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Fearful Muslim living in the US voices his concerns

Fearful Muslim living in the US voices his concerns

After Muslim terrorists killed 129 in Paris on November 13, 2015, and another 14 in San Bernardino, California, on December 2, 2015, American political leaders did everything in their power to reassure fearful…Muslims.

Following Paris attacks, NYC steps up outreach to Muslims

NEW YORK (AP) — In the aftermath of last month’s terror attacks in Paris, New York City officials have bolstered security and quietly stepped up outreach efforts to Muslim residents, trying to calm fears of possible hate-filled retaliation while trying to extend government services to a community that often has felt neglected.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday is to deliver a speech at an Islamic community center, reaffirming that the city’s 800,000 Muslims have the same rights as all New Yorkers while pledging protection from any hate crimes, the mayor’s aides told The Associated Press on Thursday.

De Blasio’s speech at the Jamaica Muslim Center, or Masjid Al-Mamoor in Queens, is the most high-profile move the administration has made to calm jittery Muslims since the Nov. 13 attacks that killed at least 129 people in Paris, and this week’s slaying of 14 people in San Bernardino, California.

And the Attorney General of the United States made sure that everyone knew who the real victims of these terrorist attacks were.

“My message to the Muslim community is that we stand with you in these times,” [Loretta] Lynch told the audience. Addressing the specific words of people like Trump and the online hate directed against Muslims, Lynch commented that the “greatest fear is this rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence.”

To my fellow Americans who happen to be Muslim: Would you rather have online hate directed at you, or would you rather be shot to death with a rifle at a Christmas party or a concert?

We’ve been warned about the Impending Nationwide Anti-Muslim Hate Backlash for fourteen straight years now. What are the modern Night Riders waiting for? Wasn’t 9/11sufficient enough cause for people who want to string up Muslims and torch their mosques?

Somebody needs to find me some fearful Muslims living in the US, because I don’t see any. This is what I see.

I honestly thought that Hashem Said was being sarcastic. He’s referring to the fact that ABC published the first photo of dead terrorist Tashfeen Malik, wife of dead terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook.

Farook family lawyer Mohammad Abuershaid made a complete fool out of himself in front of reporters by claiming that Tashfeen Malik was “assimilating fine” in the US.

“And the brothers have never seen her face, because she did wear a burqa,” Abuershaid continued. “So they just knew her as Syed’s wife.”

In traditional Islam, people are divided into two groups: marriageable and non-marriageable. A mahram is non-marriageable kin. Sharia law allows women to be alone with or accompanied by maharim, men they could never marry. It’s actually about sex, not marriage, but never mind. A brother-in-law is not a mahram, so a woman can’t be seen by him, be alone with him, or travel with him.

Strict Muslims have a saying: “A brother-in-law is death.” He’s dangerous to the harmony of a family.

So the Farook brothers never saw Tashfeen Malik’s face. They would not have been allowed to even eat with her, since they may have caught a glimpse of her mouth or hands.

Therefore Hashem Said was genuinely upset that ABC News showed Tashfeen Malik’s face. He elaborated.

Tell me again about the mythical fearful Muslims living in the US. A physically repulsive female terrorist who looked like a man just murdered fourteen people at a Christmas party out of sheer depravity and in the name of her religion, and one of her co-religionists is now chastising us for being disrespectful to her.

Well, here’s my answer. Behold the dead Tashfeen Malik, with her bra showing, her hair uncovered, and her shorts stained with her own urine.

And here’s the dead Syed Rizwan Farook, shot so many times that he lost his entire volume of blood.

He didn’t like being shot. You can tell by all the thrash marks on the pavement. Luckily the cops didn’t worry about what he liked or didn’t like.

Who is Twitter user Hashem Said, a man so uncaring of non-Muslims that he would dare to criticize the showing of this murderous pig-woman’s face as “disrespectful”?

Oh, just a producer at one of the best TV channels in the country.

Now, I’m not a primitive, tribal idiot, so I can’t think like one. Anyone who’s read my posts knows that among my pantheon of immortal heroes are the United Arab Emirates Presidential Guard.

These are among the finest, bravest, most skilled, and most honorable warriors on earth…and they’re all Muslims. And now I’ll say something that will anger many of the people who like my posts because I defend Israel.

I think that after the Israelis, the Saudis are the most unfairly maligned people in the world.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that I’m a huge fan of Saudi culture. However, the Saudis are currently taking one of history’s most courageous leaps into the unknown. They’ve made peace with Israel, they’ve chosen to spend the lives of their sons confronting Iran instead of simply becoming a rival nuclear power, and they’re fighting the most bloodless major conflict I’ve ever seen.

Given the fact that every single NGO is united in falsely accusing Saudi Arabia of committing mass war crimes in Yemen, I wouldn’t blame the kingdom if it just said “Screw it” and actually DID the things that the liars claim it’s doing.

But I’m not a warrior. I’m just a blogger. The Arab Coalition and their allies are astronomically better men than I am. Their discipline and code of honor prevent them from being controlled by dishonest, Iran-bought corporations masquerading as human-rights groups.

Today the other Farook family lawyer—David S. Chesley—claimed that the December 2 attack in San Bernadino was a “false flag.”

There’s a lot of things that, quite frankly, don’t add up or seem implausible. She was never involved in shooting. She’s probably about 90 pounds, so it’s unlikely she could even carry a weapon or wear some type of a vest or do any of this… There were a lot of questions drawn with Sandy Hook and whether or not that was a real incident or not.

This despicable man’s life is in his haunted, shell-shocked face.

The American Bar Association’s Fifth Canon of Ethics states the following.

[T]he lawyer is bound by all fair and honorable means to present every defense that the law of the land permits[.]

Someone needs a refresher course.

Chesley says that Tashfeen Malik probably couldn’t even carry a rifle. Here’s a video of thirteen-year-old Katelyn Francis firing a fully automatic Adaptive Combat Rifle in 5.56 x 45mm NATO caliber, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a 9mm pistol.

On the left is the AR-15 rifle that Tashfeen Malik used.

The collapsible stock—the part that has the butt that you rest against your shoulder—is shortened so that a small person can fire it. This weapon is the same caliber as the Adaptive Combat Rifle that thirteen-year-old Katelyn Francis uses in the video above.

When Syed Rizwan Farook went looking for a wife, guess what he said about his interests?

Enjoy working on vintage and modern cars, read religious books, enjoy eating out sometimes travel and just hang out in back yard doing target practice with younger sister and friends.

So he knew how to shoot. Obviously his wife did too. And his friends. Did you hear about how the press went into Farook and Malik’s apartment after the FBI was “finished investigating”?

Baloney. This investigation wasn’t finished. How the hell could it be? Did they dust for fingerprints? No they didn’t! Terrorists hide things all over the place—in cracks, under floorboards, in walls, and so on. What about chemical or DNA tests? The FBI didn’t even take away drivers licenses and other IDs.

The landlord is 81 years old. What happened was that someone talked the old guy into letting them remove the plywood over the door with a crowbar. Who was this person? Nobody knows. Then reporters, neighbors, and passersby stampeded in. You know why this was done?

Say goodbye to any evidence that still remains in the apartment. There’s no way that Farook and Malik acted alone. Their garage was an IED factory! They were part of an Islamic State terror cell. And now if anyone is caught based on something later recovered from the apartment, their lawyers just have to play MSNBC’s video, and the suspects walk free. Forensic evidence is often found years after the initial investigation. The FBI is covering up the fact that they were outwitted by the Islamic State.

Back to al-Jazeera’s Hashem Said.

What he’s saying is, “They got what they deserved. A Muslim man’s dignity must be protected by acts of mass murder.”

Look at the male victims of this atrocity. See anything in common?

Nobody made fun of Farook’s holy beard. That’s a lie.

And the lovely, bullet-riddled, urine-stained Tashfeen Malik did something significant before committing her murders.

The woman, Tashfeen Malik, declared allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook at roughly the time of the shooting on Wednesday, according to a Facebook spokesman. At a news conference in San Bernardino, David Bowdich, the F.B.I. assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles office, said he was aware of the post, which was taken down by Facebook on Wednesday, but he would not elaborate.

My fellow Americans who happen to be Muslim: Those of us who are not Muslim are not required to abide by your rules. It’s not a matter of “respect”; you simply do not have the right to force non-Muslims to live as Muslims.

You’re not fearful here in the US. If you were fearful, you wouldn’t be endlessly and ARROGANTLY demanding that non-Muslims accommodate you.

It’s time to knock it off. My great-uncle Curtis Yarnell Kimball spent most of World War II in Germany, passing as a Nazi. His exploits are so classified that no records of them exist. All I know is that he was personally awarded an unspecified medal by British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in Munich, April of 1945.

My great-uncle was one of the war’s major figures, but what he did will never be publicized.

Curtis worked in Iran for several years during the 1950s. In late 2013, the grandson of Curtis’s best Iranian friend contacted me. His grandfather was still alive and wanted to know what had happened to Curtis and his wife Marian. I sent the man photos and scans of Curtis’s field notebook that mentioned the grandfather.

The grandson sent me photos of his Muslim grandfather attending a Christmas party at Curtis and Marian’s house. There were a tree, presents, and a prominent cross, since Curtis and Marian were devout Catholics. It was the best party the grandfather ever attended. He wanted to move to the US so that he could be “free from worrying about stupid things.”

This is how the grandson signed off.

Dear Thomas,

I’m sorry for your parents. God bless them. I think you are influenced by your father. However, We (my grandfather and me) want to say thank you from miles away for your cooperation.

A Muslim man in Iran sent me that. I wrote back, “It was my pleasure. God bless you and your grandfather.”

Stop murdering Americans, and stop whining about how disrespectful we are.

My advice is to voluntarily stop the murdering. Out there in the night, armies are preparing to inflict incomprehensibly humiliating defeats on jihadists. These aren’t Americans. They’re Arabs, Israelis, Europeans, Malaysians, Indians, Asians, and Central Asians. Since the US is keeping out of it, the armies are already fighting with jihadist rules of engagement.

These are almost certainly Norwegian special operators.

Since officially they aren’t in Iraq, they can pretty much do whatever they want. Norwegians don’t like taking prisoners. It annoys them.

You know what’ll happen when Muslims complain to the press and the UN?

Nothing. The press and the UN have no power whatsoever. All the corrupt NGOs have been screeching about the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen for eight months now. The Coalition simply says, “No. You’re lying.” And that’s the end. Not one government on earth is applying pressure on the Coalition to stop. Not one.

It’s a new world. To go with it is a new slogan: “Cut it out or die.”

Civilization has finally run out of patience.

High, — high above the bright wide square
And the folk all flocking together, unaware,
The Thing-with-the-wings came there.
Brother Vulture saw it
And called me, as it passed:
‘Look and see, look and see, —
Men have wings at last.’

—Josephine Preston Peabody


I warned you. Jihadist rules of engagement.

Chinese special forces used a FLAMETHROWER to force a group of suspected Islamist terrorists from their hiding place and then shot them dead as they came out.

Heavily-armed officers from the nation’s elite fighting force drafted in the fire-spewing weapon after tracking the 10 terror suspects to a cave in western Xinjiang.

It was a Type 74 flamethrower.

Unlike western devices, the Type 74 uses cartridges instead of pressurized gas. The cartridges explode inside the two fuel tanks, propelling the napalm through the nozzle, where it’s ignited by slow-burning fuses. The Type 74 can fire six one-second bursts. It takes care of big wasp nests quite handily.

The Chinese did indeed shoot the jihadists to death, but western reporters are shy about revealing that the men were on fire when they were mowed down with machine guns. See, I did an image search in Chinese and got the real story.

If your goal is to murder in the name of Islam, be fearful of the Chinese. They have literally no brakes whatsoever.

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