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Deny the accuser. It won’t change reality

Deny the accuser. It won’t change reality

The bassist for “Weird Al” Yankovic is Stephen Jay, a musical genius. One of his best songs is titled “Deny the Accuser.” I’m being flooded with attempts to talk me out of my contention that Thomas DiMassimo’s attack on Donald Trump was an Islamic State dry run. You need to understand something: I wrote that post to alert Trump. Period. Mission accomplished.

Here’s Stephen Jay’s song “Deny the Accuser.”

While you listen to it, I’ll explain a few things.

I don’t deny

Denial is a defense mechanism that people use to avoid facing truths that are too terrible to contemplate. At this stage in my life, nothing is too terrible for me to contemplate. I accept everything, good or bad. This allows me to perceive things that others either can’t or won’t. I don’t deny the real world in all its glory and horror.

Donald Trump is a target of the Islamic State because of his pledge to stop Muslim immigration to the US until we implement a screening process. Currently, American immigration officials don’t ask about religious or political beliefs. That’s how terrorist Tashfeen Malik got into the country.


After Malik and her American husband Syed Rizwan Farook murdered fourteen people in San Bernardino, California, on December 2, 2015, an idiot bureaucrat piped up with a non-sequitur.

A State Department spokesman said Saturday that “all required procedures were followed in the K-1 visa case for Ms. Malik. There were no indications of any ill intent at the time that visa was issued.”

How often do terrorists tell immigration officials, “I’d like to go to the US to murder Americans”? Of course Malik concealed her ill intent during the visa application process.


San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik, 29, underwent three background checks and had her K-1 fiancee visa approved even though she openly posted about committing violent jihad on social media.

Malik and husband Syed Farook killed 14 people earlier this month after passing through customs at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in July 2014 and getting married the following month.

If US officials had discovered the messages Malik posted before she applied for her visa from Pakistan last year, red flags would have gone up and she likely would not have been approved for entry.

Malik was screened by Homeland Security officials then the State Department before she entered the US and then faced a third screening after applying for a green card, the NY Times reported.

The trio of national security and criminal background screenings failed to find old postings on social media where Malik said that she supported violent jihad and that she desired to take part in it.

Nobody has ever found a direct link between the Islamic State and Malik or Farook. Does that mean that the terrorists didn’t act in the name of the Islamic State? Does it mean that fourteen people weren’t murdered?

Terrorists want you to deny

If I were a member of the Islamic State, and I wanted to rehearse an operation to harm Donald Trump, I’d look for someone with a personal axe to grind but who didn’t have obvious links to Muslim terrorist groups.


Thomas DiMassimo is obsessed with race. He’s a member of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has many parallels to the Islamic State. Both groups use violence as a first step, both rationalize their destructiveness by proclaiming themselves victims, both venerate martyrdom, both are retrograde, both are poisoned with pathological hate, both lust after power, both are supremacist, both call themselves champions of justice, both are fundamentalist, both are apocalyptic, both oppose Israel, and both are fascist.

The Islamic State is planning to use a suicide bomber on Donald Trump. Although people who attend Trump rallies are checked with metal detectors, these devices won’t reveal plastic explosives. The US Secret Service has other means of detecting explosives; still, there are ways of defeating these methods.

DiMassimo’s attack showed that a determined suicide bomber can get close enough to Donald Trump to harm him. The dry run was a classic “double tap”: One event was a distraction, and then the actual attack was carried out.

That’s why I wrote my post. I wanted Trump to understand what had really happened. DiMassimo’s cover story is not even slightly believable.

A man arrested Saturday after he tried to get on the stage at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Ohio reportedly told police he planned to grab the microphone and yell that Trump is a racist but didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

No. DiMassimo saw all the Secret Service agents in front of him.


He knew that he had no chance whatsoever of getting to the stage and grabbing the mic. His goal was to see if someone could plow through security and reach Trump. It took him exactly two seconds.

Deny all you want

I belong to a subscription Website called SOFREP, run by former members of special-operations units. They provide “Trusted News, Intel, and Journalism from Military Veterans.” The news is all bad.

Wounded Warrior Project fired its top two executives for using donations to throw lavish parties.

The US Army Human Terrain System—a research program that embedded anthropologists with combat units—resulted in fake contractors being given giant salaries to sexually assault female soldiers and discriminate against minorities. In 2014 the army told Congress that it had terminated the program, but this was a lie. The program continues, and the army wants it expanded.

In preparation for Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter integrating women into all combat units, physical standards were dropped for both genders. Under successive Secretaries of Defense, all members of the US military have become less physically and mentally fit. In multiple “elite” units, applicants are not allowed to wash out. They pass regardless of their ineptness.

So don’t tell me that the feds can find their rear ends with a map, a flashlight, and both hands. They can’t. Our culture is collapsing due to the abolition of standards. Thomas DiMassimo’s link to the Islamic State could be a single conversation that nobody overheard. Am I the only one who understands that?

Deny the attack

DiMassimo showed the Islamic State that a suicide bomber can penetrate Trump’s security.


All this crap about “hoax videos” is being pushed by those who oppose Trump.

If I saw a dry run carried out against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, I’d warn all of them. My ethics aren’t situational.

Donald Trump isn’t the problem. The belief that a person should be murdered for his or her words is making us into a disgusting banana republic. I refrain from publicly criticizing Islam not because I’m afraid but because there are devout Muslim warriors who are currently making the Middle East a better place. My refusal to publicly criticize Saudi Arabia stems from the unprecedented good that the kingdom is doing to change the region forever.

I posted this before. Here is Kurdish human-rights activist and politician Heysem Menai of the Syrian Democratic Assembly meeting with the anti-Saudi, anti-Wahhabist Shammar tribe in northern Syria. The Shammar are Sunni Arabs who make no distinction between the Islamic State and the House of Saud.

Menai is guarded by members of the Saudi Special Forces. Their ethnicity and postures identify them. Everyone involved will deny that these are men of the Saudi Special Forces; I’ll deny it too, if asked.

The Kurds provided visibly armed security.

Sneakers and a Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun. He’s another professional special operator. The way he’s standing indicates comprehensive and effective training.

Most of the Saudi bodyguards walk with their arms held out from their sides, a technique that has a specific function.


The Saudis are equipped with cutting-edge defense technologies that I won’t describe. As a warning, I will tell you that some of the bodyguards are counter-assault specialists. They’re trained and armed to kill a large number of people in seconds. Massive firepower is concealed under their jackets.

If Thomas DiMassimo had charged Heysem Menai, he would’ve been killed instantly. The violence of his attack would’ve signaled to the Saudis that this was not an ordinary event. Therefore the Saudis would not have taken a chance.

You can see that they don’t wear ostentatious earpieces or trench coats. What they do is watch everybody.

Neither Heysem Menai nor the Saudi Special Forces care about “optics.” The bodyguards surround him even when he’s being interviewed. Their job is to protect him, regardless. They also don’t care that the Shammar oppose Saudi Arabia. Neither does Saudi Arabia. Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman doesn’t take it personally. He has bigger fish to fry.

We need to get back to the basics in our country. It doesn’t matter if you hate Trump. A terrorist attack on him is an attack on all of us.


DiMassimo has reopened his Twitter account. After I read what he has to say, I forced myself to watch his interview with CNN. He confirms that this was a dry run for a suicide bombing.

From the CNN video.

I wasn’t expecting there to be be as much Secret Service as there was there that day. From what I’d sort of seen there hadn’t been that much, or there hadn’t been that much in a contained area[.]

He also pronounced “Islam” as “ISS-lam.” In my experience only Muslim radicals do that.

When asked if he’s a member of the Islamic State, he said this.

I am not a member of ISIS. I have no known ties to ISIS. I’ve never been out of the country. I only speak English.

Pathetic. DiMassimo is insane, but he’s not stupid. Speaking Arabic is not a prerequisite to supporting the Islamic State.

Who would ever say, “I have no known ties to ______”?

Someone who’s covered his tracks but can’t help dropping cute hints because he’s such a narcissistic blowhard, that’s who. Besides, neither Tashfeen Malik nor Syed Nizwan Farook were members of the Islamic State.

Another Website has this bit from the interview, cut out by CNN.

I knew that by jumping the fence, I would create an immediate threat, and the Secret Service—who are well trained—would assess that, see I was unarmed, and hopefully not harm me.

Now you know that I was right. This is exactly what the Islamic State was testing. Could an empty-handed man run through the Secret Service and get to Trump without being shot to death? DiMassimo was told, “Yes.” But yesterday he wasn’t so sure.


Although professional terrorists studied the Secret Service and thought that the agents wouldn’t shoot an empty-handed man, the operation needed a dress rehearsal. DiMassimo the actor was the stand-in for the suicide bomber to come.

When was the last time an American presidential candidate on a stage was charged by a man running as fast as he could? The Islamic State learned that the Secret Service won’t shoot someone if he appears unarmed. Clearly nobody has anticipated the possibility of a suicide bomber. The second I saw the video of DiMassimo attacking, I knew that he was no garden-variety activist.

Today on Twitter, DiMassimo thinks he’s being really, really clever.

Since I’m not a moron or a sack of toxic waste, I didn’t know what Young Metro was.

Here you go.

“If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you.”

DiMassimo tested the theory. Someone else will make the actual attempt.