth is that the Iranians were well within their rights to act as they did, visited no harm on the Americans and quickly resolved the issue.

Actually the Iranians weren’t as benign as Ali Gharib would have you believe, as I’ll get to in a minute. And there’s no “international agreement” to rip up.

The JCPOA is kabuki. Ali Gharib either doesn’t know that or is lying when he says that American “neoconservatives” and “hawks” want to scuttle this “groundbreaking diplomacy.” Have two years of negotiations ever resulted in nothing but “political commitments” instead of a treaty, agreement, or document?

In our phone conversation, Gharib let slip that he doesn’t believe in Pallywood. It’s a term used by “neocons.” I’m sure that Gharib supports Hamas, despite the atrocities they commit against Muslims.

Sensible Iranian Revolutionary Guards?

In a few days, the US and the EU will lift economic sanctions on Iran. The mullahs stand to gain about $150 billion immediately. This funding is what directly threatens Israel and the Arab League.

I’ve said for a long time that the JCPOA—the Iranian nuclear deal—is a deception operation meant to give Israel and the Arab League a casus belli to attack Iran and overthrow the mullahs. Former Saudi National Security Adviser General Anwar Eshki and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have said in plain language that they’ll take military action against Iran at the right time. It would seem to me that soon after Iran gets its $150 billion, the hammer will come down.


The Arab League has shown astounding military capabilities in Yemen and Syria. Not only can tiny numbers of Arab ground troops defeat opponents who vastly outnumber them, Arab planners are light years ahead of everyone in the west. Therefore I can’t predict how or when action will be taken against Iran. This is far above my pay grade.

In Syria, the vaunted Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Quds Force, and Hezbollah have lost all of their commanders. Even the legendary Qassem Suleimani is dead.


There’s no way that the histrionic, eternally squabbling Syrian rebels killed every single commander who mattered. Arab special operators armed with new long-range missiles infiltrated Syria and went on the hunt. So did Israel, using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The war in Yemen is both a distraction and a deception. Arab military planners have used the press, NGOs, and the UN to present themselves as incompetent and bloodthirsty. While people like Ali Gharib told us that the real threat is “neoconservatives,” everything moved forward, hidden in plain sight. This is what’s happening now, as the countdown begins.

First, Russia has set the stage for the destruction of Hezbollah.

[A]s Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces push further south — with the help of Russian air cover and Iranian-backed militia — all bets are off. Israel has carried out several unacknowledged airstrikes inside Syria against the Iran-backed Lebanese armed group Hezbollah and Iranian forces, and some analysts say Israel looks closer to being drawn further into the conflict…

Syria’s combatants regard the conflict as a pan-Middle Eastern affair. A senior Hezbollah official in the south told International Business Times, “What’s going on in Syria is a regional war. The Iranians would not leave us alone in the battlefield with Israel.”

The fact that Syria is enabling Hezbollah and Iran to move their forces closer is not lost on the Israelis.

This is the deal that Israel made with Russia. Putin would let Iran and Hezbollah become enough of a threat that Israel would have no choice but to act. Another casus belli. Say goodnight, Nasrallah.

Next, what about the two American CB90 Riverine Command Boats of the US Navy captured by Iran yesterday? The story makes no sense whatsoever. These boats each have a nine-man crew and massive firepower.

Iran released footage of the Americans in captivity.

We’re told that there were ten sailors. There should’ve been 18. The boats “drifted” near Farsi Island—134 miles (217 kilometers) from Bahrain, where the vessels are based.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps sailors were obviously screaming at the Americans, which is why the video has no sound, and one man raises his hand in a “calm down” gesture.

In the screen grab above, you can see that the boat’s crew-served weapons have been removed, and the sailors stripped of their rifles and pistols. There’s no need to make them kneel with their hands clasped behind their heads. It was a photo op meant to symbolize American impotence.

Though not a Muslim, the lone female sailor was forced to cover her hair and her entire body except for her face and hands.

What’s the real story?

Strangely, the Americans had their passports.

American service members based in Bahrain use their brown official or no-fee passports when going through customs, and they use their blue travel passports to visit other countries. They don’t take their passports on patrol.

But guess what? The American sailors captured by Iran weren’t on patrol.

The Americans’ small Riverine boats were sailing between Kuwait and Bahrain on a training mission when the U.S. lost contact.

The sailors left the island at 0843 GMT (3:43 a.m. EST) Wednesday aboard their boats, the Navy said. They were picked up by Navy aircraft, and other sailors took control of the vessels for the return voyage to Bahrain, where the U.S. 5th Fleet is based.

So: Two Riverine Command Boats broke down simultaneously. Uh-huh. The US Navy picked up the eighteen crew members by aircraft(?), and then ten other sailors got on board the crippled boats to…what?

Well, to drift into Iranian territorial waters, to get captured, and to be put on disrespectful display. Now we have video that will make Americans chuckle with Schadenfreude if someone bombs the hell out of Iran. We won’t feel any sympathy.

We toyed with the mullahs, Ali

The mullahs and their supporters are easily manipulated. Trap after trap after trap is set for them, and they fall right in, every time. It’s because they have a bloated sense of self-regard and nothing but contempt for their enemies.

Since I don’t have tribal loyalties, I can admit that Arabs and Israelis are fighting in brand-new ways that are catching everyone by surprise. I feel nothing but admiration. This Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, for example, was sold to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates in June of 2015.


It’s being used in Syria to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD). Nobody will ever acknowledge that. The only reason I know is that I’m a huge fan of unorthodox thinking, so I go looking for it every day. I connect dots that are so far apart that normal people would never think to make the kuh-razee leaps I do.

On January 9, 2016, the QSD captured a bomb-making factory intact.

As brave as the QSD fighters are, they needed combat engineers and explosive-ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians to make that place safe. They also needed special forces to launch a surprise attack and kill all the bomb makers before they could booby trap the dam or detonate the factory.

Below are professional warriors, advancing on Tishreen Dam, sometime before December 26, 2015.


They walk in pairs, using the “buddy system.” Militia don’t do that.

These are said to be men of the Kurdish Anti Terrorism Units (YAT), photographed at Tishreen Dam.

Arab_special_operators _YPG

Coveralls and balaclavas hide your identity. If the men never speak to reporters, how would you know who they are? The Kurds say that they’re the ones in the coveralls. Nobody can prove otherwise, which is as it must be.

The only people capable in every sense of the word of stabilizing the Middle East are Arabs. Iran arms and trains every terrorist group in the region, western powers have no credibility, Israel is Jewish, and the Turks dream of being pashas while blocking any attempt to meaningfully help the Kurds. That leaves the Arab League, whose troops needed only the right weapons and training.

Yemeni, Saudi, Emirati, and who knows how many other special forces are now fighting al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen. About 10,000 or so Arab, African, Central Asian, and Asian unconventional warriors disappeared into the Middle East beginning in March of 2015. They’re not “guarding holy sites,” as their governments claimed.

Even the Russians are singing “It’s a Whole New World.”

Side by Side: Russia Provides Invaluable Aid to Syrian Democratic Forces

The Syrian Democratic Forces are continuing to fight a pitched battle against Islamist militants in the northern regions of the country, according to Rezan Hido, a Syrian Democratic Forces Congress representative from the town of Afrin.

He also noted that Russian military aircraft pounding the Islamist forces in the vicinity of Azaz and Afrin have provided considerable assistance to the Democratic Forces.

“We’re grateful to Russia for the support. Russia is the only country that provides us assistance in the region, and its actions aimed at combating terrorism are extremely effective,” he added.

There’s no evidence that the Russians are bombing military targets in Azaz and Afrin.

But Sputnik News is aware of who’s going to win, even though the Syrian Democratic Forces have a goal that can’t be reconciled with Putin’s.

“It is time to liberate the entire soil of Syria from the fascist regime as well,” [Kurdish QSD commander Hussein Kocher] insisted.

“Starting the battle for al-Hawl town in Hasakah province was the first step towards the liberation of Syria and its people from the radical and suppressive groups.”

“After the liberation of Hasakah countryside, all social components of the region are invited to join the SDF in a bid to liberate the entire Syrian soil,” Kocher concluded.

Russia gets to play the opposite of a scapegoat. Putin is hailed as a hero, and nobody accuses the Kurds of being slaves to the House of Saud.

The difference between the mullahs and their “inferiors”—Jews and Arabs—is that the latter two groups can see the big picture. Neither Israel nor the Arab League is trying to establish an empire. Arabs are fighting clandestinely in Syria, letting others take the credit because it’s necessary. The only way peace can be brought about in the region is if all the right people are killed, and nobody is seen as trying to impose their will on others.

While Arabs and Israelis train and fight, the Iranians build toy American aircraft carriers and blow them up.



It’s as delusional as saying that there’s no such thing as Pallywood. And everything I wrote above? It’s not even the best part.

Senior official: Israel’s air force can topple a country

A senior official in the technical division of the IAF explained that the force’s abilities have grown to the point that it currently is able to rapidly unleash 3,000 missiles weighing one ton each - “very smart missiles” according to his definition.

He explained that within four days of fighting, a barrage of that sort would be enough to topple a state.


I’m positive that the UAE and Saudi Arabia have the same weapon. In fact there’s no doubt that the Gulf Cooperation Council funded its development. It was tested at Faj Attan, Yemen, on April 20, 2015. Hitler’s birthday.

Imagine 3000 of those hitting Iran. And that’s just from the Israeli Air Force! How many such munitions will the Saudis and Emiratis use?

Ali Gharib asks a question that reveals everything you need to know about him.

Returning to the imaginary scenario of Iranian boats drifting into an American naval base, one can’t help but wonder, would our hard-liners have acted as sensibly as the Revolutionary Guard?

Though an American, Ali Gharib is loyal to the Islamic Republic of Iran, not the US. He praises terrorists while denigrating those who protect him.

In Baghdad on December 21, 2007, American special operators detained Iranian Brigadier General Mohsen Chirazi, commander of Quds Force operations in Iraq, and Colonel Abu Amad Davari, Quds Force chief of operations. These two men caused the deaths of over 2000 American troops. Chizari was the highest-ranking Quds Force operative the US had ever captured.

Not only did we release them after the furious, squealing protests of Iran’s Iraqi serfs and our own suicidal State Department, we didn’t videotape these two killers in kneeling positions or force them to cover their hair.

We aren’t Iranian fascists, Ali.

Oh, and Syd the Second says hello.


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