Thomas Wictor

Fascists always lose, so don’t be upset

Fascists always lose, so don’t be upset

In my entire life, I’ve taken part in exactly one protest march. It was actually a counter-protest; a handful of people went out in Los Angeles on March 19, 2004, to express our support for the troops fighting in Iraq. The ANSWER Coalition organized the antiwar march. They were fascists who tried to kill us for daring to have a different opinion.

If I wanted to, I could lay out and defend all my positions on taxation, education, abortion, foreign policy, etc. Fascists can’t defend their positions. That’s why they try to shut down all opposition.

If people disagree with me on taxation, education, abortion, foreign policy, etc., it says nothing about them except that they disagree with me. There’s no moral content to their disagreement. Fascists find disagreement obscene. That’s why they try to shut down all opposition. They’re gutless and bereft. All fascists are truncated, incapable of functioning in a world of normal humans.

Fascists look like fascists

I’m not political. However, I wanted the experience of taking part in a protest. There were about two dozen of us versus 15,000 antiwar marchers. As it turns out, we were the Spartans at Thermopylae. We stopped the march in its tracks.

When two dozen people waved American flags, the antiwar folks lost their minds. Guess who first physically assaulted us?


Surprise! You’re shocked, aren’t you?

The guy I’ve marked with the red arrow gave us the Nazi salute, which is funny. He was also shouting that he wanted to put Jews into ovens. His friends were calling us Nazis, while he himself was a genuine Nazi. It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations. Fascists don’t expect non-Caucasians to behave in a civilized manner.

After the Palestinians attacked us, the person next to me whipped this out.


The entire march skidded to a halt, and people began screaming at us as loudly as they could. It sounded like this, multiplied by 15,000.

Because we were now being punched and kicked, the LAPD stepped in. They formed a line between us and the fascists.


A corral of yellow “Caution: Do Not Cross” tape was put around us. The people in the green vests and hats are lawyers who attend the protests to make sure that the fascists’ right to free speech isn’t suppressed. Above, you can see a bullhorn marked with a red arrow. The lawyer was begging the marchers to keep moving.

“Just ignore them, people! There’re only a few of them! They don’t mean anything! Just keep marching!”

Ours were the only American flags.


Below is Ted Hayes (red arrow), a conservative activist for homelessness, border security, and the military.


Fascists hate Ted Hayes because he’s black and because he’s much more clever than they are.

“The world needs a cowboy! The world needs a cowboy!” he chanted through his bullhorn.

Fascists want to kill

Even though the fascists outnumbered us 650 to one, they couldn’t bear the idea that there there was a tiny group of individuals who refused to submit. The fascists stopped and hurled profanity at us.


The ones marked with the red arrows were challenging us to come out from behind the cops and fight.

Why? If a muscular, shaven-headed guy with sexy dark glasses beats me up, does that mean his ideas are superior to mine?

To fascists, yes. Might makes right.

The bellowing she-buffalo below finally had to be shoved away by the police.


Fascists think they have a monopoly on violence.


Republicans are now telling leftists to take guns to Trump rallies. They want people to be killed so that their deaths can be used to score political points. So much for pious conservatism. RedState is exactly the same as the ANSWER Coalition. That’s why the two groups hate each other. The character flaws they each see in the other are actually their own sickening attributes.

Not content with threatening us, the fascists filmed us.



You know, for the Great Reckoning to Come.

They tried every trick in the book, but the two dozen flag wavers just laughed. Fascists always lose, especially in the US. Although our culture has many problems, one thing we hate is when fascists try to take away our right to peacefully assemble and speak our minds.

I’m apolitical because there’s no real difference between the right-wing or left-wing ruling classes. They’re all in it for themselves, and they view the electorate as serfs. This election cycle proves it beyond any doubt. The one candidate who isn’t part of a machine is bringing the right wing and the left wing together. Tammy Bruce said on TV tonight that the destruction of the Trump rally in Chicago was bankrolled by Republicans.

But I prefer it when masks are dropped. Naked hate and mental illness are more tolerable when they’re out in the open. Sure, it can be discouraging to realize that most of the people you used to admire are actually unhinged and toxic, but the truth will always set you free. I’ve completely divorced myself emotionally from American politics. The next president can be anyone. I don’t care.

Fascists never see it coming

The following two photos are my favorite from March 19, 2004. A young redhead wearing a sweatshirt that said “BASTARD” across her ample hooters shrieked, “MURDERERS! MURDERERS! MURDERERS!” at us.



Look at the cop’s hand. I watched him unsnap his holster and grip his firearm. He sensed what I did: She was dangerously insane.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying crime and evil. My conclusion is that all evil is volitional. Not only that, all evildoers are miserable. The poet Wilfred Owen expressed it most eloquently.

His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin

They’re sick of themselves. This is a wretchedly unhappy face.


There’s an unwillingness in her expression—a haunted, desperate, hopeless quality that you can see in her eyes. She looks like she’s about to burst into tears. Imagine all the drugs, all the casual sex, all the ruthless political indoctrination. I doubt that she’s still alive.

But she wanted me dead.

Do you know who came closest to dying that day? The fascists. This is a SWAT sniper team.



I’m very familiar with paramilitary organizations such as police forces. My cousin Filbert was a US Marshal who taught me a lot.


The fascists in our country have become spoiled. We’ve let them get away with incremental power grabs. Now they’re very close to posing a threat to our national security.

What fascists don’t understand is that they’re expendable. Witness the derangement that Republican politicians and pundits are displaying. It has nothing whatsoever to do with ideology, since the political class pays only lip service to ideals. Fascists can’t be controlled. They always turn on those who use them for personal gain. Nobody cares about the welfare of fascists. When the hammer falls on them, nobody comes to their aid.

The people in power have the ability to stamp out whatever movement they want. If the fascists don’t begin to dial it back a little, they’re in for a hugely rude and violent awakening. I was born in Venezuela, and my mother’s side of the family has its roots in Mexico. I’ve personally experienced sudden government crackdowns.

Here in the US, all the laws and means are in place to eradicate fascism.

When enough is at stake, action is always taken. Fascists will never get the power they crave. If they push hard enough, they’ll learn that.