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Attack on Trump was an Islamic State dry run

Attack on Trump was an Islamic State dry run

Today the Islamic State tested Donald Trump’s security and found vulnerabilities. Thomas DiMassimo’s attack on Trump was a dry run. There’s absolutely no doubt.

DiMassimo has deleted his social-media presence, but he’s one of these “transracial” lunatics who identifies as black. Specifically, he’s in love with dead, black hip-hop stars.

This is Tupac Shakur.


Thomas DiMassimo posted that yesterday. It’s from the song “I Ain’t Mad At Cha.”

Oh you a Muslim now, no more dope game
Heard you might be comin home, just got bail
Wanna go to the Mosque, don’t wanna chase tail
I seems I lost my little homie he’s a changed man
Hit the pen and now no sinnin is the game plan
When I talk about money all you see is the struggle
When I tell you I’m livin large you tell me it’s trouble

So many changed on me, so many tried to plot
That I keep a glock beside my head, when will it stop?
Til God return me to my essence
Cause even as a adolescents, I refuse to be a convalescent

It’s clear that Thomas DiMassimo is a half-hearted Muslim convert, a necrophile, and a sympathizer or adherent of the Islamic State. This is from a YouTube video that he deleted.


He’s a professional activist who’s either thirty-two or twenty-two.


His now-deleted Twitter account glorified the mafia.


So we have a perpetual student who loves “the thug life,” the Islamic State, and the mafia. In unambiguous language, he tells us his motive.



Ye see then how that by works [deeds] a man is justified, and not by faith only.

—James 2:24


Our glimpse into the self-pitying, bombastic, polluted skulls of race-hustlers thus proves that this was indeed an Islamic State dry run.

Attack on Trump

In this video, DiMassimo jumps the barrier at Dayton International Airport and barrels through five US Secret Service agents.

The Islamic State operative managed to get both hands and one foot on the stage before he was stopped.

What was DiMassimo looking at before the attack?







Somebody suggested that DiMassimo was gazing at a monitor, but there wasn’t one.

DiMassimo was watching the other Islamic State operative.

The first stage of the attack

Here’s a video of Trump’s entire appearance at Dayton International Airport.

At 45:53, a protester in front of Trump caused a commotion and was removed. As Trump pointed out, the man waited until almost the end of the rally and began shouting for no reason. His strange behavior is due to the fact that he was a decoy, an Islamic State operative, not a real protester. The operative’s removal made Trump and his security unconsciously drop their guard. They thought that the expected trouble was over.

One minute later, Thomas DiMassimo attacked. First he made sure that the distraction inside the hanger was still going on, and then he launched himself over the barricade and made it all the way to the stage in two seconds.


Although sixty-nine years old, Trump reacted in less than a second, advancing toward the threat.






His expression in the first screen grab shows that he knew that his life was in grave danger. This is it, he’s thinking. He’d prepared himself for this moment; instead of fleeing, he’d go down fighting.

Having survived two murder attempts—one by the IRA—I can tell you that Trump has proven his mettle. There’s nothing like thinking you’re about to be murdered. I ran like a rabbit both times. Trump willed himself to turn and face the assault, which means that he will never, ever lose control. He just passed the ultimate test.

An Islamic State attack

Thomas DiMassimo obviously expected to die during this attack. He expressed a desire for martyrdom, and he posted the photo of Tupac Skakur, who he said was “Currently somewhere beyond that.”

Here are two tweets that DiMassimo sent to his cohorts.



He’d never been more afraid in his life? He wanted prayers on his timeline (TL)?

That’s because this was a deadly serious rehearsal. DiMassimo’s Twitter handle was Younglionking7. The Islamic State always refers to its terrorists as “lions.”


Abu Hussain al-Britani was Junaid Hussain.


He was killed by special forces who infiltrated deep into Syria, identified him with tiny drones, and then called in an air strike on him.

I don’t think people fully appreciate the mind-boggling lethality of modern unconventional warriors. The truth is that if you make yourself into a big enough threat, they’ll find you and kill you. Guaranteed.

A successful attack

The Islamic State dry run on Donald Trump failed in some ways. Trump showed exceptional physical courage in a moment of crisis. Those who pay attention noticed that. And now Trump knows that the Islamic State is rehearsing an operation to harm him.

After his rally in Chicago had to be canceled due to violence, and after this terrorist dry run, Trump is being transformed. Most Americans hate foul play. Go to social media and count the number of people who now say that they’re going to vote for Trump as a way to punish those who try to subvert the democratic process with violence.

And here’s some information for those who lack it.

If anything happens to Donald Trump before the election, he will win. That’s an immutable law of nature. And if President-elect Trump can’t take the oath of office, the Vice-president-elect will be sworn in as president. So it’s time for you to give up using violence.

Despite being an Islamic State terrorist, Thomas DiMassimo was charged with only two misdemeanors and then released.


After he tweeted that photo, he deleted his Twitter account. He sticks out his tongue like a victorious child, which is odd for a guy frogmarched away cuffed, bent double like a medieval dung salesman. The gloating indicates that the attack succeeded.

“F*ck you, bitch” is a specific expression of triumph. The three jolly or smug streetwalkers behind him know the real story, which is glaringly evident to me: DiMassimo showed the Islamic State that the US Secret Service could be distracted, and agents don’t use their firearms to stop a violently charging man. Hence DiMassimo’s cockiness. I got you, Trump, he’s thinking. He knows that more is coming, and he played a part in it. For justice!

I’m not surprised that DiMassimo was released. The United States is currently malfunctioning. We granted a visa to a woman who openly stated her desire to carry out acts of terrorism in the US.


And once she was here, she went ahead and committed mass murder, the way she said she would. Neighbors were worried that she was up to something, but they didn’t report her to the police because they were afraid of their own common sense.

This period won’t last forever. Remember the Somali pirates? You haven’t heard much from them lately, have you? That’s because even though the European Union refuses to talk about it, they sent special forces ashore and killed all the pirates in their villas. And after piously bleating that they’d never do so, shipping companies began hiring private security contractors to ride shotgun. Or ride assault rifle.

In the video above, all the pirates were killed. They had to be, given that the world had very stupidly indulged Somali pirates for years. Since they were black, westerners felt that it would be racist to prevent them from committing piracy.

The Indian navy had to lead the way by sinking pirate mother ships, a move that the US and Europe had dreaded making.

Melanin protects the Indian navy from charges of racism.


Attack, Mr. Trump

A message to Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump, Saudi royalty uses combat-hardened Special Forces soldiers as bodyguards. The man in the foreground has both US Army jump wings and either US Navy or US Marine Corps jump wings.


He has eight qualification badges.

Here, a brigadier general of the Special Forces accompanies King Salman.


The general’s pistol is in his left breast pocket, ready for immediate use. You and I disagree on a lot, Mr. Trump, but we both hate political correctness. The Saudis are the least politically correct people on the face of the earth. If you had Saudi Special Forces bodyguards, Thomas DiMassimo would’ve been telegenically dead before his tubby body hit the ground.

Don’t kid yourself, Mr. Trump. Today was an Islamic State dry run. They’re after you, and they learned a lot from this test. They’re after me too. Here’s one of their hacks of my Website.


Like you, I’m not afraid. But I don’t have children, and all I want to do is collect old postcards.

You have a large family, and you have colossal goals. So take today very seriously. We all saw the real Donald Trump when you fearlessly and angrily turned to face what you thought was your death.

Well done. I’m very proud of you.